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Tallest Poems

Tallest Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tallest poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tallest.

New Poems

from the east to west
the sun is new every day
dancing in the sky

sun rays incising
The dancing on tallest summits

the sun bedazzles brightly
too far up the mountains high
on top of the world

radiant sun rays,
scorching alone on mountains,
dehydrated air,

GIF chosen #5
Gif...Read More
Categories: tallest, nature,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Teen Town Dance - DWM

We were paired up by Teen Town
A TV show from Des Moines
Nancy and Ed were there, our idols

They had us all line up.
No one thought about height.
They lined the boys on one side
The girls on the other

I was in seventh...Read More
Categories: tallest, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Have you,
Have you ever been to a well with talking waters

That breathe life into your soul with silent words

That love feels as sure as the sun in a hot desert

But can get as cold as dew on a gloomy morning

Have you...Read More
Categories: tallest, cute love, romance, sensual,
Form: Chant Royal
Visit To Austria
The flight to Austria with the teachers,
We shared accomodation when we landed.

I signed up for ski lessons instead taking a tour of Salzburg.
Two weeks of lessons and we were destined to ski the highest mountain in Austria.

The Patscherkoepfle  was...Read More
Categories: tallest, appreciation, friendship, god, happiness, memory, sports, winter,
Form: Free verse

Tallest of trees stand, sentinels, as if touching the sky
Reaching out, each branch, every limb, oh so very high
Species of every kind, vying for what nature will provide
Sunlight, rain, seasons changing, renderings glorified 

Growing from a seedling, nature takes her...Read More
Categories: tallest, beautiful, earth, nature, tree,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

Premium Member WHAT I CAN BE
What I can be has always been a part of me
A part of the heart that I never set free
Concealed in time like a distant memory
The person that I am still waiting to be

Like a beautiful dream that is lost...Read More
Categories: tallest, endurance, growth, humanity,
Form: Rhyme
This my chance To run compromise my freedom 
Master keeps a hand on Gun 
Tucked in his double breast right under his lungs 
I’m impressed because you never see it 
We had a meeting that night 
Right under the tallest...Read More
Categories: tallest, africa, allegory, black love, blessing, business, engagement,
Form: Footle
When he was but a child his parents often smiled
when he wanted them to read him Peter Pan.
And when they read, “the end." he’d say, “Please, read it all again.”
“This time a little slower if you can.”

So they’d read it...Read More
Categories: tallest, parents,
Form: Verse
In this forest abyss, I navigate my tender to the touch nerves -
the finger tracing surface pain, a fixation on the all too silent footfall,
prints that talk behind my back. They patronize me with hyena laughs,
lurking tendrils that wind around...Read More
Categories: tallest, emotions,
Form: Haibun
Little Wimble
Little wimble is oh so small,
He sought the tallest place of all,
He's been wandering since his birth,
Looking for the peak of the earth,

He journeyed from valleys to hills,
Then to mountains with colds and chills,
Each time he climbed he had it...Read More
Categories: tallest, dark, death, deep, destiny, fate, identity, self,
Form: Sonnet

The rising spirit
First steps on crisp new snow,
Flakes dancing with sparkle and glow,
Vibrations rising from the toes,
Through the body to the soul.
Snow clad trees, strength they lend,
To the weight as they bend,
Creating tunnels, spectacular view,
Over untreaded paths, guiding you.
To the perfect place,in...Read More
Categories: tallest, poems,
Form: Free verse
Atlantean PipeDream
Running this way and that, in search of some adventure new
The roads ran their course with flatirons the ruts not few
Over hill, mountain, river, valley, flood, glen and dale
To the open sea with long, sandy beaches and cut-up shale
To found...Read More
Categories: tallest, 12th grade, 9th grade, absence, africa, aubade,
Form: Alliteration
Be a daffodil  amongst the dandelions
Be that bluebell in the wood
Bloom while others wither
Be a petal on a rose
Be a wish on a daisy
he loves me, he loves me not
Be a lily on a pond
Be the sweetest scent
shine like...Read More
Categories: tallest, flower,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Conspiracies or choirs
Why do we love the ones who love us least?
To prove we can obtain whom we desire?
He makes cruel comments at the wedding feast

Do not call  this man a nasty beast
An animal is  better than a liar
Why do...Read More
Categories: tallest, 7th grade, allegory, funny, hate, love,
Form: Villanelle
I Am A Tree
I am,

the Cherry, my graceful beauty reminds all that life renews with fragrant  spring blossoms
the Birch, thriving by the river of life
the Dogwood, dazzling all with my shades of color
the mighty Oak, standing strong for my loves
the Elm, with...Read More
Categories: tallest, life, tree,
Form: Free verse
I wished you a Happy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with merriment and laughter
and now I wish you Happy December 26 the less well known…day after.

(If you are from the United Kingdom or Canada…put this poem away
You have solved December...Read More
Categories: tallest, holiday, humorous,
Form: Verse
a day and a life
i took
it was for
the taking

off of
this is ex

actly how i'll
be acting 
when i 
for i

will wake 
when i want 
and will wait
for her bolt of
lighting to strike

my metal pole as
it's the tallest 
object sticking
up hoping for
a charge

or at least a
chance...Read More
Categories: tallest, muse,
Form: I do not know?
We are but mere herbs
and only inches high.
This garden's been our home
for many years gone by.

Now your seed appears.
It steals some space to root
and soon is sending out
the tallest ever shoot.

Each day you grow and grow.
Now you are six foot...Read More
Categories: tallest, bird, color, flower,
Form: Rhyme
The Saddest Days
And there are not enough cubicles and grey paneling that 
sugar rock candy lights won’t cut 
the sapling eye from its still decline into Abyss.

And there are not enough sad thoughts wars rapes to gratify inward hatreds which never walk...Read More
Categories: tallest, death, hope, humanity, sad, sad love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Am the Earth, Air, Wind and Fire
I Am Earth, Air, Wind, and Fire

#I changed the water element to Wind because I feel wind is more powerful

I am the roots of the earth grounded for battle
I am the air so high my foes souls they rattle,
I am...Read More
Categories: tallest, character, imagination, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member 'Color of My Heart'

Since a child I have wandered and explored,
the forest and all the meadows and streams;
the spirit wind has been my great reward,
my hair taken along with golden leaves.

When, my soul is broken I walk in awe,
of each found wild creature,...Read More
Categories: tallest, native american, nature,
Form: Sonnet

when I woke up 
that morning, 
I knew you 
weren't next to 

I could've 
climbed the 
of buildings 
and screamed 

why couldn't 
you understand 
what you needed 
to do? 

I suppose in 
the end, 
you knew but...Read More
Categories: tallest, conflict, death, evil, hilarious, humor, storm, suicide,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member leaves

leaves rustling
of the tallest
poplar trees

posted on September 7, 2019...Read More
Categories: tallest, age, nature, sound, tree, wind,
Form: Haiku
Call Of Nature
I am at one with myself
I am the tree trunk that grows from the ground
As the branches and twigs move when the wind blows
I myself remain robust

Extentions of my life break off and die
Or just exist to practice irrelevance
Accepting I...Read More
Categories: tallest, life, nature, philosophy,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Silence personified
I am nature,
soul of a mountain,
buried under a billion snowflakes.

I float like butterflies,
from petal to petal.
As cinereal clouds clear,
under a glistening sunrise,
I illuminate like a lustrous rainbow -
I am daylight.

I am a falling leaf,
from the tallest tree.
I am gravity,
can you...Read More
Categories: tallest, analogy, metaphor, silence,
Form: Personification