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Systematically Poems

Systematically Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of systematically poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for systematically.

New Poems

Children of the Coin
I just can’t tolerate any more violence in my mind. The world is brimming over with apathy, self-loathing and the lack of respect for each other….Shame on you all. Everybody seems to live in the shadow of the ubiquitous coin....Read More
Categories: systematically, addiction, humanity, money,
Form: Free verse

i've noticed everytime i go out of state 

today, there is no escaping a toll

why are we so casually docile

when it comes to our freedom being stole

we systematically give some stranger 

our money just to ride on the road

when did...Read More
Categories: systematically, corruption, freedom, introspection, science, spiritual, truth, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Eons
   Rip me open and try to find where I hide,this dimly little light of mine  
      My hidden heart and the  darkness inside is all consuming this soul of mine.
...Read More
Categories: systematically, absence, angst, anxiety, betrayal,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Smoke signals
   The second hand smoke
Of a relentless pursuit of peace.
Projects the burned out forest 
Of my soul. My tired trembling hands
That I return to my pockets
Because of the blood stains under my 
Finger nails. Never finding anything remotely...Read More
Categories: systematically, analogy, angst, metaphor,
Form: Blank verse
The Rapist Therapist
Therapy is afraid of me,
I'll write it down for you to see. 
The mental examination process of my necropolis, 
Abomination  of mental stability, into a thought abyss.
If you think before you act, you're ability surly increases, s. Leave your emotions...Read More
Categories: systematically, i am,
Form: Rhyme

Drawing up a map
It needs a good navigater
Drawing up a budget
It needs figures   systematically
Rolling my eyes in disbelief

The love you have been given
Should be received
Yet it would be nurtured
And will be utilised
Honouring the respect given

Drawing up a marriage...Read More
Categories: systematically, adventure, age, appreciation, change, courage, family, fate,
Form: Free verse
Being Human Beings

some people are evil. 

Some people create  drama. Monstrosities..

Some people have ulterior motives. Intentionally.

Some people have remorse.  An apology.

Some people have profound words. Poetically.

Some people are tree huggers. Organically.

Some people have no common sense. Stupidity.

Some people...Read More
Categories: systematically, inspirational, life, people,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The blue world
We are surrounded by the beauty of this world in which we live,
which asks nothing of us - existing purely just to give.
A lonely blue planet set aside from all the rest,
which has to be absolutely, exquisitely the best. 
A...Read More
Categories: systematically, life, world,
Form: Rhyme
Sassy sobriquets schooled sissy spindleshanks
Sassy sobriquets schooled sissy spindleshanks...
studious skinny scruffy scribe

Scathing, scolding, screaming,
scorning, searing, sing,
sociopathic sarin soaked skewed
squirt, sputtering, squawking, sleepily
staggering, stabbing, swaggering
sweltering sadistic, sarcastic,

savage, systemically systematically
stigmatized, supersized saber sharp
schick shaving, shunned, sabotaged,
scarred, scorched, smote, sanguine,
stippled, speckled schizophrenic
sensibility, spurring, seething,

somewhat stultified, sophisticated,
spellbound spirited...Read More
Categories: systematically, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, baptism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Spheres and Hemispheres
Whole loves and half lives
listen to this rain
dripping tears on green leafed pachysandra
while, underneath our shared EarthSoul,
roots systematically suck up water
shared with thirsty insect habitats
not saved from starving lovely lives.

half evilly named
in emotional womanly royal courtyards
full of raining tears from...Read More
Categories: systematically, corruption, creation, earth, health, integrity, love, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Sacred Sciences
All sacred science
is health science.

All health care
is wealthy spirited care.

If there is such a thing 
as an entirely secular science,
then it is probably an applied,
or "practical" technological discipline
like military science,
how to kill
while preaching a peace-loving society;
extraction science,
how to rape
while selling...Read More
Categories: systematically, happiness, health, integrity, language, lost love, myth,
Form: Political Verse
Jeni and her army Trigger warning abuse
This is the story of Jeni Haynes, whose father inflicted horrific physical and sexual abuse on her from the age of four years old. As a result she created over 2000 alter egos to get her through it.
This is my...Read More
Categories: systematically, abuse, mental illness,
Form: Free verse

Fed up when I get up already rested up 
I am sped up tear this tread up to shred up
I’m choking you still smoking 
cigarettes, And vaping you joking
Laughing at me as I am being all I can be
Was not...Read More
Categories: systematically, body, character, courage, devotion, growth, integrity, strength,
Form: Rhyme
Regimented Philosophy
I present my case; the philosophy of fire
Of moons, of my soul.
Deeply serenaded by the high hills of the west,
Reminiscing; thrilled and refreshed
My credo lies in the carved stones of panda forests;
Aristotle avec his own,
I correspond with
The harbours of immortal...Read More
Categories: systematically, how i feel, joy, life, nature, peace,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Judgment Is Coming
Judgment Is Coming
By: Tom Wright

Life is like a book,
with a beginning, plots and subplots, 
climax, and end.
Pretty non eventful at the start,
mostly just laying around
 whining about one thing or another.
(some remain in this mode)
But as we get into it,
it...Read More
Categories: systematically, god, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mr Philanderer
All acquaintances or communication is a trap
private communion of naked bodies and then it’s a wrap.

Lies are systematically coined to always have a buyer
the trade is rigorous with much strain, yet won’t retire.

His craft, bullies loyalty to break or bend
it’s...Read More
Categories: systematically, boy, character, crazy, crush, lust, silly, women,
Form: Couplet
Are you obligated
To retain
The verses you write,
Or do you systematically
What no longer can survive
As they mark the trail
Of their exit
With letters penned in
That you no longer own,
Memory forming
An ancient speech pattern 
Waiting silent and distant
For new words to create
An even...Read More
Categories: systematically, memory, truth, words,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Binary 101
Binary 101

Numerically double-edged,
Duplicitous it is paired
Likewise and two fold
Its twin coded binate, not spared.

Double barrelled
Bilateral couple,
braced – unified.

Mated and single
Coupled, unpaired
Mixed radix,
Can be shared.

Digitally based
Systematically aced
Zero blocks the chain

Based at one
The power redefines
Linear thinking holds

Only conversion
The values you will...Read More
Categories: systematically, computer,
Form: Free verse
Strange Days
Oppugnant and invert, 
are the faces of consciousness,
so systematically permuted, 
are the intergalactic fences.
When talking to nature,
walking the trails of great explorers,
while taking a troll around, 
and submerging in those dances.
Distinct is the face of nature,
For the man, machine and...Read More
Categories: systematically, devotion, feelings, gothic, nature, poetry, science, universe,
Form: Crystalline
Premium Member Dazzling Dawn
Dazzling Dawn

A delicate dew of emerald green awaits the distant dawn
A grassy meadow near the ravine, sighting of the first fawn,
The yellow birch stretches upward high with a yearly yawn
As the yellow-billed loon in its dive upsets the fish’s spawn.

The...Read More
Categories: systematically, beauty, creation, morning,
Form: Quatrain
Police brutality
Anger amongst my people
From all the police brutality
Resulting in so many young
Mens fatality

Our hands are up
Don't shoot
Don't stomp us out 
With your boots

We face down on the ground
Don't Use your billy club to pound

Police shoots and kills
Then gets off for...Read More
Categories: systematically, abuse, america, anger,
Form: Free verse
My eyes pierced into her thigh 
Into the upper room of a hole
Connecting hell and heaven
I was introduced to infatuations
Hanging my thoughts and prayers 
Through the imagination of her pride
I saw her nakedness through her look
Love spoke but lust became...Read More
Categories: systematically, absence, abuse, africa,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member A Disagreement
Marco Rubio
marchers against automated gun violence,
their pilgrimage views
what many TrueBlue Americans
as Second Amendment Rights.

Why hide
your own NRA Red supported agenda
You cannot politically
and economically afford
to be found 
in this wrong?

So let's explore
with colonial ForeFathers
their Original Democratic Health Intent:
How sure are you
and...Read More
Categories: systematically, america, anti bullying, culture, earth, hate, military,
Form: Political Verse
You can push the button down longer
But the button wants to do its thing
How many things can the button do
If you push the button down longer
the button then becomes slightly
more uncomfortable 
I think it is like a trigger mechanism
you could amble for awhile
prior to any preamble...Read More
Categories: systematically, 1st grade, america, anti bullying, celebration,
Form: Blank verse
Different Man-Henceforth Flourishing Behindhand
Squalidness—Squabbling squeamishly;
Scrutinizing stigmatized scandalization, substantially scarce
Sprightliness...skeptically surrendering
Shamefully—Scolded sardonically;
Snarling splenetically, severing sensibility, scowlingly simmering
Strenuously...sought survival
Sparring—Sinister sisters;
Seductively swiveling soreness, sarcastically snared, swirling
Storms...sporadically striking
Slowly—Sacrificing stories;
Scorching slanderous subversiveness, suffering suffocation
Senselessly...smoldering serendipity
Sinfully—Silent stranger;
Sneaking skillfully staring
Presumptuously—Pursuing pretentiousness;
Promises protruding pithiness,
Potential problems...penetrating
Frantically—Forsaken fantasizes foresee;
Different Man Flourishing...

Suspiciously—Supplication solicited;
Subjectively settling,...Read More
Categories: systematically, how i feel, me, meaningful, surreal, word
Form: Free verse