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Syntax Poems

Syntax Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of syntax poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for syntax.

New Poems

Love Letter From The Soul XXIX
L Before M,

Hints of butterscotch loiter
and lay down 
alongside your words, 
deep inside the larynx of my soul

reverberating and penetrating
slowly, hanging out with the secrets of time
whispering "sweet somethings" in your ear
as I nibble upon the silhouetted syntax 
dancing ever...Read More
Categories: syntax, love,
Form: Romanticism

Premium Member EE CUMMINGS AND I

I remember a beautiful, Spring
day in Chicago.
Sitting on my lover's lap.
His eyes as lovely as the spring-
green trees tapping gently on my
living room windows.
His lips velvety as the roses on
Montrose Avenue, that day in May

And, I,...Read More
Categories: syntax, chicago, emotions, inspiration, longing, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Educating Bigfoot, Part II
...The bigfoot poked out again the next day
with the little one not that far behind,
came lunch time Julio put out apples,
before each he would stop and make the sign.

He did this for days, an entire week,
each day the two creatures...Read More
Categories: syntax, animal, education, friendship, humanity, nature, teacher, tree,
Form: Narrative
Ex Aequo
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 7/13/2018



early spring, 


then and now: 

a bloody trail on the snow

quietly so that it's scary

whiteness all around and bird that sobs, 

there are no vaniquished victors

because, contrary to logic, it does not fit...Read More
Categories: syntax, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
The Ink Is Calling
Suspended moments between the lines,
my mind now lost in space

Sublimated syntax buried deep,
my spirit free to race

A light unfiltered, the sound of horns,
my body starts to rise

The ink is calling, my pen in hand,
new words at last—arrive

(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2017)...Read More
Categories: syntax, writing,
Form: Rhyme

Fermented Pollen
                    The beer gardens of hatred
               ...Read More
Categories: syntax, dark, imagery, metaphor, truth,
Form: Alliteration
First Kiss
when a smile was locked in first kiss
syntax skipped superfluous words
in a magic spell, eyes forgot to blink

surfing and drifting along a shore 
missed lyrics of a song played out
thoughts caffeinated in exotic drink

a fragrant evening of white clouds
wished for...Read More
Categories: syntax, beauty, feelings, first love, girlfriend, i love
Form: Verse

            ...Read More
Categories: syntax, poetry,
Form: Verse
Liberating The Truth
With each tick of the second hand
  the immeasurable on trial

Imagination deposed
  all parameters set free

The Poets acquitted
  the logicians suicidal

All reference and syntax
  —imploding at light speed 

(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2019) 
...Read More
Categories: syntax, truth,
Form: Rhyme
A la ris de ne mis
Fle sa me tis

Of the smile rise
Of all our little misses in TX & txt
For her we enter

(Beyond dragons for snakes got wings like we make ends to meet the means, or whatever man)

"Begin the Beguine'

Free not a thing
Unless you...Read More
Categories: syntax, 2nd grade, absence, age, atheist,
Form: Shape

Ana has a secret.
Her body like a slippery corner
hurtful eyes
you can’t know
if she comes or goes
Ana has a secret.
What a sensitive conscience
mute hands don’t move
hair that flutters around her
from east to west
Ana has a secret.
Only the necessary word
and it’s slow
breaking...Read More
Categories: syntax, humanity,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member SAVE MAX PAY TAX
                       SAVE MAX, PAY TAX

             Burdened...Read More
Categories: syntax, hello, proposal,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Variations on the Malay Pantun: The Old Man and the Short Story - VII-IX
Variations on the Malay Pantun : The Old Man and the Short Story - VII-IX  Continued

  for Georges VOISSET, the "Master Keeper-Nurturer" of the Malay Pantun

Check out:

(The pantun line varies between 8 and 12 syllables and...Read More
Categories: syntax, age, humor, love, sensual, writing,
Form: Pantoum
Transcendental Exploits
Most everything written
(and learned ya in school)
     Yukon coon sitter, (and bet
     your bottom dollar) tibia bunch
     of contrived information

     all details bu...bu...bull...low knee
...Read More
Categories: syntax, 10th grade, 11th grade, 9th grade, freedom,
Form: Light Verse
Number of Man
Number of Man
(Webster’s Ninth)

Money trail reveals factor
To assemble humans follow layout
Swat down charges with linguistic racket
Sticks more effective than carrot dangle
Arguments sustained by pundits' jangle
Beached on shallow force Fed truths we paddle

Pedantic pets get paddle
First world states where offspring are...Read More
Categories: syntax, evil, philosophy, political, rights, slavery, technology, wisdom,
Form: Sestina

Self-determination digs the fight, 
Between lovers, crevacies and urns, 
Sunken to the black scraping the rust, 
The syntax to velocity 27 epic tech bust.

Velodrome phoneticised tightness of gyte,
Forced gynaecology for terse, gut and creation, 
Random infinity espouses truth glued thereunder,...Read More
Categories: syntax, atheist,
Form: Shape
Punctuation Police Patrol
Dictionary in hand Bobbies
     manned state of the spy craft created
strategic peripheral outposts
     a comma dated,

(sans syntax garnered monies) equated
justifiable to build galley ma free
     Highland Manor wing...Read More
Categories: syntax, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
How to Stay Married to Me: a poetic tutorial
How to Stay Married to Me
(a poetic tutorial)

Don’t come at me
With sweets or cookies
On Valentine’s Day
My New Year’s resolutions
Are around to stay
(talk to me around Mother’s Day)

Understand my currency:
Words, sweet syntax,
Small deeds at random 
Are my box of chocolates

Fill my...Read More
Categories: syntax, family, happiness, i love you, love, marriage,
Form: Didactic
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Sin only shuns
Satan owns society
Stress owns success
Success offers selfishness
Selfishness outshines sight
Sight outweighs spite
Something overwhelms solidarity
Serenity only succeeds
Streaks only sustain
Simplify our situations
Sheep only sleep
Stand only strong
Sacrifice outweighs sovereignty
Supplies omit savoring
Semantics over syntax
Salvation obtains survival...Read More
Categories: syntax, humanity, identity, inspiration, integrity, poetry, psychological, wisdom,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Lament for the Lost Pronoun

Oh! THOU art lost and gone perhaps forever
By equivocating pronoun now replaced 
Where once were I and THOU in shared endeavour
Abandoned and neglected left to waste

Since THOU departed there’s a missing piece
Within the language where we...Read More
Categories: syntax, language, words,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Fear not the Clause

There is no cause to fear the clause
It has no teeth, has no sharp claws
Though analysis may give you pause
Dissect it, then you’ll be the one to dictate

It has a subject, and predicate
But a usual function subordinate
It...Read More
Categories: syntax, graduation, language,
Form: Rhyme
   now apparent,
      in semantic

...Read More
Categories: syntax, inspirational, introspection,
Form: Verse
A Beast of Chirality
I blink my eyes and then the world is gone. 

Open once again to see some peons upon the lawn.

They came to hear the Lion yawn and swipe a wife by dawn.

That's why I keep my pride and believe,

to conceive...Read More
Categories: syntax, anger, conflict, courage, hyperbole, pride, religion, truth,
Form: Free verse
Ins and Outs Unchained

where were we
shit I forget
oh yeah, the spiral
don't laugh we're taping
and thanks to the forensic miracle
of instant replay
we are able to to what Ed
say again, Johnny
what Ed
laugh track
let's dial the operator
he/she might know
number please
that's OK operator
I'm numb enough already
laugh track...Read More
Categories: syntax, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
sweetly terse
at night, I think, it's really worse 
coldly still and quiet dark 
stubborn muses, rusted curse 
careless drops on vellum stark 

a captured fleeting moment 
life gets balanced on a pen 
turgid rhymes and syntax foment 
only stoke an unslaked...Read More
Categories: syntax, writing,
Form: Rhyme