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Sympathizing Poems

Sympathizing Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sympathizing poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sympathizing.

New Poems

The Pains of Motherlessness
(a poem by Aare Tunde Dawood-Akerele) 
Sympathizing with every motherless child. 

The Pain of Motherlessness 
Is far beyond measure 
Especially for a green mind. 

Begins from the shock of announcement 
To illusion of preparing the corpse 
To agony of witnessing...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, caregiving, childhood, death, heartbroken, mother, sorrow, youth,
Form: Free verse

Almost A Snow Day
Although I really do love my job,
Love to lounge around with don't disturb on my door knob,
More often than not I'd love to play hooky,
Ornately drinking tea and eating oatmeal raisin cookies,
Sympathizing for all the ones who are slaving away,
Totally...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, humor, snow, work,
Form: Acrostic
Back to School
Brand-new backpacks, brand-new shoes;
Headbands topped with flowers.
Parents trying to enthuse
About the coming hours.

Photos taken, kisses swapped;
Pupils all converging.
Quick goodbyes as doors are propped;
Teachers gently urging.

Voices chatter, stairs are climbed;
First day jitters rising.
All of us once likewise primed
Should be sympathizing.
...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, school,
Form: Rhyme
Heartbeat of delta state
The rain has fallen again,
The streets are isolated,
Everyone is filled with sadness.
Houses and shops have been abandoned,
Villages and towns have been inundated.
Bags and cargoes floats unsteadily,
Cars and buses are deeply buried 
deep into the water in a...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, change, city, conflict, confusion, corruption, fear,
Form: Lyric
Satanic immortal appeal
Original angel, God's first personal assistant
Going errands for the Almighty, across upon infinite distant
The toast of heaven, captain of the A team
A is for angels, all jealous of Satan’s beam
They knew God had spent, a little more time on him
For...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, sympathy,
Form: Free verse

Purring and Stirring
Purring and Stirring

While my pretty cats had both been purring
Up so much trouble Don Trump was stirring 
For those down and out or no longer hearty
Can go ahead and join the Trumpeteer Party.

Talking about somebody tooting their horn
Does it all...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, humorous,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Halo Of Her Heart
When you laid your hands upon my naked heart
feeling the flex of it's fire, accessing the innocent desire,
holding the form of a new need, I swear, that's when love did start,
your touch became my tradition, the wine of your wisdom...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, destiny, devotion, i love you, soulmate,
Form: Ballad
Embrace my day
Embrace my day
With warm cool night
Sprinkle shattered darkness
Where holy light cannot
Escape for fear that
Mangled knowledge could
Misinterpret a fabled past
I cannot scream
Yet hunkered in deep, gentle sleep
Lies the unwarranted yet welcomed
Thoughts that most wish
To erase from splendid air
Try me
Try me
As I...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, beauty, blessing, change, imagery, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member To the Poet who Broke my Heart
Yes, he broke my heart, but not the usual way
With tender words, he made my poor heart sway
Each chamber beamed with his adoring smile
That chased the demons, made my life worth while

He broke my heart….

My heart was callous, filled with...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, heartbroken,
Form: Rhyme
It's The Loving Season

Love is humanity,
It comes from the soul.
Perhaps the only thing,
That makes a human whole.

Romance is in the air,
The calendar says it's so.
Time for cards and flowers,
A special place to go.

Forget the months gone by,
Inhumanity...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, love, religious, valentines day,
Form: Prose Poetry

The Attitude of Gratitude
You can’t expect miracles in the eyes of men 
We must wait patiently with heartfelt acceptance
You will not look back & slip into your comfort zone again
We MUST gain eternal freedom & experience 
The attitude of gratitude right this instance!...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, courage, deep, encouraging, future, hope, joy, strength,
Form: Rhyme

Near somber guards, units of children heap 
dead leaves, naive to any else fallen.
Friend, you chuckle, but your posture speaks
of duty on this day of contradictions.

Firefighters bow heads in silent paean, 
while polished trucks stand at attention.
Families have again answered...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, friend, hero, places, poetry, integrity, , memorial,
Form: Sonnet
I am shy
I get nervous in front of crowds
my first words are usually shaky
I can stand straight but take a few steps 
in a direction corresponding with that awkward moment
you realize
everyone is listening, interpreting, judging, sympathizing
just trying to understand
the first time I...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, art, culture, dance, death, funeral, happiness, heart,
Form: Free verse
Her opponents on the court
Must battle inner quaking
In anticipation of the shots
That she will soon be making.

Watching her attack the ball
Is so intimidating,
I would hate to be the one
Across the net, just waiting.

As a fan, I watch in awe –...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, people, sports,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Opposites
Selfish, sensual
Controlling, smoldering, rebelling
Sulkiness, steeliness, strongness, special
Understanding, sympathizing, loving
Spiritual, steadfast

Sponsor: Nancy Jones
Contest: Alphabet Soup
Letter chosen: S...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, faith,
Form: Diamante
Premium Member Enemy Combatant
According to the U S government,
the definition of who is an enemy combatant
is any sympathizing terrorist malcontent,
but the true definition of an enemy combatant
is anyone who is not afraid to challenge the government.
In other words a dissident.
I see nazi Germany...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Happy Anniversary Bill of Rights
If you're now ever suspected by our present day government
of being a terrorist or sympathizing enemy combatant,
you can now be detained indefinitely,
under our president's authority.
No more rights securing our papers and property
from any government sponsored search and seize.
A warrant our...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, political, day, day, rights,
Form: Rhyme
What if there was no such 
thing as negativity.?
Only positive emotions
could float in the air so free.

What if hatred did not exist
and we could only smile?
What if laughter replaced
all that is hostile.?

What if peace was all we
tried to strive for?
What...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, life
Form: Rhyme
Misdiagnosed and Overdrugged
Every aspect of life has become political,
A trip to the Doctor can become critical,
because who you are in life never gets left behind,
If folks don't like you, they will treat you unkindly,
They will conveniently forget about the Hippocratic Oath,
and change...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, politicallife, drug,
Form: Light Verse
Never spoke to a dying tree...
feeling its grief, consoling its sorrow?
I've heard many trees afflicted
with the mockery of being too old, 
of serving no purpose for Nature,
but is everything they do not seen by us?

I must disagree to explain their...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, nature
Form: Free verse
the act of love 2 " didnt know the other one was incomplete "
"happily ever after" were the words left to say
but it seems he forgot that part of the script
& decided to end it his way
he got down of the stage before the curtains do
he left her with a pathetic good bye
she...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, lost love
Form: Rhyme
heart of darkness
i realised for the first time today what a harpy i am – 
what a bitter, wicked harridan...
i recognised, at last, the depths of my enigmatic evil 
...and it was shocking, i can’t deny it; 
to realize how easily cruelty...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, angst
Form: Free verse
Winter's solace
Cold sent shivers down his spine 
His soul aching to be complete 
Quenching his thirst with blood he calls wine 
Thuds of his heart on the street
Just for tonight his mask no longer worn
Winter sympathizing his state
For he was pricked...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, death, lost love, rose,
Form: ABC
Hold me, surround me,
Be the air that is around me,
Forever be
Embrace my soul…
Interpret words,
Encrypt them into
Sympathizing silence…
Take me to a world of
Peace and no violence,

As my soul immersed the air
With tranquility,
I tenderly closed my eyes,  my 
Eyelashes soothingly slid...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, happiness, imagination, life, music, me,
Form: Free verse
It’s not the wieght upon your feet
It’s how sadly you stomp
Moaning tones pierce
My sympathizing ears...Read More
Categories: sympathizing, sad,
Form: Free verse