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Symbolic Poems

Symbolic Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of symbolic poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for symbolic.

New Poems

White Peacock

canvas of meteor showers dance in snow,
dervish white peacock sizzles, thunderous clouds 

* dervish stands for Sufi Dance symbolic of  communion with divine and is performed by male saints , typically in an ecstatic frenzied whirling styles.
melano  stands...Read More
Categories: symbolic, beautiful, dance,
Form: Verse

Sappho's Rose
Our English Rose
by Michael R. Burch

for Christine Ena Burch

The rose is—
the ornament of the earth,
the glory of nature,
the archetype of the flowers,
the blush of the meadows,
a lightning flash of beauty.

NOTE: This is my translation of ancient Greek epigram by Sappho...Read More
Categories: symbolic, beautiful, beauty, earth, flower, light, nature, rose,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Mourn, then Love
Mourn then Love

Mourn for you are torn
The Calm is in your palm
If you agree then set her free
The dove is in your love!

#Symbolic...Read More
Categories: symbolic, conflict, courage, death,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Other Than Roses
"The moonlight fades from flower and rose",
Withdrawing from them its sepulchral light,
So they become nothing but what they are,
Garden flowers in nightly repose.

They are what they are in poetry or prose,
Botanical specimens of art,
An artist could capture them by day,
If,...Read More
Categories: symbolic, appreciation, art, flower, moon, poetry, rose,
Form: Rhyme
At any given moment countless thought processes
Soundlessly ricochet to and fro
hither and yon
roundly bobbing within squarely donned
talking heads of psycho killers,
one pyromaniac burning 
down the crowded house
sparking magnificent conflagration
towering inferno emulating

caterwauling, kickstarting, ululating
(think) stray cats on a hot tin roof
nsync with 10,000 maniacs
intense heat and duraflame
long...Read More
Categories: symbolic, 12th grade, assonance, deep, imagery, psychological, solitude,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Stoic Poet
Stoic Poet
Life is like philosophy
"all we are is dust in the wind" said Socrates,
one fleeting moment were here and then were gone 
so even if you win, in the end, no one ever truly won,
so when you rise in the...Read More
Categories: symbolic, imagination, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member the secret
held captive by wounded limbs-
shrouded with perpetual foreboding
without a safeguard to redeem my
tempered mind
craving to be alone...
yet praying someone will come home

i've never been so perplexed-
etchings of chaotic pandemonium 
created an uproar in my mind,
i see not the solution to...Read More
Categories: symbolic, dark, deep, lonely,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Reading Yeats
"Tread softly because you tread on my dreams,"*:
It is an extremely famous quotation,
Of sufficiently proven duration,
Deservedly so, but to me it seems
To have become too commonplace,
Hackneyed beyond its intrinsic grace.
As a would-be poet who esteems
Most highly the work of Yeats,
Whose...Read More
Categories: symbolic, age, appreciation, beauty, daughter, dream, poets,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
100 seconds to midnight
An endangered species, living on a ledge,
100 seconds to Midnight, then over the edge,
Nearest to Doomsday, humans have ever been,
Vaporised! inside mushrooms of boiling hot steam.

Casually go about our business, without a care,
While the Sword of Damocles, hangs in the...Read More
Categories: symbolic, allegory, conflict, earth day, meaningful, natural disasters,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member CENTRES of THOUGHT
shimmering affections
    pure simplicity
a leap
   ...Read More
Categories: symbolic, art, people,
Form: Ekphrasis

Premium Member The Grass Is Always Greener
In a symbolic melee of defiance,
Rabid amber leaves scuff the callus stoned
Noon summons the arctic wind a tad honed
December’s mist embraced forced compliance,
Thought of you brother you free of science
Allied yourself to simply days unknown,
Hating maturity once we had grown
To...Read More
Categories: symbolic, angst, brother,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member Welcome

Send me your tired and poor
Says the lady with the lamp
A symbolic marker
Of where to come camp

Come to the land of the free
We have much to offer 
Can’t you see?
Stand in line 
For multiple freebies 

Don’t bother to work 
We...Read More
Categories: symbolic, america, culture, freedom, immigration, people, philosophy, political,
Form: Free verse
My Face, My Secrets
There’s one thing that bonds animal to man,
That unites the wild with the caged,
Those captivated within bondage and those roaming free; disengaged.
At a first wandering gaze or slinking inquisitive eye,
One may be misled in the assumption that this feature perhaps...Read More
Categories: symbolic, 11th grade, childhood, memory, mental illness,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member IMPEACH
Merry Impeachness

Justice delayed however symbolic
the orangutan finally won his award
for corruption and dereliction of duties
the constitution used to apply to all

the orange leach
Lucifer has more morality
Peeing hookers to that will clarify

Concentration camps built
doctors denied free treatment of children
separated from mothers
Anne...Read More
Categories: symbolic, america, child abuse, evil, patriotic, political,
Form: Quatrain

Christmas lights adorn 
The evergreen 
Red, green, blue , clear ones deck the tree 
Ornaments : balls , ribbons
Golden, silvery and metallics
Glisten on its thyme and rosemary 
Topped with a star
Twinkling in its night sky
The snow glow sings carols...Read More
Categories: symbolic, blessing, celebration, christian, creation, death, faith, god,
Form: Free verse

         Drive Through Nativity Scene

We headed to a drive through nativity in town!
Comprises all the symbols of that great event.
With colored lights that elevate the soul.
Mary, Joseph and Jesus, the centerpiece!
Camels,sheep,and the...Read More
Categories: symbolic, christian, christmas, god,
Form: Nonet
My Blue Dress is Not a Fashion Statement
With inspiration born from noted malcontent
I composed, dismayed at the reason to vent
In defense of poets, I am inclined to defend
I'll wear a blue dress to commend, not offend

I've been waiting for an auspicious occasion
Putting it on took not a...Read More
Categories: symbolic, perspective,
Form: Rhyme
everyone knows
heart telling tales
that get a dog's tail
wagging after being
rescued from abuse

and so the same for
cats and other animals
that grew up or were forced 
to grow up on the shady side of
town not meaning out of the sun

but without love...Read More
Categories: symbolic, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Star of the show Part 1
The scientific translation of a star is a sphere of gas held together by its own gravity.
Symbolically tome, a stars gravity is symbolic to ones perception of self and the sphere
of gas represents ones wisdom acquired throughout the path toward...Read More
Categories: symbolic, analogy, life, light, philosophy, self, stars, universe,
Form: Free verse
Star of the show Part 2
Every star is a sun, most suns have planets in orbit around them, Each planet has a
varying species of inhabitants...We can not see these inhabitants because they're
vibrating at a much higher frequency then we currently do here on earth, Thus...Read More
Categories: symbolic, earth, imagination, life, philosophy, planet, stars, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Star of the show Part 3
The universe and all of it's inhabitants therein, i.e. the galaxies, stars, suns, solar systems,
the planets, Basically everything that is or ever will be, represent life outside the box of
this reality...The universe is a fiercely chaotic place outside of our...Read More
Categories: symbolic, analogy, metaphor, philosophy, planet, remember, spiritual, stars,
Form: Free verse
The Sun
The sun vanishes over the horizon,
Leaving tear drops of light in the sky.
I watch it sink -
Somberly -
Past the mountains.
Daylight is your face.
I am in the dark now,
Trying to thrive 
While you are not here.
Your glow is addicting...Read More
Categories: symbolic, 12th grade, absence, beautiful, sad love, star,
Form: Free verse
Divine frenzy
Divine frenzy

Those who have the muse of madness in the soul,
passing through the doors of intuition very artful.
Where music and poetry play the touches of mad,
from the genius and sacrificing melancholy of insanity of load.
In the state of divine possession,...Read More
Categories: symbolic, devotion, emotions, endurance, passion,
Form: Ballade
Divine frenzy
Those who have the muse of madness in the soul,
passing through the doors of intuition very artful.
Where music and poetry play the touches of mad,
from the genius and sacrificing melancholy of insanity of load.
In the state of divine possession, the...Read More
Categories: symbolic, mentor, metaphor,
Form: Ballade
Ears, appendages I fear
Ears, two appendages I fear, 
pressure applied against the one who steers.
Pain distracts all sight, 
light drives agony into effect.
Tears fall as visions fade, Strength summoned deep within, 
pain ascends.
Blinded beneath tragic grief. 
Heart cold, no emotion shown. 
Imprisoned in...Read More
Categories: symbolic, bible, blessing, christian, confidence, courage, dad, dedication,
Form: Rhyme Royal