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Sycophant Poems

Sycophant Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sycophant poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sycophant.

New Poems


Are you there God?
Yes, I am, 
Look for me in the miracles and benevolence I show. There I will be.

When a malevolent leader who spouts untruths offends 
the sacredness of the Constitution and stability is endangered
be not...Read More
Categories: sycophant, political,
Form: Free verse

Theater of Utter Charm - Part 26
as the Crystal Mariachis arpeggiate the morning
why do the mighty remain cruel
while we are manning the oars beneath them
they see a tidy world
where mommy wipes their butts
you got your allegory you got your metaphor
plowing the minds of others with obedience
for...Read More
Categories: sycophant, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Next Moment

Gangsta politicians,
falling stars   ...   twinkling
of an eye 

Leper lips
	 halitosis blowing
Got there gun clips
and stacked deck 
	    poker chips ...
Sin City bullets overflowing

Body politic,
staph tongue infection
Still the voters ain’t 
getting sick
	  ...Read More
Categories: sycophant, slam, spiritual, truth, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
King of the Jungle

When Simba roars,
his den of lions go cheetah white lie 
crouching tiger kill for him
His regal, imperial mane
flows on his neck
like a Roman waving flag
Simba paws walk on
sycophant legion fealty
He demands servile porcelain alabaster loyalty,
as he sits on 
an ivory...Read More
Categories: sycophant, allegory, metaphor, truth, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
True Economics
Economics will innately horde the conscience of us all. 
Does a statistician serf not to fall? 
Gauging the dawn they plod. 
Searching for that convivial moment within the sod. 
Gleefully giving homage to that eternal overcast. 
Those compulsive appetites, will...Read More
Categories: sycophant, business, growing up,
Form: Rhyme

The Shape of Pondering
From the village to my villa under the sharp axes to tax collector to colloquial meme to artificial
 Fake cat to collaborator in my skin to skinny jeans the breasts pointed like the pyramid of Egypt to Swahili kiss;...Read More
Categories: sycophant, addiction, allusion, art,
Form: Ballad
The Irony About United Nations
United Nations while the institution is divided by the languages they 
Speak the food they feed on prepared by different chefs.

They proclaimed unity but wars didn't end within the jurisdiction of  
Institution there is mountains of answers have...Read More
Categories: sycophant, heartbreak, murder, nostalgia,
Form: ABC
Welcome Home Brother
The trees and the hills are singing songs of blessing in your mother’s land paving into Kingdom of love banging into healthy situation to welcome you. My brother I have been crying for you for billions of years, my tears...Read More
Categories: sycophant, appreciation, childhood,
Form: Idyll (Idyl)
A Dirge and a Doggerel
You may as well put the shovel down
If you think this vivisepulture will be my end
I survived the suffocation of a small town
And I'll be damned if this is how I descend

Just another obsequious sycophant 
And a supercilious, self-aggrandizing fraud
In...Read More
Categories: sycophant, angst, anxiety, beauty, betrayal, blessing, confidence, conflict,
Form: Rhyme
Money,in search of you
Traitor appears
Either to kill
Or denigrate

The trustworthy gets less
The sycophant demagogically gets more
The former becomes worse
The later becomes blessed

Money, your raison d'etre
Misinterpreted by your interpreter
Your searcher on do-or-die
In your search 

Money,you are hijacked
By the black baron
To rule the...Read More
Categories: sycophant, adventure, allusion, anger, black african american, feelings,
Form: Dramatic monologue

Premium Member Remembering Atari - Part 1
(Unsigned, Sealed, and Delivered)

Part 1:
Oh I worked several years at Atari (1)
Always thinking, "It's too good to last,"
Bushnell's (2) leaving - hand writing on rampart -
Though momentum would carry us past.

Nolan's (2) vision was not all that perfect,
VCS (3) up...Read More
Categories: sycophant, career, journey, life,
Form: Rhyme
Self Burning
I slip into a circle 
Or a circle becomes my surrounding 
With certainty i can’t tell you 
Now I feel the avoidance 
The criminal negligence 
And the cruel apathy 
From the vibrant neighbours 
Eating, sleeping and hoarding 
Laughing at the...Read More
Categories: sycophant, fire, life, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
For the Girl with the Brand New Toothbrush
 The Girl with the Brand New Toothbrush


    For the girl with the brand new toothbrush
    Waiting on a one night stand
    We didn’t have to tell...Read More
Categories: sycophant, appreciation, rap, sexy, sin, song,
Form: Lyric
Sycophant blues in Seattle
Slowly dripping down the steamy panes
To the warm floor, where the gasps
And the moist rest into numbness,
On a rainy nameless afternoon.
The sax fawning over the thin ankles
As they daintily savor the dark.
And the piano chords tickling
The brazen cheeks of drowsiness.
And...Read More
Categories: sycophant, love,
Form: Free verse
A man is at his ugly best
when he recovers from night rest
Look at that man
perhaps the resting sun
dwelt on his chest
the rays carried torments of the morrow 
of the hectic routine he would follow 

Throughout the night
he wore his eyes...Read More
Categories: sycophant, betrayal, political, power,
Form: Rhyme
The spinster and sycophant
How could a man be so cruel, i was thinking at deep
How could one make her weep , i was thinking at deep
she was a  spinster,,and it was all she made for her
The abiogenesis of emotions never grew as...Read More
Categories: sycophant, age, anger, autumn, betrayal, birth, bridal shower,
Form: ABC
You would think by now I know its vain
There was this time no anesthesia
Even though I was not immune to pain
Just the light dulce et gloria
And I was blind like Samson without the flame
I woke to winter and empty trees
Nothing...Read More
Categories: sycophant, religion,
Form: Free verse
I am the sentence lost poet

I am the sentence lost poet who has forgotten names
hollow versions of imposter me with little left to crawl
inside the words. My life is shaped by subtle arts stripped
from the mirror of reflected lives – tribes of non-poets
nonetheless so sensitive...Read More
Categories: sycophant, imagery, inspiration, introspection, poetry, writing,
Form: Free verse
the circle of life
A predator among us.
A villian in our midst.
An entity of evil,
Clouding up our wits.
Preying on the innocent.
Devouring the strong.
A sycophant immortal.
Unbound by right and wrong.
White wool adorning
The curves of their form.
Cloven hooves dragging
on the ground with the worms.
No hoofprints behind...Read More
Categories: sycophant, abuse, allegory, anger, animal, clothes, corruption, howl,
Form: ABC
Shan’t one discern
Between a reverie yet to conclude?
And unprecedented retribution?

Society may think it dexterous
To berate the triumph of others
And reprimand them
in exclusive and dire scrutiny

Though such a sycophant
Becomes aroused by
The fashioning of controversy
An indictment is questionable...Read More
Categories: sycophant, life, mystery,
Form: Verse
Sonnet 1
When was it that you became different?
You were never like this before ever.
Everything you used to do; efficient.
You're so intelligent, your bonds; you sever.
I cannot believeyou changed, you're altered.
When was it that you became dofferent?
Everything you used to do; sufficient.
You've...Read More
Categories: sycophant, brother, family,
Form: Sonnet
I    AM    LETTER    “S”

Sneaky, sarcastic, selfish, slipshod shirker,
Stumbler, smart-ass, scrounger, sloppy worker
Shiftless sycophant, stingy swine:
These qualities are what I want to avoid  being mine .

Sincere, supportive, sharing , schooled,
Stable, selfless...Read More
Categories: sycophant, introspection,
Form: Couplet
I love eye-service
A great deal of sycophancy
I am big on people-pleasing
I do eye-service 
To Him whose eyes are ever on me

I love to make Him feel good about me
So I flatter Him with praises 
I honor Him...Read More
Categories: sycophant, dedication, funny, passion, religion, love,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Lose Yourself in Lust, My Love
											PG 42

 Lose Yourself in Lust, My Love 

Lose yourself in lust, my love;
Enjoy me as a thing.
Make my flesh your fantasy;
My soul, your sycophant. 
I would you would with me, my love,
Let all your voices sing,
Losing not one ecstasy
That...Read More
Categories: sycophant, lovelove,
Form: I do not know?
The Sycophant
The Sycophant

By Elton Camp

“Sycophant,” just what does it mean?
It’s a person that all of us have seen
The first thing on the toady’s mind
To keep his nose up the boss’ behind

Whatever the super may come to say,
The sycophant agrees it’s just...Read More
Categories: sycophant, funny
Form: Rhyme