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Swiss Poems

Swiss Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swiss poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swiss.

New Poems

Doing Time
On a dark and rainy afternoon
Whence I’d been sentenced to my bedroom
For my crime of failing to take care
To not be a pain in my mother’s derriere 
As it happens, I was a lad of six
Full of mischief and annoying...Read More
Categories: swiss, 2nd grade, appreciation, books, literature, true love,
Form: Couplet

Vintage Cheese
My eyes scan over the table.
My taste buds begin to perspire.
There’s so much food here on offer,
so I wonder what I’ll desire. 

There are some beautiful salads.
There’s carrot, corn and green peas,
bar-be-cue meat to perfection,
and a platter of selected cheese.

There...Read More
Categories: swiss, food,
Form: Rhyme
Vase Dream II Epicurious
I want a freshly baked kaiser roll 
Sliced in two with nice lean roast beef
Laid between so I can call it sandwich
Swiss cheese, tomato, Vidalia onion
(Sliced not chopped) with a dab of mayo
And horseradish sauce or hollandaise 
Vinegar/salt chips and...Read More
Categories: swiss, appreciation, endurance, food, identity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Food is Often a Memory
Food is often a memory 
butterscotch pudding for me
and Cheetoes
and swiss cheese fondue
all three bad memories
I guess those must stick the hardest and longest

...Read More
Categories: swiss, memory,
Form: Free verse
bravo ragazzo
12 eggs
1 cup of whipping cream
2 cups of swiss cheese
1/2 cup  provolone
1 pound of deli sliced roasted beef
1 cup of sauteed yellow squash
1 of roasted asparagus
1/4 cup of red bell pepper sauteed
1/3 cup of sauteed diced onion
4 garlic cloves...Read More
Categories: swiss, dance, food, lust, music, red, song, sound,
Form: Ballad

Premium Member Living as Book Characters Daily
On Tuesday I was a prancy, dancy, pirate queen, 
On Wednesday I was a velvet-clad bohemian traveling fancy lady, 
Yesterday I as a native American who had been done wrong by cowboys.

I am on a Treasure Island today.
The youngest son...Read More
Categories: swiss, books,
Form: Free verse
Fruit of Value
Name the fruit that has raised the most hell.
It's the apple.  Why so?  I will tell.
It is poison, temptation,
Swiss medieval sensation.
Just ask Adam, Snow White and Will Tell....Read More
Categories: swiss, fruit, garden, humor, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Moon Is Made Of Swiss Cheese

It's 1969, time of the great Apollo 11 mission
The world stopped and acknowledged this first admission
Man's amazing feat
Most amazing since meat
John Glenn was first to discredit the cheesy superstistion

...Read More
Categories: swiss, moon,
Form: Limerick
What Are You Famous For

The French are famous for great food and wine, 
the Eiffel tower and the guillotine.
The English are famous for cheddar,
Shakespeare, Newton, and tabloid chatter.
Germans down tons of beer and wurst,
and manage to look none the worse.
With Italians it’s pizza and...Read More
Categories: swiss, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Three Brothers We
Three brothers we, three brothers we;
living together, within our tree.
We’re raccoons who so, do love cheese;
We do love brie, we do love brie.

We don’t like nuts, they give us gas;
 and heaven forbid we eat yard grass,
we are raccoons of...Read More
Categories: swiss, animal, fun, nature, poems, poetry, silly,
Form: Monorhyme


An army of wood ants ,
In Swiss Jura Mountains,
Lift up the mighty leaf
Overhead,to feed

The queen, a  fairy , labors in her womb
The males carry thin paper wings, too
Female workers  go without  
The queen populates the colony and...Read More
Categories: swiss, education, fairy, flying, life, mountains, nature, power,
Form: Narrative
To My Love Part 1 TBC
Far from having a nascent thought that envelops my rabid self,
Like inside of an accurate Swiss watch that had been given -
A present to presidents and diplomats from the 70’s era,
Memories in the kaleidoscope of life, one by one,
Like crazy...Read More
Categories: swiss, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member With A Flowing Hand

It’s time to write of unnecessary things,
to imagine alternative endings to journeys not taken.

This stained coffee mug
that nudges my elbow like a muddy bible;
it has not been washed for 2 days
but I still read it faithfully, return to it,
until sufficiently...Read More
Categories: swiss, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Feeding the Grands
Yogurt smoothies, Cocoa Puffs,
Mac & cheese and chicken;
Mushrooms, couscous, turkey (sliced)
And lots of snacks for pickin’.

Cheetos, corn chips, Goldfish,
Peaches, olives and a plum;
Watermelon, cantaloupe
And still, there’s more to come…

Swiss cheese, pickles, Kit Kats
And some mini ice-cream cones;
Yummy corn still on...Read More
Categories: swiss, food, granddaughter, grandson,
Form: Rhyme
Cheese Fun-due
Who says chocolate fondue
Makes the perfect rendez-vous?
Here’s a secret: you can meet
For a cheese fondue retreat
Which will make your life complete!

Rub a fondue pot with garlic
Add some white wine and some brandy
When it simmers stir the cheese- 
Swiss or Gruyere-...Read More
Categories: swiss, culture, food, inspiration,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Incurable

He studies the dinner card,
ticks off the boxes for Jell-O
and fruit cups; anticipates a deliciousness
that he will later swallow mechanically
on a plastic spoon.

He’s fascinated by his own breath;
tasting it on the exhalation, savoring a coolness,
as lungs struggle to filter
the chemical...Read More
Categories: swiss, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Tycoons In Line for Supper
They argued about the ruble, the kyat, the gold cordoba too
More conversation about lira, Swiss franc, and Moldova Leu.
Discussion soon turned to the rupee, new peso and Brazilian real,
Money talk ceased as they lined up for their evening meal.

...Read More
Categories: swiss, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Hans The Saviour of the flock

In a green meadow upon a Swiss hill
Was a shepherd looking after his sheep 
A lone grey wolf came looking for a kill
Hans turned sharply and looked in disbelief .

Picking up his crook he charged at the grey
His flock were...Read More
Categories: swiss, animal, courage,
Form: Sonnet
The Friendship of John and Joan
This is a friendship I would like to develop
from their time periods so different indeed
Joan the brave warrior for God's cause
John valiant for truth poor souls to feed

Joan, John says what was prison like?
being interrogated before the final trial
well says...Read More
Categories: swiss, fantasy, friendship, god, history,
Form: Rhyme
The Coming Together of John and Joan
On a day a number of centuries ago
John Calvin met the great heroine, Joan of Arc,
they both had much indeed in common
in their lives, on God's side, they made their mark

Both were born and came from France
so language was not...Read More
Categories: swiss, christian, french, history, imagination,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Too Nice to Paint In
fuchsia walls
lime green stripes
polka dotted curtains
not dotted swiss, but large gaudy exuberant dots
I allowed my children artistic decorating freedom
Weird how one has allowed her children the same courtesy
But curiously the other says her house is too nice to paint in
or...Read More
Categories: swiss, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: Free verse
Inside Me
Sparkling lights
in the middle of the night.
The sounds of every child's

These are the things
that live inside of me.

Glinting waves
in the California sun.
?A summertime love
that has just begun.

These are the things
that live inside of me.

A giggle.
A kiss.
A big cup of Swiss...Read More
Categories: swiss, appreciation, art, self, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Though A Destitute Alteh Kocker
Though A Destitute Alteh Kocker...

(albeit boyish), I tell myself with pride
always look on the bright toothless side
of life, this nonconformist tried
his darnedest with
threadbare trappings to abide

despite bristling, harumphing,
and lamenting luckless life,
while woe didst ride
shotgun squeezing snotty
schnozzle, nuzzling nose, wide

dilating nostrils...Read More
Categories: swiss, absence, child, death, destiny, family, life, sad,
Form: Bio
green oboe

Two cups of minced bell peppers, red and yellow(one cup each). Two cups of green onions. Quarter cup of minced garlic,two cups of cooked chopped bacon.three cups of sour cream,two...Read More
Categories: swiss, africa, america, art, assonance, bible, food, gospel,
Form: Ballad
Geneva - A Swiss Crown
It was over twenty years ago
on holiday in lovely Switzerland
living at Vevey along Lake Lemon
one day sailed into the city so grand

Sailing into the majestic Geneva
the mighty water fountain confronts you
a prelude to the magnificence supreme
indeed a Swiss crown one...Read More
Categories: swiss, city, holiday, memory,
Form: Rhyme