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Swampy Poems

Swampy Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swampy poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swampy.

New Poems

The divine tune

Oh! you liked the tune, it's from Bamboo flute,
an instrument emits sound, descends to
soul through ears; tune is played at dusk imbue
a feeling of pure bliss, it's absolute.

Just imagine the Sun is about to
set, you're sitting on the hill resort...Read More
Categories: swampy, dedication,
Form: Verse

Premium Member Hope
This thirsty ground with a barren view, 
Once cooked to a blistering dance,
It baptized all the life with heat, 
Cooking the grass, shrubs and plants,

Until the farmer, in his old leather boots, 
Walked, throughout spring, to the fight,
Armed with nothing...Read More
Categories: swampy, farm, growth, hope, planet,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member City Limits

the edge of town arrives quickly.
You hang an inscrutable left
only to discover
one beat-up clapperboard hulk
hanging over tall corn
as if land-wrecked.
you drive to the end of
a suburban tract
and while waiting for the lights
a blue wash of sky
paints out
the last inflatable swimming...Read More
Categories: swampy, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Watering Roots
I have noticed
all my daily educational journeys
begin with,
Where do I come from?
And how do I feel today
about my journey so far from yesterday?
Our journey so far,
and yet not far enough?

I come from living waters
as profoundly liberating as the air
we would...Read More
Categories: swampy, destiny, health, integrity, journey, sad, time, water,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Not Cricket
When I return to Adelaide on Thursday
To watch Australia's cricketers display
The batting skills with which they now believe
May soon another Ashes win achieve,

I hope the captaincy of Mister Paine
Will not be proven immature again.
I do not think him suited to...Read More
Categories: swampy, father, games, sports, sympathy,
Form: Sonnet

Bear Creek Valley
The pin oak leaves from dormant trees, 
fall on this crisp autumn morn,
as I paint the scene of an artist’s dream;
in my mind this landscapes born.
The patch work green is this valleys scene,
with broken squares of chocolate earth,
where I look...Read More
Categories: swampy, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Violated by My Own Imagination
Creepy crawling slimy wiggly thing
Feels eerily strange against my pajama leg
I wake up suddenly
Thinking cobra
or sleazy wet rat
violated by my own imagination
Snatching my explorer hat
out of the clutches of the crocodile
in the swampy forest floor
...Read More
Categories: swampy, dream,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Nightmare King
The Nightmare King 
Mighty autumn ruler
All powerful deity,
Travels on the wings of crows
Brings spooks and goblins out of hidey holes
Pulls basilisk out of swampy ponds
Gnashing his terrible teeth
Throwing knives in fearsome ways
Terrifying pumpkin fields
Dancing his Lewd and Eager dance
Lavishly spitting...Read More
Categories: swampy, fear, october,
Form: Free verse
If the Gods Love Us
Pray, if the Gods love us all so much
Why is it that they never do open the skies up
And save us?

Why is it that they remain silent
Letting our hearts bleed
Letting our tears pour
Letting our delusions get even more 

Do they...Read More
Categories: swampy, angst, anxiety, emo, faith, fate, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Brouhaha Over Confederate Statues
Ambiguity within mine
doodling Yankee mind that
arises, asper current
hoopla harrumphing
American Civil War statues,
which verbal/written spat

particularly regarding southern generals
(many atop horses) arouses
call to arms whereat,
excited curiosity possibly twill incite
dangerous extraneous, mutinous,
treasonous tit for tat

promulgation exhuming ghosts
abolitionists of Dead Poets Society
screeching like a...Read More
Categories: swampy, age, anger, conflict, history, humor, journey, patriotic,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Rice Paddy Feels Swampy Today
Rice paddy wakes up ready to be planted.
Where are those lazy farmers?
Snicker laughs.  Nothing lazy about them.
They are the most cheerful workers she knows
She feels swampy today, colder than usual

The plow is heading her way, 
She can see it...Read More
Categories: swampy, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Personification
Premium Member Old Coolie Brags About Her Rice
Rice paddy wakes up ready to be planted.
Where are those lazy farmers?
Snicker laughs. Nothing lazy about them.
They are the most cheerful workers she knows
She feels swampy today, colder than usual

The plow is heading her way, 
She can see it a...Read More
Categories: swampy, environment, farm, garden,
Form: Personification
Our Secret
If I tell you I have a secret to disclose to you,
Would you lend me your ears,
Your heart, your soul even
And your belief in the power that rules us?

If I tell you that secret which has been whispered
To me, in...Read More
Categories: swampy, longing, love, romance, romantic, romantic love,
Form: Free verse
Dat Ole River
 Dat Ole River (The Calcasieu)

Dats a lazy ole river, dats a muddy ole river.   
Dat river she flows on and on and on,              ...Read More
Categories: swampy, boyfriend, character, children, my children, nature, places,
Form: Prose Poetry
The Ventriloquist Voice
Thousand thoughts rummage the grey fluff.
Gloomy, godawful voices thump in self-talk
"I'm an idiot, a loser,...... it's all my fault".
Autopsies of the past, tear my flesh,
Regrets of a decade, devour my heart.
Rant of betrayals suffocate my breath.
Capricious sentiments egg me to...Read More
Categories: swampy, confidence, conflict, courage, fear, psychological, silence, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
The Abandon Farm
I have always wanted something wonderful out of life
But my mother said there is always a price
It has nothing to do with land, money or property 
Someone has always been there for me and I am very sorry
Cowards hide behind...Read More
Categories: swampy, betrayal, change, corruption, destiny, farm, hope, symbolism,
Form: Narrative
Don Ask Me Bout Exacerbation Of Trumpeted FAKE News
Don Ask Me 'Bout Exacerbation Of Trumpeted "FAKE" News

The prez best get sent packing
     to Lake woebegone
forced to coexist amidst University
     of Pennsylvania Dutch
     men in breaches
(May Apple...Read More
Categories: swampy, 12th grade, america, corruption, fashion, fate, fear,
Form: Dramatic Verse
20-20 Optical Illusion

20 nods and 20 winks,
it’s all smoke-and-mirrors
me lazy bones think

Swampy eye creatures
say dey got a thousand-dollar discount 
sofa solution
And dey gon put me 
on a ten-dollar monthly lay-away plan

This 20/20 optical illusion
be straight up sewer smell talking
Old-timey lip confusion,
king crab...Read More
Categories: swampy, corruption, humor, slam, truth,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member The Ghost of Boggy Creek
Long ago when I was younger, yearn for knowledge I did hunger,
heard about a rumor going ‘round.
Twas a legend told for ages, passed along as time turned pages,
strange as any tale twas ever found.
Rumor said that near the quicksand, lived...Read More
Categories: swampy, dark, horror, scary,
Form: Narrative
We belong to ourselves on primary agenda,
The voice of our homeland Ghana bitterly expresses her feelings over failing governments.
Governments that come to serve our land with poisonous aroma.
And tries all their best to blindfold every Ghanaian through carnal influence.
They stay...Read More
Categories: swampy, anger,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Swamp Babies
When participating in a HealthCare Future Search,
you are invited
to explore a personal timeline
as well as a global timeline
of critical healthcare events
in your past,
and future.

HealthCare personal and political
and nurture-investment learning
begins early and ubiquitously
for new born and reborn ZeroZones
of all species

But, one...Read More
Categories: swampy, culture, environment, farm, health, humor, parents, teacher,
Form: Political Verse
Skying An Oar
Skying An Oar

{Free Verse}
May 20,  2018• By daniel miltz •

Long time ago, in lonesome youth shine
In a wonder state of boykind
Making paper pontoons
Skying an oar, in a creek lagoon
On a yummy, afternoon
In swampy, draconian, water spittoon

The artsy-crafty, paper tub...Read More
Categories: swampy, youth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Honoring You in Living Color
Kitchen counters alive; the vivid colors of red, green, purple and yellow glass jars. Your garden flourished.
Pickled beets mingle boiled eggs; a pretty periwinkle purple.
Yellow and purple tinted fingers; dandelions and elderberries distilling; musty aroma permeated by sweet wine. A...Read More
Categories: swampy, mom, mother, mother daughter, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Big Fish Calling Me To The Sea Part 1
My spirit has been calling to get up and go to the sea
My spirit has been telling me that there is something for me to see
My spirit is calling me to fly over the big sea
My spirit is saying that...Read More
Categories: swampy, abuse, adventure, devotion, encouraging, environment, fish, fishing,
Form: Narrative
What do you say now?
Is there anybody who want to foul?
Standing behind and knocking,
Little lady....I see this sparkle rocking,
Life is full of dream,
Can't distinguish the laughter from the scream,
Out from the frying pan...straight to the fire,
Serif stuck to support.....I never...Read More
Categories: swampy, 6th grade,
Form: Alliteration