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Surveys Poems

Surveys Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of surveys poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for surveys.

New Poems


Dawn, in pink, tiptoes slowly 
across sullen sky, mood unknown,
blue hues hint at what’s to come.
Moon, drowsy from night vigil,
leaves her stars with au revoir.

Sun makes entrance with a yawn,
stretches slowly, surveys domain. 
Nocturnals snug in cosy homes,
day creatures wait...Read More
Categories: surveys, morning,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Horned Owl
The Great Horned Owl sits on his branch
Surveys the land around
Searching for some prey to eat
He knows they do abound

His head turns near full circle
His stomach needs to fill
Has to see a movement
Misses any that stay still

A Hare looks out...Read More
Categories: surveys, nature,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Santa Surveys The Scene
Red coats matching, Santa and a reindeer,
His favourite deer from the famous team,
Gazing out on a midnight cold and clear, 
Illuminated by shafts of moonbeam.

His favourite deer from the famous team,
Nimble Dancer, sure-footed in the snow,
Illuminated by shafts of moonbeam,
As...Read More
Categories: surveys, animal, appreciation, celebration, christmas, sky, star,
Form: Pantoum
My Last Hope
(...surely goodness and mercy will follow me all of my days and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Psalm 23:6)

Shirley, Goodness and Mercy, angels three
Have been protecting me all of my days.
Constant companions spiritually,
They're seamstresses trying...Read More
Categories: surveys, angel, hope, how i feel, introspection,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Forward They Are Ours
The soldier checks his hungry blade 
and surveys forests near

Invading armies swarm like ants
soon eyelids kiss their last goodbye 

Five thousand swords and arrows dance
to the battle cry of the Maid of Orleans...Read More
Categories: surveys, tribute,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Along A Colorado Trail
I saddle my faithful horse, King, for another day on the trail.
My dog, Duke, is anxious to go, I can tell by the wag of his tail!
The soothing sound of creaking leather is music to me,
As we seek another day...Read More
Categories: surveys, animal, creation, mountains, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze

A summer breeze cools scorching leaves
And calls to a reclining and lonely soul
To listen to the whispering of
Memories of long ago.
When babies played on Dad-mowed grass,
And laughed and fell and cried,
But grew strong with love personified,
‘Til Lass met Lad...Read More
Categories: surveys, introspection,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Lion Has Cancer
Panning for hope, Lion surveys this kingdom
Recognizing it is not the altogether he had originally 
Thought it was.  

The grasses are high; the birds not as rare as they used to be.
Wind blows his mane and frees his soul...Read More
Categories: surveys, cancer,
Form: Free verse
The king surveys his savannah
Confident in his strength
To rule, to lead, to breed
To take what he wants when he wants
His women
His food
No young blood
Dares to challenge

Free Verse or Rhyme Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Eve Roper, Picture # 3
4/2/19...Read More
Categories: surveys, animal, leadership,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member God Knows Our Tracks
God, Knows Our Tracks
By: Tom Wright

Since Adam and Eve,
tracks, man has placed down.
While some we leave are happy,
others, give occasion to frown.

Tracks, that we as men,
might some time wish to erase.
But only God can remove,
man can only retrace.

These footprints...Read More
Categories: surveys, god, life,
Form: Lyric

Coffee and Company
The old lawman sits
And surveys the scene
Always one to see detail
He raises the cup and sips
The hot coffee his companion
No more to wear the uniform
Or carry the gun in his hip
But there are still the stories 
He tells about some...Read More
Categories: surveys, memory,
Form: Free verse
Seeing Through The Caribou

The saga set
In blinding light
Upon a barren stage
Players hunter and prey

Eyes the marrow of this bone
Peering thought the slit aperture 
         The nuance of the scene
      ...Read More
Categories: surveys, animal, native american, nature,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Millionaires At Wallymart

Here's some really astonishing news
Even millionaires shop at Wallymart
Doesn't matter how rich people are
A bargain's still close to their heart

Haven't seen any limousines yet
At our local Wallymart store
But surveys say it's definitely true
They also like paying less for more

You know...Read More
Categories: surveys, success,
Form: Verse
Dying to be free
Somebody please hold me
Struggling to struggle
I wear lonliness
My vicious mind smiles at my sadness
Looking for hope outwith
Knowing that there is none within
My words pain scratched upon this page
I spit your pity in your face
All who look into my abyss are...Read More
Categories: surveys, poetry,
Form: Free verse
A true friend is the anchor of love;
She never sleeps, surveys the earth
For a gem for friend, she can wage war 
With God to give this eternity a name, 
A birth of free air, a gospel aflame;
A postscript I scribble...Read More
Categories: surveys, friend, friendship, friendship love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Of Two Minds
Two minds are on a course
For destruction today

One is a garden untended
Now grown over and infested

It has been too busy to notice the gradual decay
And now cannot seem to escape

It surveys the scene to find only neatly manicured lawns 
Had...Read More
Categories: surveys, evil, horror, suicide, truth,
Form: Free verse
The Journey Backward
He steps out
Proud and stout  
With a defiant smirk
He surveys his scene
Savouring the moment
He had skimmed through the pain
Excitingly moving through the motions
To surpass all hate
He struts forward 
Riding on air
As he made a prime decision 
To confront all...Read More
Categories: surveys, adventure, dream,
Form: Narrative
Blues, Cues and Shoe Stews
Refuse to hang the innocent
While your gang acquits the guilty
In a tooth for a tooth pronouncement
You state in collusion with the mighty.

Accuse with the ruse in your news dissidents
Whipped into submission
To the coercion of incidents
Incorporated into a dictatorial diction.

Cruise out...Read More
Categories: surveys, poems,
Form: Free verse
by Mark Miller © 09/19/2014

We are the living seeming stillness willful we endure 
Through vows of contempt to never surrender
Vacate questions fly by trees terse unknown
Retreat or follow the terminus term less 
Momentary pains unheard retort by shallow...Read More
Categories: surveys, conflict, courage, self,
Form: Ballad
Brexit Sonnet 29 - Snake Oil
Brexit Sonnet No. 29
‘Snake Oil’

The tumbleweed rolls with silence across our set,
Saloon doors swing to access boarded walk,
As gunslingers stride their silent deadly threat,
And graveyard stones of next to greet do talk. 
The Sheriff’s jail is filled with drunks...Read More
Categories: surveys, political,
Form: Sonnet
King of the Jungle

When Simba roars,
his den of lions go cheetah white lie 
crouching tiger kill for him
His regal, imperial mane
flows on his neck
like a Roman waving flag
Simba paws walk on
sycophant legion fealty
He demands servile porcelain alabaster loyalty,
as he sits on 
an ivory...Read More
Categories: surveys, allegory, metaphor, truth, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Spider on Vase
 Spider on Vase

Poor teetering thing that leeched the rim
To poise and watch the world from summit
It hiked the slope and scaled with ease
Its several legs had gained momentum
Triumphant conqueror of the peak
The hero now surveys the giants
With peripheral eyes...Read More
Categories: surveys, insect,
Form: Blank verse
The Gossip Queen of Alcott Lane
   crown of bobby pins and bandana
   she hoists a beer bottle scepter
   dime store paste royal necklace 
   moth holed sweater Queen's cape
   her well worn lawn chair throne
...Read More
Categories: surveys, childhood,
Form: Free verse
The George Chronicles:The Plan of Darkness
The George Chronicles: The Plan of Darkness: 3 part series

As the Eastern sun breaks way through my 6 panel discolored window 
I glaze in amazement as to how I survived another day.
The night before I was of no concern to...Read More
Categories: surveys, dark, deep, how i feel, life, loneliness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Winter
A stormy, cold scraped winter sight,
quiet song birds forsake flight,
down fluffed on pale limbs lucite,
a fantasy landscape, pearl blue.

In grey tone wrap, mist frozen dew,
her smooth complexion, silver hued,
Luna surveys earth's wild retinue
in closed dens of hibernate sleep.

Snow drifts creep...Read More
Categories: surveys, imagery, seasons, snow, winter,
Form: Rhyme