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Suppression Poems

Suppression Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suppression poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suppression.

New Poems

Premium Member Binding Conversations
I try to live
and feel
and think
and strategize win/win
in that in-between left and right
systemic ecology and global, multicultural theology,
natural relationships and spiritual polypaths,
resilience and resonance,
yang and yin
explicating and implicated,
extrinsic and intrinsic,
inhaled and exhaled
and depression repression suppression recession oppression,
positive and not negative
1...Read More
Categories: suppression, health, humanity, integrity, love, peace, religion,
Form: Political Verse


Her still serene body was pulled out of the water,
She had been a sister and a lovely daughter
Her face was scarred and her soul was subject to slaughter....when the sun shone and weather grew hotter

It was a bright beautiful summer...Read More
Categories: suppression, 10th grade,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Counter-claim
So many claim
  'Voter Suppression'

My ballot reads
  ~ 'Voter Depression'...Read More
Categories: suppression, america, perspective,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Suicide of Speech
I'm so tired to speak,
so words remain asleep

it's a suicide of speech.

There is so much to say.
I fight silent soldiers of suppression -
terrorising like hisses from snakes.

Fragile expressions become
a potpourri of poisoned petals -
melting like snow hit by sunshine

it's a...Read More
Categories: suppression, angst, conflict, silence,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Golden Tongues and Silver Bullets
Freedom of speech
is less about freedom from suppression
when more about freedom toward mutual dialogue,
cooperatively held impression
to co-invest in active democratic hope.

Perhaps this is why
First Amendment non-violent communication values
grow in heart-felt significance
as Second Amendment rights to bear violent arms
recede in multicultural...Read More
Categories: suppression, freedom, health, integrity, political, power, usa, violence,
Form: Political Verse

Lost and Found
birth begot obsidian night
myself grew blind to dawning light
eclipse shrouded and buried sight
twilight descended ushering spite

terror resides inside as guilt
behind the walls suppression built
crumbling walls fall the tables' tilt
foundations fallen are not rebuilt 

challenges to climb are stepping-stones
conquered peaks strengthen...Read More
Categories: suppression, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member NonProfit CoOperatism
An important truth of non-profit cooperatism,
as contrasted with for-profit corporatism,
is democratic wisdom
of co-investing capital and equity and interdependence,
giving from a healthy egalitarian heart
is also receiving a wealthier, more resilient, bilateral mind,
mind and body fullness,
ego- and eco-therapeutic resonance.

While true of all...Read More
Categories: suppression, community, earth, health, home, humanity, religion, weather,
Form: Political Verse
Love Letter From The Soul XLV

it's the eyes that draw me in
subtlety seductive
with a hint of fear
but freshly lit and duty free
there's no denying
a night time dream of deference
where drips of desire  
tumble down  
her dainty cheek
no torture,  no suppression,...Read More
Categories: suppression, love,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Not That You Asked
Not that you asked,
or ever would feel free to inquire,
yet perhaps you grow ready to listen
to a voice inviting exit
from your,
and our,
long loneliness,
isolation so shelled-over,
so embedded,
you are sure we are each and all
unredeemably alone

In our envy of others,
the positive deviants
with...Read More
Categories: suppression, depression, environment, health, humanity, humor, inspirational love,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Intellectual Snobbery
When I was in grade school
I was, already, 
on my leftbrain dominant path
toward acting the intellectual snob.

This, in large part
my best offense,
my trump card, sadly,
against marginalizing prejudice
of our community's non-farmer economic
and political Elite;

The few kids
whose parents went to college
and/or inherited...Read More
Categories: suppression, appreciation, emotions, farm, gender, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Choir Dissonant Practice
I am a right-brain prominent writer
which must not be confused with
a prominent left-brain writer,
which I am almost decidedly not
nor would I aspire
toward such all or nothing thinking
and not at all both/and feeling.

Like most writers,
I feel more like the muses of...Read More
Categories: suppression, anxiety, appreciation, depression, health, integrity, muse, music,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Power Is Personal
So, is this personification
of political systems?
asked the organic ecologist.

Or politicization
of intimately
yet transcendently
secular and sacred
personal economic-nutritional analysis
of health-wealth trends?
asked the macrosystemic economist,
in his rather too long projecting way
of exploring means
and medians
and in-betweens.

And both?
asked the theologian
after listening to each as Other,
DefaultNetworkAssociations (DNA)
betwixt...Read More
Categories: suppression, christian, earth, god, health, integrity, islamic, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Terms and Conditions
In a social society,
where I'm not a priority.
I'm sick and tired of being strong,
when they only see me as wrong

I never read the terms and conditions,
so I'm mute, like forgotten musicians.
Misplaced in a place I do not belong
I have no...Read More
Categories: suppression, angst, death, depression,
Form: Rhyme
We need to talk .......... about the gender of vermillion 
Lawyers fees and centipedes 
The Gospel Of Thomas 
Spherical entities that come through the walls
Divisions and their reality 
Edam ,  frostbite ,  hacksaws ,  and hollow hearts
Why...Read More
Categories: suppression, conflict, culture, future, humanity, humor, political, prejudice,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Written On Our Hearts
Some issues,
some opportunities,
are written across great Western and Eastern cultures,
Northern and Southern economies,
Left and Right hemisphere structured minds,
breathing out- and in-forming lungs,
beating in- and then out-flowing hearts.

Flight toward freedom
and open-air healthy impressions,
and fight against racial oppression,
health depression,
patriarchal suppression,
competing capitalist corporate...Read More
Categories: suppression, anger, change, earth, health, integrity, metaphor, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member This House
This House

This house, this house is a sad house,
We do not foster conversation or laughter.
This house, this house, has sad people,
Living in melancholy here and ever after.
I am patron, patron of this house,
Disillusioned and crestfallen welcomed here.
I am Matron,...Read More
Categories: suppression, age, angst, care, mental illness, old, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Fly Free Nightingale
Locked within a golden cage
Kept under lock and key
Cloaked with a dark veil
To hide me from the world
Kept in the darkness
In this cold prison.

Under watchful eyes
Gazes cold as ice
As I remain silent
Frightened to move
One false step
Would be my doom.

My only...Read More
Categories: suppression, abuse, culture, freedom, innocence, life, women,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Here we go poof
Here we go poof
(From China with love)

I remember kids in America
at the Bank of America
in their baggy pants, baseball hats,
There was snow on the mountains
   clouds in-pressing to get over
   dust the sagebrush...Read More
Categories: suppression, beauty, character, courage, freedom, political, power,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sacred Metaphor
Sacred music and liturgies
are not merely leaves and flowers
produced by complex and richly branched
and sub-branched analogies
between ecological and theological root metaphors
of co-arising nurture;
between naturaLeft and spiritualRight co-experience
of Earth's spiraling revolutionary nutrition;
East to West horizoned 
healthy light intention.

Each regeneration absorbing fertile...Read More
Categories: suppression, analogy, culture, health, history, integrity, metaphor, music,
Form: I do not know?
Are You Satisfied
Its been so long since I have seen him
Even more time since i have been him

Zr :-
I've almost stopped dreaming
Almost night inside
No lights beaming
Finding other people for love , like i am streaming
Like i already ain't enough
I look at the...Read More
Categories: suppression, 12th grade, anger, angst, anxiety, appreciation, care,
Form: ABC
Face Telegraph

this is where my tale wings away
past the clutches of the irascible Chadwick
up past the hinges and the curly cue
and its vocabulary roofing tiles
preparing to adapt once again
placing the bellows against the embers
possessed by a holy fervor
that could lay waste...Read More
Categories: suppression, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Angels Danced for Martin

From the grounds of the south during the sweltering summer 
of Negros in America*, came white violence and murder.  The 
suppression and degradation of decades.  Americans treated
as less then a dog because they were not of a certain...Read More
Categories: suppression, character, freedom,
Form: Haibun
My government

I don't need sex. 
But my government s me every day. 
Lost within myself, 
All I see is oppression and suppression. 
I don't need sex. 
But her  continues to penetrate my legs roughly. 
All I see is sexual harassment...Read More
Categories: suppression, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 2nd
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Resilient Health CareGivers

Competitive economic experience
breeds business as usual
capital-growing cultures
with a special preference historical
for white privilege patriarchal
remembering and designing 
left-brain dominant educational systems.


Cooperative ecological economies
breed more organic networks
of permacultural health 
and nutrition
and communication experience,
with a special historical preference
for ecofeminist Earth-empowered
deep learning
noticing prime primal...Read More
Categories: suppression, appreciation, conflict, culture, health, humor, integrity, rights,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Hold Me Tight
Hold me tight
to free me
from this screaming isolation.

Hug me right
to free me
for our streaming restoration.

Hear me fight
here to free us
from my darkest dream depression.

Speak this night
for freedom
from our wrong self-shaming
other-blaming impressions,
cold climates of suppression,
heated hates for oppression,
reserved and calculated rates
for...Read More
Categories: suppression, appreciation, caregiving, health, integrity, political, psychological,
Form: Free verse