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Superman Poems

Superman Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of superman poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for superman.

New Poems

This woman who's captured my heart without a camera
She'd made me feel like I own the universe
Described as per Proverbs 31
She's not only a bread winner but also a heart winner
And given out the whole of herself 
Even during the...Read More
Categories: superman, mom, mother,
Form: Imagism

a growling beast
she described her work as creating creatures
using her efforts to summon the greatest fear
of people
she wanted her audience to believe her
and she wrote with an effort to
envision the deepest and darkest
feeling of fear and loneliness
the author paints the canvas
so that...Read More
Categories: superman, anti bullying, film, meaningful, music, myth, romance,
Form: Bio
Elusive pursuit endeavoring to craft a great poem
I confess, no deliberate intent, yet often wonder
what spurs me to nudge, goad, coax, et cetera
despite modesty regarding
ably linkedin words for others to ponder
more often than not experiencing nonresponder.

Without lofty literary ambitions,
more so stream of consciousness abandonment
yours truly rests content
to...Read More
Categories: superman, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, education,
Form: Free verse
You returned sooner than we expected and you were never sluggish
Same Mike we knew but these episodes kept happening
I remember one day you told us strongly that you were going to be fine
You said you had superpowers, your cells were...Read More
Categories: superman, africa, allusion, death, family, feelings, sick, tribute,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Mighty uptight
Superman was feeling mighty uptight
So he went out for a long midnight flight
   Spotted two teens making love
   Shut his eyes tight as a glove
But his blue leotard turned hard, alright...Read More
Categories: superman, anxiety, flying, teen love,
Form: Limerick

Lock and Key
I dream of a wonderland, just us
Laying with our hidden confessions
They're there, but locked up and held hostage
They're just waiting for the perfect moment to be free
To let go, to let loose
And make way for you, superman, to make your...Read More
Categories: superman, feelings, i love you, love, romance, true
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Lament of Mister Kent
Remember when you first kissed me -- in Spain
Why'd you have to put me through all that -- pain
   You led me to believe
   Now I just sit and grieve
Superman has swept you away -- Miss...Read More
Categories: superman, cry, kiss, lost love,
Form: Limerick
Their rock
Their rock

I’m supposed to be their rock
To always protect them, everyday
To be the father type of rock
To make sure they’re ok

On the days I first met them
I fell in love with each one of them 
I told them to never...Read More
Categories: superman, angst, dark, death, fate, hurt, scary, sorry,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Steve
The definitive nice guy and so friendly;
Slow to burn, he coasts life easily.
A true gentleman of the first order;
And free as bluebirds on the Spanish border!

He's my brother; I have no other;
First sunbeam of my mother.
A natural born comedian to...Read More
Categories: superman, childhood, family, growing up, love, meaningful,
Form: Rhyme
When Pigs Fly
Starting from scratch, can we imply
Was there a time when pigs could fly?
There's Mary Poppins, Peter Pan
the Flying Nun and Superman.

Starting off in different ways,
all of these flew without delays.
But tales of Wilbur and Arnold,
Porky or Piglet, none were told

from...Read More
Categories: superman, 11th grade, flying,
Form: Quatrain

Premium Member A Conversation
I met a check-out chick the other day,
I asked how was her New Year's, okay,
She said she had a dreadful New Year's Day,
Her boyfriend battling bushfires with the CFA,
He had never been so far away,
What on earth could I say?
Our...Read More
Categories: superman, community, courage, environment, fire, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Comic Book Tripper
Got a friend who is a comic book tripper
He loves to read them and talk about them
I grew mostly with Marvel
Seems the movies are making a big splash
Some people regard comic books as a low form of entertainment
While others are...Read More
Categories: superman, art, imagination,
Form: Verse
Soporific narcoleptic pull wielded courtesy innocent looking bed
Hypnagogic spell immediately cast
overpowering drug induced state fast
overcome even those who just woke
prolonged narcotic effect could last
bajillion years (hyperbole to wake
any lil lulled reader) superfast.

Before he/she succumbs without blame
impossible mission monseigneur or dame
to break loose against buttressed bed frame
magnetic pull...Read More
Categories: superman, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Native Reflections

Mother bartered me to an Englishman.
His tribe made televisions.
In those days
televisions were wooden vehicles
crafted out of electric fans
and the spare parts of flying saucers.
Later he became an overseer
of sparky factory hands.
Once while waiting outside for his shift to end,
I jumped...Read More
Categories: superman, poetry,
Form: Free verse
I had to travel miles to find a rose flower then I found you, my flower and alas! My search was over and I had to forget about the rose itself. That’s when my career changed from a florist to...Read More
Categories: superman, addiction, beauty, for her, girlfriend, love, romance,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Radio Before TV

When I was a wee one many years ago
Dreamt of Roy Rogers and Superman on the radio
Before all this hi-techie
Action stuff on the telly
Visualized the action in my mind like a dynamo

...Read More
Categories: superman, memory,
Form: Limerick
Once upon a time but not right now or ever
A parachutist climbed the short oak tree
On private property not yours or mine
The sign read, “Trespassers will be shot
on sight”  (sight unseen)

Our flying man used fingers on both hands to...Read More
Categories: superman, conflict, confusion, image, leaving, tree,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Over The Wall

A door made from the haphazard weaving
of wood, rust, and ivy.
Smudged newspapers flap wings
in a heaving wind. Drowned birds
emerge from wet print. Barren condoms
spill to feed the mouths of empty cans.
The garden has no house.
Rubble and verge limn a floor-plan.
Weeds...Read More
Categories: superman, poetry,
Form: Free verse
I wish I could fly
I wish that I could fly.
I would do back flips in the sky.
I'd be superman Lois' hero.
Dashing through restaurants grabbing a churro.
One bad thing though, I might get struck by lightning.
That would be very frightning....Read More
Categories: superman, funny,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Pass Trade Already
Pass Trade Already
Do not waste more time!

It is fire and spit,
thin water and urine. 
All lies from city folk. 
The swamp smells, 
it is dying. 
No new water, 
just the old cesspool inlets, 
all the outlets, blocked. 

Cockroaches running,
for the...Read More
Categories: superman, abortion, allah, america, heartbroken, jesus, political, religious,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Any Friday at 6-30 PM prose-poem

I'm playing seafaring games on the marble table,
sketching between the blue striations of the stone, 
a slab that resembles an ocean to my young mind.
I draw armadas and stick figure Spaniards,
foes that fall into shark-infested waters. Cannons roar silently.

Mum is...Read More
Categories: superman, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Gregory's Sanctuary

Gregory's Sanctuary 
in response to Gregory's poem

He lays on the bed wondering why God is so slow 
he whispers to Him by the night lamps under glow
Reading the bible he finds courage and he is able  
with the...Read More
Categories: superman, appreciation, miracle,
Form: Rhyme
The Hero I Don't Deserve
Hey, my name is Aaron and I am kinda a modern day superhero

Now I know what you’re thinkin’

Okay, this guy? A hero? Like with powers and skills?

Nah but before you think further hear me out.

Yes… I don’t have money like...Read More
Categories: superman, endurance, hero, inspirational, mental illness, motivation, spoken
Form: Free verse
The Brown Phoenix
Doubly twisted
Hating thine existence
tremors of a neurotic hand
Violent and bitter
Consumed by Ashen sands

Like the phoenix 
I’m reborn
Undoubtedly divine
My wings transform to arms
My beak into lips

I walk amongst the giants of the land 
Hands stretch outwards towards yours
Like a Superman in...Read More
Categories: superman, angst, beauty, confidence, for her, love, love
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Fashion Zebra
The Fashion Zebra

I am a flake. 
That is the term for people that do not follow through. 
It may not be fair. I have spent my whole life avoiding the title. 
I crossed every tee, dotted all the eyes… 
and...Read More
Categories: superman, freedom, funny, inspirational, love, mental illness, metaphor,
Form: Free verse