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Superficiality Poems

Superficiality Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of superficiality poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for superficiality.

New Poems

A Few Words About Vanity

Ageing, sooner or later betrays us
and vanity, supposedly, saves us.
Men, less so, but women especially,
fall prey to its superficiality
with measures used no better than
the least skilled mortician,
and the end results are about
as good as any corpse laid out.
It’s all but...Read More
Categories: superficiality, age, humor,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member COMPENDIUM of nostalgia
Alongside a Chiltern chalkstream
I lay me down to dream,
of country paths,stiles and steep slopes,
those days,long ago,filled with hope;
I dreamed of days of summer sun
when my life had just begun,
climbing trees,cricket on the green,
the first time I made the...Read More
Categories: superficiality, nostalgia,
Form: Verse
Premium Member The Glowing
I wait by the mine
Outside the camp.
Between us, the pinyons
Slash and partition
Your fire, like fence posts.
They keep me at bay.

Here in the shadows, 
I think I know you.
But, in the flame of life, 
You dance with all.
I won't be to...Read More
Categories: superficiality, relationship, romance, romantic love,
Form: Free verse
Tomorrow Down The Road
Tomorrow down the road, 
I go in pursuit, 
Hoping to meet the future soul mate, 
An extraordinary mate, 
called love,
While fleeing from its enemy named hate,.
Tomorrow along the road, 
I go without mischief,
Jealousy is not a word within my heart
about like a free bird in the sky, 
Perchance I will begin a fresh new start
Tomorrow walking down, 
the road I bury my thoughts, 
Instead, I shall create a vision of reality,
I may find some responsibility at last,
I may get liberated from superficiality.
Tomorrow down the road, 
I go for one last drink, 
Not because I need to quench my thirst
One final drink for the road to hell,
I shall beat everyone,
And be the first.

Wednesday 7th November 2018
Tomorrow Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Edward Ibeh

...Read More
Categories: superficiality, future,
Form: Lyric
I hate it with a passion
Authentic speaking, thoughts and deeds
Are almost out of fashion
It is as if a curse has come
Upon the human mind
To keep us empty from within
To keep us dumb and blind
The thinker is now ridiculed
His thought process...Read More
Categories: superficiality, fashion, hate, passion,
Form: Ballad

A people betrayed
You dont have to be moved, 
we are already in a revolution
A different kind, one where futures are decided on couches in front of the television.
One which undoes it all
Implanting the seeds that usurp 
 men and women; both old...Read More
Categories: superficiality, anger, angst, loss, political, red, voice, war,
Form: Ode
Theater of Utter Charm Part 2
of terminally opinionated snake charmers
for art's sake of course
well what else could define our course of action
when the end of unknowing
is only a mouse click away
when we'd still rather quack like a sinking duck
and bark like a toothless dog
whose manic...Read More
Categories: superficiality, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
How I Really Feel
To my father:
I do well with poetic phrases and flowery verse 
What I don't do well is sharing my hurt.
If I've learned anything from you it's that smiling tough through the pain 
Always gives the best result and gain.
As I...Read More
Categories: superficiality, anger,
Form: Free verse
Shallow grave
I cannot, will not, do not suffer fools gladly
especially those dolts that are not capable of recognising or realising
the plummeting depths of their own unfathomable foolishness!

It is believed that charity should begin at home, or so they say,
But, damn, when...Read More
Categories: superficiality, truth,
Form: Free verse
heretic of the modern age
away with capitalistic free market enterprise
where the concomitant features of greed, power and wealth
fuse to form a pact of unrestrained mass-consumerism
while simultaneously obliterating any shred of a humanistic ethic.

the hollow emptiness of a hedonistic philosophy
representative of the western civilization
rings with...Read More
Categories: superficiality, bible, courage, destiny, devotion, emo, gospel,
Form: I do not know?

Peel the refinement and what have you got
A human being who's still an animal at heart 

They will not admit they share an animal's nature
It won't happen..…they believe they're a different creature

They've lost their fur, their claws, their teeth
That's superficiality,...Read More
Categories: superficiality, allegory, humor, space,
Form: Couplet
Shadowed Wildflower
Wildflower 'neath a 
     giant weeping willow,
         comforted by the shade
  her fragrance wafting darkly
      whispered into the wind ~
  ...Read More
Categories: superficiality, allegory, allusion, flower, imagery, nature, sun, trust,
Form: Light Verse
(So many were protesting about America's secret involvement with ISIS but I didn't believe it until I read this latest news, shocking and disgusting. Poor innocent Muslims are being blamed for Americas furtive atrocities) 

Wolf disguised as sheep kills the...Read More
Categories: superficiality, allegory, political, power,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Sweet Surrender
Sweet Surrender

Life is transitory impermanent capricious never malignant on its own 
            Just...Read More
Categories: superficiality, life, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Soul's Path
The Soul’s Path

The soul’s path is one . . . 
whose way
is oft
clouded and confounded
by a 
myriad of challenges  
rank superficiality
pervade the
very nature
of mankind’s
mortal coil.

This means . . . 
each of us
should seek a
higher ethereal
understanding of life,
be not afraid
to...Read More
Categories: superficiality, emotions, faith, god, heaven, love, metaphor, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dear Id
Dear Id,

Once again, I find my mind making the same journey into your deepest ocean of questions I can never fathom. So many times I've told myself it's such a complete waste of time to even cast my cares upon...Read More
Categories: superficiality, anxiety, conflict, emotions, psychological,
Form: Free verse

Characterized by routine or superficiality, his mouth was full of draught when he spoke unthinkingly.
Awry was his eyes as he told of events that had transpired.
He laughed aloud with his audience.
This was Friday and...Read More
Categories: superficiality, celebration, character, city, culture, drink, environment,
Form: Ballad
They called her fake. 
But little do they know that 
Life is a masquerade,
Filled with actors
Reading scripts created by corrupted society.
Nothing but fallacies and superficiality contained within each line.
We live to please society,
But we still can't please ourselves.  
We...Read More
Categories: superficiality, discrimination, girl, heart, society,
Form: Free verse

The rhythm of life
The harmony that is
Upset only by human intervention
Destroyed by ego

The greed I see
Creativity masked by superficiality
Artificial appearance
Shallow experience

Existential absurdity
Waiting for something
When there is nothing
The side effect of life is death

This moment is all there is
The eternal moment
No...Read More
Categories: superficiality, conflict, irony,
Form: Free verse
Pride in humanity, is pride in our superficiality
We stand for unity, but lack solidarity 
Represent flexibility, but don’t understand diversity
This new era awaits our complete universality

There is a time for everything
Now we have time for nothing
Not for each other, not...Read More
Categories: superficiality, community, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member An old man s Dream Life Happens
An old man’s Dream

I have this dream – no !, a burning desire
to be with a woman willing to light my fire.
- Not as in the past – placed on a funeral pyre,
there to be left on my own, left...Read More
Categories: superficiality, life, women,
Form: Rhyme
Though I am a blank but still, 
I can smell their shallowness from twill,
How debunked shame and superficiality in them, 
But no cuss, ahem…
Because it ‘be questioned, frowned and fuss,
Hah…so this fallacy of twenty-first,
Disguised under flag of ‘coolness’,
Don’t abuse it...Read More
Categories: superficiality, absence, abuse, faith, people, racism, violence, wisdom,
Form: Sonnet
Dogs Eat Dogs
unlike Reality
humans' Criminality
becoming Calamity
coz of Insanity
dealing with Duality
spread of Venality
infected Animality
vicious Brutality

Dogs are eating Dogs

gone all Fidelity
leading to Debility
in front of Neutrality
dealing in Superficiality
laughing in Hilarity
greed Whimsicality
claiming Ideality
building its Regality
under Illegality
where's the Morality?
you've lost your Originality
isn't this Inanity?
human race Fatality
tell...Read More
Categories: superficiality, abuse, anger, animal, depression, dog, future, poems,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Characteristics
 Characteristics that would best long fit to who I truly am.

Isn't afraid to talk about deeper issues in life
Can detest superficiality
Can reasonate with mentally 

Feels deeply
Can relate to me on more than intellectual level
Class clown is the last person...Read More
Categories: superficiality, christian, devotion, faith, people, spiritual,
Form: List
Premium Member Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts

Why is it ?, you choose to avoid what tomorrow brings.
Can it be  because of your tale ?, - in sorrow, it sings
a melancholy song of past pain, pain you want not again –
in fear of experiencing one...Read More
Categories: superficiality, death,
Form: Rhyme