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Solstice Summer Poems

These Solstice Summer poems are examples of Summer poems about Solstice. These are the best examples of Summer Solstice poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Quiescent
“Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn.” -Elizabeth Lawrence

Still, soft colors
like blushing roses,
dew kissed,...

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Categories: summer, appreciation, autumn, inspiration, peace,

July Will Come Again
He’s left me as Fall fell
He’s taken Spring and Summer 
I'm stuck here in Winter
Arctic wolves hunt my mind 
The dark vices come for me

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Categories: summer, absence, december, longing, seasons,

Premium Member Summer Minstrels and Songsters
Summer Minstrels and Songsters

Summer songsters
Music of the night
Back porch lullabies, serenade

Cicadas buzz
Yawn and stretch in warm sun
Bright eyes see magnolia trees

Fireflies twinkle
Magic song of stars

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Categories: song, sound, summer,

Premium Member Radiant Blistering Summer Heated Waves-
 Climate summer shifts solstice wind burn sees
Time earliest sunrise and sunset breaths 
 Radiant hot temp blistering heats weaves
 Happens longest days the years...

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Categories: summer, analogy, appreciation, august, july,

Premium Member Summer Afternoons
summer afternoons

hot breath of summer
 even the dark shadows sweat ~
  solstice stupor

sweltering doldrums
 heat waves rise on sallow breaths ~
  only the...

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Categories: summer, weather,

Summer Song
Out in the sun's light,
There's no gloom to fight,
I'm haloed by the sun's glory,
I'm poised for the day.

The day harbingers mirth,
A sultry symphony its elements...

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Categories: seasons, song, summer, sunshine,

Premium Member July Treats
 The ocean warms my freshly covered feet
enjoying picnics and barbecues
cutting grass and drinking water
view joy peaceful tasty treats
solstice comes without sound
where peach trees abound

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, july, summer,

Premium Member Solstice Heat
solstice heat

first days of summer
 solstice heat simmers and sweats ~
  cool blue waves hug shores

summer heat rises
 rushes past swirling fog banks ~

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Categories: summer,

Premium Member A Passionate Summer Solstice
Written: June 25, 2023

Beguile me, July sun, with your hot, penetrating glare,
A star of careless seizure, I can't avail but stare.
I lust for your soulmate,...

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Categories: summer, analogy, appreciation, journey, july,

Sitting here on this stoop
My mind is a hollowed husk
My heart a lukewarm soup
Cooling off with the dusk

Petting my old black cat
I watch the rising...

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Categories: cat, june, summer,

First Day of Summer
It’s the first day of summer, 
But feeling like fall,
The chilliest solstice
That I can recall.

Now, I’m not complaining;
I like when it’s cool,
But for June 21st

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Categories: summer, weather,

Premium Member Midwinter Solstice Con
As the Earth’s Southern Pole is pushed farthest 
Away from sun, Winter Solstice arrives.
The sleepy sun's up-time is, the shortest
It's been all this year, shortchanging...

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Categories: earth, spring, summer, sun,

Premium Member Hello Summer
Heaven splayed a sun so unassailable that it scorched the earth. 
Even the creek beds, dried with crackled skin, plead for rain.
Lost are the sounds...

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Categories: summer, earth, fish, seasons, spring,

The Bard Beneath the Tree
Come Friends, from all the quarters come
From mountain and from sea
And harken to the ancient drum
That beats at Avebury
The wren that sings, the bees that...

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Categories: summer, celebration, england, friendship, happiness,

The Daily Star Tuesday Issue
The daily star Tuesday issue...

announces Summer Solstice 2023
regarding ray zing planetary earthlings

Wednesday, June twenty first
at 10:57 Ante Meridian
Eastern standard time
will find Earth's North Pole tilted

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Categories: summer, age, angel, appreciation, beautiful,

Book: Shattered Sighs