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Sulu Poems

Sulu Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sulu poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sulu.

New Poems

The sarong
Those who stir the s... [pot] should be made to lick the spoon.
Holding onto your dreams only ties up your hands to receive something better.
Every bachelor should have an extravagant hobby to simulate marriage.

Stealing from one author is plagiarism –...Read More
Categories: sulu, language,
Form: Acrostic

Premium Member Pop Star Trek
Sulu...Read More
Categories: sulu, people, song, stars, universe,
Form: Footle
My Beloved Sulu Sea
I love the sea,
the sea of my ancestors
the guardians are everyone
not alone the sea gypsies 
with the warriors they protect
they are amphibians
who will fight.

I am sick of the opportunists
loving my sea is not about race
it is about my pride and...Read More
Categories: sulu, adventure, care, emotions, environment, sea, symbolism, travel,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Beam Me Up
 To delta quadrant the Enterprise is assigned
 But captain Kirk has long since resigned
 But he'll let you know
 Cheap places to go
 As he does ads for priceline

 Spock is light years from Mars
 You can see him...Read More
Categories: sulu, people, stars,
Form: Rhyme

    S omewhere in the recent past came a show which brought the future,
    T hough it was a show that would use the future to show us the past.
    A...Read More
Categories: sulu, adventure, fantasy, nostalgia, remember, , memorial,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Paradise - Upon Golden Sands
Picturesque are these islands of Golden Sands

Amidst hues of bonnie blue in the Sulu Sea

Rearing columns of Palms in heavenly reach

Admiration my eyes granted their canopy glee

Distance is no object as we walk their shores

I and my love in splish...Read More
Categories: sulu, beautiful, love, people, places, poets, romantic, sea,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Language of Water: Sulu Sea
she enthralls
caressing shores.
Her warmth blessing our wetted wandering.

Language of Water, sponsored by ~ Nette Onclaud ~
James Andrew Fraser
December 8th, 2015 @ 14.32pm

...Read More
Categories: sulu, beauty, blessing, holiday, i miss you, places,
Form: Tetractys
Started from King Macedon
Dividing and conquering people 
Come Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte
The tactic survived today
They created of nations from the states.

Sulu archipelago has been divided
Nationhood superseded statehood 
The statehood gone forever
The imagined nation comes to emerge
Made the archipelago comes...Read More
Categories: sulu, age, allegory, anger, angst, anxiety, bereavement, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
Kosovo means a ‘field of blackbirds’
From a Serbian place-name
The centre of a medieval Serbian empire
Assembly of Kosovo declared independence
17 February 2008 they win
It doesn't violate the law and not a sin
They are Albanians and Serbs

Sulu archipelago has its own people
With...Read More
Categories: sulu, absence, analogy, anger, angst, art, beauty, blessing,
Form: Free verse
Oh little Hongkong from the Sea
By the breeze of Sulu Sea
The land below the wind they say 
The heritage never fails to enemy.
Oh my playground
I used to roam around
In my little innocent mind
I grew up with pride high

The wind...Read More
Categories: sulu, absence, addiction, adventure, anxiety, art, baby, beach,
Form: Free verse

Trained in Corregidor
gone the Simunul
in the Sulu archipelago
the homeland of the blue
not the land of taboo

From the beauty of woman
and the beautiful island
Jabidah is known one
With ‘Sofia’ it was gone
Justice shall not be gone!

I love you peace. Let's sail together....Read More
Categories: sulu, adventure, anniversary, anxiety, baptism, bereavement, betrayal, boat,
Form: Free verse
My heart goes to them
To our brethren in Kathmandu
God save them
And their country
You are all in our praying time
In the history of Sulu archipelago
And Brunei they are the hero
They are good people and loyal too.

I love you Nepal. Let's sail...Read More
Categories: sulu, allah, angel, beauty, birth, change, character, community,
Form: Free verse
I am aware of children's suffering
They are held with innocence in wars
And became the victims of raging beliefs
Just in the region the are 'illegal immigrants'.

I have heard of people's want
Against racism but they are doing one
Why cannot be staying together...Read More
Categories: sulu, addiction, adventure, appreciation, beach, beauty, blessing, boat,
Form: Free verse
   Star trek
   Space ship
  James Kirk
   His crew
  Spock's from 
  ...Read More
Categories: sulu, space,
Form: Footle
Trained in Corregidor
Gone the Simunul
In the Sulu archipelago
The homeland of the blue
Not the land of taboo

From the beauty of woman
And the beautiful island
Jabidah is known one
With ‘Sofia’ it was gone
Justice shall not be gone!

I love you peace. Let's sail together....Read More
Categories: sulu, abuse, adventure, analogy, art, bereavement, blessing, boat,
Form: Bio
Who died are the Sulus
not the so called Moros
They were the recruits
Were killed when refused

Sabah were to invade
They refused to take orders
Sacrificed not to kill brothers
Jabidah Massacre bolted

Jabidah Peace Garden
the name should be penned
part of the history and genuine
not to...Read More
Categories: sulu, age, angst, appreciation, art, beautiful, betrayal, blue,
Form: Bio
Sandakan bay by the legendary sea
The sea of the living currents
The sailors maritime space
Balhala Island buffed the guns
The guns from the European hands

Elopura set up in its front
Anchored the wooden boat of sailors
By the stars guided them aboard
The sailors are...Read More
Categories: sulu, home, i love you, i miss you,
Form: Bio
Premium Member The Pedicure Virgin
I don't know what came over me that day - an instant of weakness after years of resistance, I suppose.

My beaming spouse leads me, a dog on a short leash, into the forbidden citadel, the sanctum sanctorum of feminine fastidiousness,...Read More
Categories: sulu, humor,
Form: Prose
Just beautiful
Puerto Princesa
My first time
Visit the charm

The breeze of the
Sulu Sea
In the bay walk
touches me

The blue sky
The blue sea
Reflected the beauty
of Palawan

Badjao Inn
Restaurant Hut
PPC, Rizal Avenue
...Read More
Categories: sulu, allah, art, baby, blue, character, devotion,
Form: Ballad
I want to sip my kahawa with peace.
I want to live in a hut overlooking Bud Tumantangis.
I want to sit to write my sentiments on earth.
I need breeze of swinging wind for peace.
I need your help peace.
I am wanting peace.
I...Read More
Categories: sulu, beauty, career, change, childhood, class, color, conflict,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Star Trek Rules
Star Trek Rules!

It was time for: Comic Con! Comic Con! Dragon wanted to come, too!
But then so did everyone else at Troll Lake… Hey, now, wouldn’t you?
We made some really cool costumes… for the costume show, my Dear.
You can guess,...Read More
Categories: sulu, adventure, fantasy, fun, funny, happiness, happy, holiday,
Form: Light Verse
Star Trek and Captain Kirk's Final Frontier
Kirk: ‘Lt. Uhura, come to my quarters at 1800 hours’
Uhura: ‘Yes captain, might I ask what’s up?’
Kirk: ‘Nothing now but something WILL be at 1800 hours’
Bones: ‘Jim, is this a medical issue?’
Kirk: ‘You bet your boner it is, Bones’
Sulu: ‘Captain,...Read More
Categories: sulu, parody, science fiction,
Form: Narrative
Protect them from harm
They are filming coffee farm
In Sulu they are in a pointed gun
A group of men took them to farmland 
To the unknown direction they are gone
In a peaceful release they would come
In a safe homecoming for them
Another...Read More
Categories: sulu, feelings, friendship, home, prayer,
Form: Bio
Today is Tuesday, 19 March, 2013
36th days, after some armed men from Sulu archipelago
spotted in Tandu Wau, Lahad Datu.
This caused the bloodshed between Muslim brethren.
I am still monitoring the sad stories happened to our new recorded history.

If this conflict cannot...Read More
Categories: sulu, adventure, beautiful, beauty, caregiving, child, allah,
Form: Ballad
Oh well I got an angry email to begin my day
Because of my last post on the Jabidah thing yesterday
Galit sa akin but greeted me with Assalamu alaykum.
And kung personal Moro friends ko naman ito 
They know I don't criticize...Read More
Categories: sulu, adventure, art, brother, dedication, me, people, peace,
Form: Narrative