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Sulu, Lock Phasers and Await My Command 1

Captains Log Star date 8391.1,

I now face a terrible dilemma.  After the bloodiest of battles with a crew from 
another dimension, a crew of doppelgangers, in essence a crew of ourselves, we 
have finally gained the upper hand, and this other Enterprise, Enterprise of 
ourselves, Enterprise of unquestioning faith, is tumbling, helplessly through the 
coldness of space.  And I, I remain unsure of my next move.  Do I destroy this other 
Enterprise before it makes me believe in the ideas I hear repeated the most?  If I 
destroy it, what will the consequences be for me and my crew?

(Status Mr. Chekov?)

Captain, her shields are down
With no anti-matter inducer interface
Basically she's a wounded wessel
Just hurling through space


But  her coils are recharging
As is that of her design
You have only a brief window
Before her mains are back on line

Mr. Sulu, arm photon torpedoes
And stay ready with your hand
Lock phasers on target
And then await my next command
                                      (locking phasers)


Captain, the other Enterprise is  hailing
Wishing to express their desire
This faith-based you wants to discuss
The terms of a mutual cease fire


(the faith-based me}

What's the meaning of this attack?
You have taken this too far
And don't you dare forget
I know how blood thirsty you are

(the questioning me)

You represent the old me
The empty parrot of my faith
But so often you gave me comfort
During the loneliest of days

(the faith-based me)

Then we have an understanding
You can see that you need me
I just want.............. to live.....
To love and breath......

Copyright © | Year Posted 2011

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Date: 7/12/2011 11:24:00 AM
I enjoyed reading the words that flowed from your pen onto the paper from which you posted your excellent poetry today David. Thank you for sharing. Love, Carol
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Date: 7/11/2011 11:35:00 PM
wounded wessel ??? love, lmao, This is the coolest thing I have read all night, Straight to my favourites it goes
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