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Suffer Poems

Suffer Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suffer poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suffer.

New Poems

Premium Member This Soup Is Hot
Surfing the web is an imperfect science
          Putting the screws to each steadfast alliance

And while it is far from flawless, too
          This...Read More
Categories: suffer, appreciation, poetry,
Form: Couplet

I am A Boy Living In A Country
I’m a boy living in a country where
We get emotional over every government move
And every government move is chartered over our emotions
Emotions are chastised whether it or let be
One trying to correct the wrong,
But nay, one man ain’t a power...Read More
Categories: suffer, celebration, corruption, dedication, discrimination, family, fantasy, spoken
Form: Free verse
The day my life went dead,
And on the same the day that I was killed,
I tried to rise again,
And my faithful heart with love was filled,
my mind, my soul wouldn’t let me suffer the same pain,
For with sadness I had...Read More
Categories: suffer, emotions, feelings,
Form: Free verse
The White Horse
The dragon blows his fiery breath, his scales red and hot, 
and he flies through the blackened sky.
He’s got seven heads to bring rule to seven devastated lands;
mercy to those who dare keep their heads high. 
The Earth is pitiful—don’t...Read More
Categories: suffer, christian, dark, fantasy, jesus, religious,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Lessons Learned

Africa starving, droughts that go for years
Ask yourself who amongst you really cares

Who; really took it all on board, their strife
Life was cheap to every child that lost a life

The clocks will turn; it is us next on...Read More
Categories: suffer, appreciation, earth, eulogy, mother, visionary, words,
Form: Couplet

People break hearts with the sweetest smile
They make you walk on thorns for miles
Their words kill you every second you know
But you won't have have any tears to show

The world tears you apart it sinks your heart
Feels like your life...Read More
Categories: suffer, betrayal,
Form: ABC
Inferno hatred
Inferno hatred
By: Christopher Nickles
As the night gets late
Everything fills with hate
Aware of all the stakes
I will do all it takes
Youll see the depths of my hatred
To release all which I created
Come and ride, got room for all
Be cautious, wont stop...Read More
Categories: suffer, anger, evil, hate,
Form: Rhyme
Inner Peace and Growing Thinner
Inner Peace and Growing Thinner

Were seeking peace  which was inner,
When we did started growing thinner;
Things are tougher;
From virus suffer;
While I seemed to be a stoic sinner. 

Jim Horn...Read More
Categories: suffer, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
How Many Dreams Stolen
How many lives must be taken?
How much blood will be split?
How many tombstones must be ordered?
How many souls will be taken from us?

Each day the numbers rises
As the number of cases
From the across the globe
Rack up in piles of corpses
To...Read More
Categories: suffer, anger, dream, poetry, political, sad,
Form: Free verse
Are we your enemy?

We humans
From the inception of earth
We keep the foot on the ground
We en-crouched your structure
That was our obligation for our selfishness 
Due to this might be 
You are definitely upset with us!

We are worshipers
According to our beliefs
God,...Read More
Categories: suffer, nature,
Form: Narrative

Mother is My First WORLD Best poem about Mother
 Mother is My first World
Philosophy of Mother

Mother is a Nurture 
Nuture of Father
Nature of Brother

Mother is a Creator
Creator of our
Creator of Suffer

Mother is a Minister
Minister of Progenitor
Minister of Look after

Mother is a Mater
Mater of predecessor
Mater of Foster

Mother is a...Read More
Categories: suffer, mother son,
Form: Free verse
Because of Corona
The germs bloom in a Chinese market
it has now spread to the entire world
viciously searching for its victims
every moment at all times
from churches to all buildings
attacking whichever it pleases
regardless of skin or religion
it infects anyone all the same
because of Corona...Read More
Categories: suffer, sad, social,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member HOLD ON

Hold on my brothers 

throw away your fears

tomorrow's laughter 

would replace your tears!* 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      24 March 2020

* Dedicated to all people around the world who
suffer from or face the prospect of coronavirus. 
God...Read More
Categories: suffer, fear, hope, joy,
Form: Quatrain
The crows are singing their haunting melodies , death is in the air .
People walk aimlessly , cops driving by the sirens blare. Covid-19 the sinners dream but the innocents nightmare.
The cases are rising that's all we hear , everyones...Read More
Categories: suffer, death, humanity, sick, society, world,
Form: I do not know?
The Elegant Judge's Credo
I mustn't forget those years, when I wasn't always sure if I would eat, those years during which I labored in that awful workshop, breathing a stale air, never seeing the sun's light, overwhelmed by the printers noise, I mustn't...Read More
Categories: suffer, philosophy,
Form: Prose
They Don't Give A Toss
The most selfish will say others act for attention, 
it’s the easiest way to dismiss a situation, 
they don’t believe others suffer 
and also believe themselves tougher 
their inward claiming outward 
not dependable and a coward 
self important asking favours...Read More
Categories: suffer, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
The marks of strange humans
Are not far any more 
Their writing are obvious
Our life is the debt 
We own 
Despite yet we don't know

The atrocities of strange humans
Destroys the world 
Same world they share 
With us 
Is never enough for...Read More
Categories: suffer, africa, deep, humanity, political, tribute,
Form: Epic
I....I, I
Limp over the pins 
of misfortune
I....I, I
Crawl over the razors 
of losing
I....I, I
Stumble through the mazes
of reason
And I suffer through the reasons
I’m using

I....I, I
Trip through the forest of 
my calling
I....I, I
Slide down the hillside of 
even trying
I....I, I
Wander through...Read More
Categories: suffer, addiction, depression,
Form: Rhyme
My Journey to Invisibility
I mark the days I failed to starve up on my wrist in tallies.
 It's gotten to the point where I have almost ran out of room to count the times I’ve inflicted pain to punish myself for being human.
...Read More
Categories: suffer, body, depression, image, journey, mental illness, pain,
Form: Free verse
Against All Odds
The only affliction I suffer from is poverty. It is not a contagious condition although it is sometimes reviled and vilified by some whilst avoided by others. There are those whom we turn to out of disparity or need and...Read More
Categories: suffer, abuse, analogy, poverty,
Form: Free verse
Little Corona
Little Corona
declared one day
"I will be the strongest,
most powerful I say !"

"I shall conquer the world,
and establish my reign.
The world in my hands,
never free again !"

"The fittest shall survive,
as Darwin said.
And all the weaklings,
will sadly be dead"

"Ridden with fever,
cough and...Read More
Categories: suffer, dark, death, evil, fear, humanity, imagination,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Gay, Pride Before Destruction
Gay, Pride Before Destruction

Need Saxon savages in a Godless world?
The pagans pervert God's Word, to right their sin.
Their judgment is their proud vanity un-furled?
Their colors diverge from white; see out, not in?

Church leaders whoring God's Word to fill their pews!
Their...Read More
Categories: suffer, anger, anti bullying, evil, faith, gospel, pride,
Form: Lanterne
Corona Freak
Corona Freaks
lonesome match crusade with a new found task
penetrate with a plentiful desire a gun for hire
Swedish mini worms have lit the fire;
blanket me through the trees
a guitar smoked tom hanks with wife to the left...

light above light never give...Read More
Categories: suffer, anxiety, art,
Form: Free verse
Seeing all the beauties of the world
Seeing all beauties of the world
Before they get tainted 

Wondering around like a bird
Exploring things__ nobody has seen before 

Paintings the world around,
With your own brush,
Molding it like an artist 

Learning new things like a little child
Curious enough to reach...Read More
Categories: suffer, beautiful, imagination, love, magic, myth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Coronavirus
You rushed in, a cold dark secret to all
To cover impending doom's quiet voice
And moved like a shadow upon a wall 
With the sweat of death your weapon of choice
The woeful sickness to suffer you bring
To the elderly victim's door,...Read More
Categories: suffer, anxiety, fear, society,
Form: Sonnet