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Faith Spiritual Poems

These Faith Spiritual poems are examples of Spiritual poems about Faith. These are the best examples of Spiritual Faith poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Sensing Immortals
Etheric gauze brushes the skin
and I know I am not alone.
Spirits abound, tunneling through 
the quantum veil, to visit me
on stormy nights.

Scent of perfume,
wafting into...

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Categories: spiritual, angel, faith, philosophy, poems,

Premium Member SPACE AM I
I am s p a c e …
… and I owe indeed my existence from God 
The Author of my breadth, depth, and height ---


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Categories: spiritual, appreciation, christian, environment, faith,

Rendering "God of Miracles" hymn
my heart throbbed fast against nervousness angst
while tears welled for blessed blissful thanksgiving* praise.

*Psalm 69:30 I will praise the name of...

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Categories: spiritual, blessing, christian, faith, god,

Premium Member DILEMMA
gripped by two options
mind likes A, while heart loves B…
midst doubt, faith* grabs best 

*Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,...

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Categories: spiritual, christian, confusion, emotions, faith,

Detaching myself from past experiences' dilemma
determined heart of mine denounces deceit-dominance
dauntless to soar despite distractions…     

Devastated by dear Mom’s demise
distressed due...

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Categories: spiritual, christian, devotion, faith, god,

Emotional Con Men
Emotional Con Men 

A prove is all we need and please,

Do not preach that which you cannot be, if you cannot be that which you...

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Categories: spiritual, africa, atheist, conflict, confusion,

Premium Member The pathless path
“Like the silence that screams, cursing solitude
Whispers of faith sing patiently with our prayers”
Oh hermit! Stand firm, in stoic fortitude

As the throb of bliss within...

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Categories: spiritual,

Lord, lead us victoriously* this 2021 with Your salvation
Having Your gift of eternal life possession…
Help us grow as Your children unto perfection
Through Your sanctification with...

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Categories: spiritual, bible, blessing, christian, faith,

Godhead* Trinity 
Father Almighty
Lord Jesus Christ Messiah Saviour Redeemer
Holy Spirit Teacher Counsellor Helper Guide
indeed omnipotent
righteously perfect
…l o v i n g me…

Redemption fulfilled
Father masterminded
Incarnated Son...

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Categories: spiritual, bible, christian, faith, god,

Premium Member Spirit Dance
My imagination never takes me farther
Than the confines of my own space
Where colors in hues of azure and scarlet
Wrap around the promises of truth
That inspire...

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Categories: spiritual, space,

My spiritual journey- there is something beyond
There is something beyond everything we can see!
This I realised when I embarked on a spiritual journey

Apprehensive, I followed my friend  inside
She asked me...

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Categories: spiritual,

Detachment in Attachment
My mind fluttered its wings for its journey
towards spirituality at my adolescence, 
as childhood was just study and play
while daily morning prayers a dull ritual.


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Categories: spiritual,

Premium Member My Spiritual Journey

Immersed in doctrine from the very start 
I never stood a chance to realize 
that souls offtimes begin with works of art ...

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Categories: spiritual, faith, journey,

Say It's So
I may
show kindness
in myriad ways,
love in many more
but how do I show
hope and faith
to those whose lonely lives are tattered and torn
as I sit
in mind...

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Categories: spiritual, faith, god, hope, love,

Premium Member SPIRITUAL JOURNEY the focus
the first resurrection- millennium& rewarded to reign with Jesus - at judgement day-to rest with Him eternally...

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Categories: spiritual, christian, faith, future,