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Write Social Poems

These Write Social poems are examples of Social poems about Write. These are the best examples of Social Write poems written by international poets.

The Letter
The Letter

I sent a letter to 
Lady Karma 
And that Blind  
Lady Justice . . . 

Hopefully they 
Will wake the "F" up 

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Categories: social, analogy, introspection, judgement, meaningful,

Premium Member Most Famous Prophetess In England
Year 1488
Daring to hide it in verses and score,
Mother Shipton predicted her scrolls would not be understood until years after her body’s release.
Read aloud by...

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Categories: social, inspiration, london, mystery, perspective,

The Social Media Generation
The social media generation that lives in cyber space,
so needy for notifications so they don't feel misplaced,
make up a world of brave faces sitting behind...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, internet, slam,

Write as Rain
Nature, Nurture all sounds bliss
Disregard, Degrade, noisy people piss
The smell, the patter, just after a rain
The swell, its matters, that cleanses the pain,
It corruptly endures...

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Categories: social, future, imagery, inspirational, philosophy,

Premium Member The artist
Told to invent, told to create, 
Told to conceptually begin,
To touch all our souls from deep in our heart, 
Told to express from within,

And dance...

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Categories: art, poets, social, society,

Social Media

Social Media

{About a character of using technology in today's society}

As I see the glimmer of reflection
The purism becomes aware of detection
As we use social media...

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Categories: social, analogy, computer, humorous, repetition,

Touch Screen
We used to click without clicks
We embraced and bumped fists
We killed time on the side walk
We saw each other just to talk 

We used to...

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Categories: social, addiction, computer, internet, lost,

From God
Religious law is making mankind 
crazy. It makes the human brain 
softly hazy. Billions of people believe 
in this or that, not knowing which 

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© E Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social,

The lane
That time is gone, when sorrows of others seems like ours.. problems of others ,left us scars..........But the scenario has changed when I woke, now...

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Categories: social, city, emotions, feelings, humanity,

Red Lights
Where did I leave that serenity behind, that made me smile?
Now these red lights choke, the blood's dried, human venom reigns,
I cant dream in this...

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Categories: social, child abuse, dark, daughter,

Premium Member Show Me Television, Free Verse
The era of catatonic self-destruction has risen yet again from boulder-blocked caves,
Whose cavernous stalactite incisors drip with the blood of thorny crowns,
Worn in punitive irony...

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Categories: addiction, social, society,

Social Media
Theres a place called Facebook
   out in cyber space
Where you must have really thick skin
   but you need no face

People take...

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Categories: social, conflict, confusion, environment, how


Once God confused the languages, humanity processed out to form religion.
Yet, creation had given us our own separate places

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Categories: social, bible, change, community, creation,

The greatest conquers 
Second place remains jealous 
Irrelevant third...

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Categories: social, celebration, cheer up, feelings,

Do you mean it
Walking down the street 
You held my hand
Little trembling me
So afraid of the world 

I remember when it was cold
Like a negative 32 degrees or...

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Categories: social, appreciation, art, dad, father,

Apparently My Poetry Is A Pile of Bourgeois Crap
With a mag called POETRY, I spent time
Hoping to find verses sublime and sage
And for all I read, not two words that rhymed
Just chopped up...

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Categories: social, class, culture, judgement, poetry,

I didn’t miss the snub
Your fancy social club
Will just not be requesting my application.
But joy, as it turns out, 
There is no shred of doubt

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Categories: growing up, me, social,

Premium Member Party Invite into Your Place
and hopefully last,
organizational meeting of the Polycultural Party
in our conjoined Meeting Room,
between your bicameral eyes.

If you
work or live in a cooperative,
would like to live or...

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Categories: social, adventure, analogy, beauty, earth,

I remember when conversations happened face to face
I look around witnessing what has become n untouched disgrace
Person after person nose first into a device that's...

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© SEAN TROTT  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, america, analogy, technology,

Writing anonymously
That frankness is rare,
It goes away with a name.
I wish to write as a soul,
And not a body with the worldly load.

The energy inside me...

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Categories: dream, emotions, social, society,