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Dark Social Poems

These Dark Social poems are examples of Social poems about Dark. These are the best examples of Social Dark poems written by international poets.

Some act as though a person completely loses their humanity after they let you  stick your  in them, what a deranged way to...

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Categories: social, deep, for her, lust,

Dark Blue
Lonely and hating what her friend has become.
Seems like no more friendship to believe in,
Art the only place to breathe in.

Meeting new people who are...

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Categories: christian, social,

Sinister Side Of Social Media Platforms
Though discriminatory asper discerning
legitimate information TIME
Magazine considered
a reliable trustworthy,
and valuable source to this rhyme
stir, who perused cover story, sans

January 28th, 2019 issue as prime
material to...

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Categories: social, abuse, betrayal, confusion, dark,

Yeah i'm graphic, they call me novel , deep waters run still but they don't wanna read my pages, a book judged by its cover,looking...

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Categories: social, culture, loneliness, longing, rude,

Social Security Electronic Deposit
Social Security Electronic Deposit ruff lee = A Dog Send!

Node out if Trump
     pad hiz way...
this scrivener would

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Categories: social, angst, atheist, care, dark,

not a poem
This is not a poem.
I don't even know
Why I'm writing this.
My poem "Chatter Shatter"
Just suddenly disappeared.
It goes like this,
"In small towns, there are big gossips

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Categories: social, horror, identity, mystery, natural

Like the sun, Like the sky
Eyes as blue as the cloudless sky,
Hair as dark as a starless night,
Jaw as sharp as a shining blade,
And face as smooth as the wet...

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Categories: social, boy, feelings, life, sad,

Zero Percent Contained
The pain is going to remain unchanged
Nothing is going to be the same
It doesn't matter if you have fortune or fame

Unable to turn back time

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Categories: social, anxiety, appreciation, beautiful, confidence,

The Paradox of a social loner
He sits alone, dreaming of the masses who support his social addiction. If there are any.
  Spending hours rehearsing his entrance walk and antectdotes he...

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Categories: social, anger, dark, deep, lonely,

A dark reflection
A Dark Reflection 

We are all hunters masked by Usernames and Handles
We capture the moments that eventually become rambles,
In our history of past and prehistoric...

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Categories: social, corruption, internet, technology, youth,

Freeman Cave
I cherish my freedom
Hard earned though it was
Through the abolitionist railway
And those who supported the cause

An African slave,
though free upon birth
I was sold as a...

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Categories: social, africa, america, freedom, prison,

Premium Member Hidden in Plain View
It’s a place for affairs,
A gathering place
That for centuries has graced town squares.

The Market—it’s social,
Brimming with culture
In cities or towns, on mountains or coastal.

There—barter's real,

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Categories: culture, missing, social, society,


There are people who believe others should not have as much as they.
Regrettably, they are many of the same people who...

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Categories: change, patriotic, social,

Premium Member Thanks to FaceBook
Marigold Oger grew up without a mama, this pretty girl with eyes of greenish blue.
Because her mama died unexpectedly in the middle of a dark...

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Categories: social, for her, friend, friendship,

Just Another Day in a Genocide
Dark gray metal and bullet holes
and you can’t walk on the streets,
the wailing and moaning
and the mothers cries,
the soldiers laughter as they smoke another cigarette.

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Categories: social, discrimination, hate, prejudice, racism,

Moral McCoy, Part I
In a small town in Nevada
lived a man named Joe McCoy,
he never touched a bottle,
never bothered or annoyed.

He was a dark-haired bean-pole,
rarely even shot the...

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Categories: social, adventure, change, character, evil,

Seeing Less and Less

More Les C. Moore musing ...

Les C. Moore is back people,
and he’s mad as can be
A shakedown is going on,
and he don’t like what he...

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Categories: humor, satire, social, truth,

Red Lights
Where did I leave that serenity behind, that made me smile?
Now these red lights choke, the blood's dried, human venom reigns,
I cant dream in this...

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Categories: social, child abuse, dark, daughter,

Premium Member Once, when I was beautiful
Once, when I was beautiful, 
I was stunning, perfect to behold,
When I was beautiful, inside I was dead, 
I was numb, barren, cold,

Unable to feel...

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Categories: social, judgement, lost love, self,

The Sound of Being Told Goodbye
Goodbye leaves an emptiness inside
it feels like an ache so hard to describe
only by experiencing it can one know
the lostness and loneliness to ascribe

Thinking of...

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Categories: life, social, sound,