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Business Social Poems

These Business Social poems are examples of Social poems about Business. These are the best examples of Social Business poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Earth Restoration Game
When we encounter problems
in daily relationships,
as all species and individuals do,
from healthy time to wealthy RightBrain systemic rhyme,
practicing nutritional v toxic awareness
facilitates RealTime health preparedness

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Categories: social, games, health, integrity, political,

Sinister Side Of Social Media Platforms
Though discriminatory asper discerning
legitimate information TIME
Magazine considered
a reliable trustworthy,
and valuable source to this rhyme
stir, who perused cover story, sans

January 28th, 2019 issue as prime
material to...

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Categories: social, abuse, betrayal, confusion, dark,

candidate -calon-

that's my wife's business,
he will make it for you, not tomato sauce but grated coconut sauce which is fried without oil wrapped in banana leaves...

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Categories: social, art, conflict, culture, food,

protest or riot
Ok, I didn't want to do this
but there's rules that you must know
Etiquette to be followed
A line that you must toe

Listen very closely now
I think...

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Categories: social, society,

Social Media Relationship
Nowadays people have social media relationships 
Where when a girl receives a gift
She automatically has to post it
It's like we feel better knowing other people...

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Categories: social, deep, friendship love, relationship,

Soundtrack to the struggle
This is the soundtrack to the struggle
I hit the ground flat when I stumbled
But found a way to bounce back from my troubles
This is the...

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© Alex Duffy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: deep, depression, social, society,

Public Reflections

     A fly lands on the roof.
     A crow perched on the lawn.

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Categories: social, abuse, allusion, community, rain,

Premium Member A Social Complex
What is social complexity?
asks and answers  Robert Wright
which also reads just as right as
What is regenerative density?
to me
and perhaps to Bucky Fuller,
and then again...

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Categories: social, culture, earth, environment, happiness,

Premium Member Social NonPlayers
To parents and other regenerative social workers,
including those in significant co-responsible relationships
plagued by poverty and/or neglect.

We could invest less time and resources trying to discover

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Categories: social, culture, earth, language, poverty,

The truth is that we are the people of North America mixed by the blood that existed via the birth of a nation.  We...

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Categories: social, bible, birth, business, culture,


By Street Cries

Its spring but I still feel a cold breez 
Phone in my hand feeling close to freez 
Buses passing by people walking afaid...

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Categories: social, addiction, caregiving, culture, depression,

Premium Member The Dating Game
If you like adventure you will like,
But many of them you won’t want to take home to meet your Mom.
Each guy you see is...

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Categories: social, boyfriend, computer, funny, humorous,

Premium Member Bureaucracy
Bundle of rules elongating the short distance between a problem and its solution
Unnecessary layers compulsorily placed on a mounted ladder with very few steps
Road expectedly...

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Categories: angst, business, career, social,

Faded Away Through the Years
Once, I was buried by those strangers in a wilderness of nothingness.
I was humiliated in his hands and robbed my freedom in my own land.

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Categories: social, business, corruption, memory, patriotic,

Premium Member Jesus Came Riding On A Donkey
Donkey’s in the land of Israel in the 1st century, 
Were used to carry goods about the country, 
But could also carry women, children and...

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Categories: social, animal, business, christian, easter,

Premium Member They Can Have Their Beliefs
They are welcome to their beliefs, 
I can see through their hat, 
That camaraderie of brothers, 
Upholding the ancient bat. 

But when they start to...

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Categories: social, anti bullying, betrayal, character,

that hair
Those magazine covers,
All over your walls…
Do not matter-- Mr. Trump-
You are greedy corporate master.
We don’t need a one man show-entertainer.

In some other lifetime, perchance--
You were...

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© fonda anne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, business, celebrity, history, judgement,

A Can Of Coffee
A Can Of Coffee
By Curtis Johnson

I do not remember telling him how his kindness to me made a major impression on my life, but I...

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Categories: social, blessing, care, christian, feelings,

Premium Member Mingle
Mixture between opposite groups
Interests and goals realized and shared
New acquaintances gained and enjoyed
Groups and organizations, males and females
Loose minds emerge, ready to interact, to
Either establish...

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Categories: community, relationship, social, society,

social media
Revealing my nakedness
Showing everyone my business
Somehow I'm still faceless
Like a book with blank pages
Might as well be talking from my anus
Hey miss!
I think you dropped...

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Categories: social, art, me, society,