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Slavery Poems

Slavery Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about slavery. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for slavery.

New Poems

Sugar and candy
S is for Sugar, once a sweet medicine (it still is, in places)
U do know it was medicine in India in the tenth century -
G God knows why it is so addictive these days (money?)
(As is tobacco, another medicine from...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, addiction, america, betrayal, cancer, slavery,
Form: Acrostic

The Debate
I saw one of my many brothers, and we had a heated debate.
I'm very passionate in my beliefs, I hope I didn't cause more hate.
We were talking about slavery in Africa, and how it's still going on there today.
He said...Read More
Categories: slavery, hate,
Form: Rhyme
Health Update
If doctors emphasize managing disease but not reducing their presence and  incidence (eg. cancers), then medicine is similar to managing excrement: keep it out of sight, but NOT reduce it. Remember, there is always a good Dr. Crap, too...Read More
Categories: career, community, education, health, inspirational, psychological, slavery,
Form: Prose
Premium Member CoCo
Big flashy lies protrude all about
Promotion of happiness casting
Linger awhile and soon without doubt
See corporate deceit everlasting...Read More
Categories: angst, confusion, nonsense, slavery, world,
Form: Rhyme
We could
Banks could startup environment 
improvement clubs 
where people invest together
using the joint power of an investment

Governments could put forward
environmental improvement ideas
so the banks new where to direct
group investment saving

people with ideas could put them forward 
to Government agency's 
where experts...Read More
Categories: slavery, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative

Filth in Purity, Purity in Filth
I can't live without this
I have found life in death
Healing through sickness
Creation through destruction
Light in darkness
I can't live without this

That which holds me down gives me flight
That which enslaves me, frees me
That which sickens me, heals me
I've found purity in...Read More
Categories: angst, depression, hate, sick, sin, slavery, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Onesimus And Philemon
A former slave, Onesimus meets Paul
Through him, meets Jesus and is born anew.
By Christ, his sins forgiven one and all,
Soon understands what God calls him to do.
Philemon was his former master – spurned
By this Onesimus who ran away.
Now shocked to...Read More
Categories: bible, freedom, slavery,
Form: Sonnet
World Leaders Respect
The world needs leaders, that it can respect,
lying to people builds distrust,
granted people can and do make up false beliefs,
conspiracy theories, 

The Russian people turned against the Czar
because they believed, that Rasputin
was telling the Czarette and the Czar 
how to...Read More
Categories: slavery, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
Great Escape

Growing up, I was always motivated to make a better life for myself, and

Regardless of the cost, I was determined to make life better for my family

Economic depression were words that enchained everyone dear to me, and

After completing High School...Read More
Categories: slavery, america, childhood, poverty,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member New Babylon
It’s coming can’t you feel it
Something, absolutely wrong
They’re preaching greed and hatred
In the lyrics to their song
The precipice we’re perched upon
Hums! like a ticking bomb
As they herald their New Order
Their Future Babylon

Iniquity in every song
They share the Devils creed
The Puppets...Read More
Categories: bible, corruption, evil, holocaust, slavery,
Form: Rhyme
Next level
Look amidst the glorious tray
To see the terrain our act has played
Whether for the love or fun of it
The future will tell of what is done

My heart pants 
For that which my eyes do see
Even less than that which is...Read More
Categories: slavery, africa, anti bullying, conflict, depression, heartbroken, integrity,
Form: ABC
Music at 1000 to 3000mhz
Update on Alternative to radiation and chemotherapy:

Way back in 2013, Anthony Hudson - no doctor but a scientist and musician - experimented with sound-therapy of a different order.

His results in busting up plasma cells and "cancer" cells were phenomenal, according...Read More
Categories: cancer, fear, gospel, health, music, senses, slavery,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Not Happy in Your Work
If you're not happy in your work
to thy own self be true.
Please find what works for you,
that job that makes you happy.
Being gainfully employed means
you, are making money.
Happy in your work,
having a satisfying career.
There are some people
so happy in their...Read More
Categories: slavery, confidence, dedication, encouraging, freedom, motivation, moving on,
Form: Free verse
We Are Free
Our ancestors opened up the world for us
They freed us from physical slavery
Some died fighting
Some still living
And some lived to be old
Then died from old age and natural causes
So why are we still living with the slave mentality
Why are we...Read More
Categories: slavery, freedom,
Form: Free verse
It burns deep on the inside,
this fire has engulfed my heart
Downtrodden beat  beat   beat
of oppression
Feeds the flame 
of my 
righteous indignation

A hot ire,
whose flames
keep ascending higher
and higher

Toxic by-products of hate
brings me so much ash disgust:

Refugee rejection ...
Nuclear...Read More
Categories: slavery, anger, emotions, self, spiritual,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
by Michael R. Burch
after William Blake

Many a sun
and many a moon
I walked the earth
and whistled a tune.
I did not whistle
as I worked:
the whistle was my work.
I shirked
nothing I saw
and made a rhyme
to children at play
and hard time.
...Read More
Categories: slavery, romantic, song, symbolism, uplifting, visionary, words, writing,
Form: Verse
The people 
thousand angels came from beneath 
they attacked our axis 
by unpleading our culture 
making our way back windy 
delivering a platform of invasion for others 
tactically they prove unknown to us 
leaving us to thrive on the undefined 
the route of confusion the made on our...Read More
Categories: slavery, abuse, africa, betrayal, freedom,
Form: Free verse
moon spider
you are so self-centric
full of yourself
like we should worship you
we don't matter to you
only your wishes and aims
nothing more or less
you sell us like slaves
make a fortune off our backs
not caring if we love or hate you
you're oblivious to us
your...Read More
Categories: abuse, angst, anti bullying, change, discrimination, slavery,
Form: Free verse
Black Friday
Black, black
Born black
Head to toe black
Back black, side black, cock black
Every inch black

Midnight without a star,

Black Friday, black Saturday, every day black male

Black out from home
Black in the pen
Ba, ba, black sheep off the streets

Whack, whack stocked against black Jack

Black...Read More
Categories: slavery, abuse, africa, america, betrayal, feelings, sorrow, word
Form: Free verse
A tribute to Gauri Lankesh
Her woes weren't on her life in siege 
But the forerunner of fate's besiege 
Her guts sensed an unknown chill
As faceless men stalked her in dark.

Speaking truth, half of men turn foes
Other half silent in fright of a regime,
A force...Read More
Categories: slavery, courage, death, heartbreak, hero,
Form: Ode
The Shame of America
The Shame of America is 
so many Americans gave 
their lives because  the Rich
wanted to own Human Beings...Read More
Categories: slavery, africa, black african american, children, jesus, racism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member 1733 INSURRECTION ON- St John

Lament Danish West Indies
Bring yon, those terrible humans
Who’s to say that there’re of humanity?
Amidst this day of 1733

Akwamu islands
Home of no proper human
Run darken skin one

Revolting as it may
Ghana Danish West Indies
Capture, imprison and enslave, them
Place...Read More
Categories: adventure, community, discrimination, irony, slavery,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Contemplating Harriet's Winter Run

Rainbow leaves have begun
Their carpeting of the earth’s floor
Leaving weird-looking naked branches;
Their abandon nests no longer with tenants.

As their waters approach crystallization,
Pond populations are on the decline
And what use to be thick blinding forests
Now yield visibility to once hidden curiosities.

No...Read More
Categories: allegory, black african american, courage, imagery, slavery,
Form: Prose Poetry

It's not really real
It's not even fantasy
More of a circus
Full of conjurers tricks
Slip of the hand
Slight of the wrist
Clowns in expensive suits
Ring master, right wing master
Corporate fool
Is a capitalist tool


It's not really real
And it aint even fantasy
False reality in a...Read More
Categories: slavery, corruption, leadership, magic, political,
Form: Rhyme
Go on you poet
Go on you poets
who know the heart than brain
go and tell them in humble words.

go on you poets
who know values than cost
go tell them what counts more.

go on you poets
who know beauty and behold that well
go tell them where beauty...Read More
Categories: slavery, beautiful, poets,
Form: Rhyme