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Short Vogon Poems

Short Vogon Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Vogon poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Vogon poetry form by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member NEWS FLASH

get a load of this
utah backward is a sneeze
forgive me utes, please

Dave Austin

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Categories: humor,
Form: Vogon

Premium Member Vogon Love
sniggle snarp to the i flee
frumple fram to me and ye

hearts a croom and eyes a breen
word from mouthy to me queen...

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Categories: i love you, love,
Form: Vogon

I love myself, 
I know myself, 
I acknowledge myself, 
I accept myself, 
I am myself. 

Myself, myself, myself.
I do love you : myself.
Always always myself....

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Categories: animal, appreciation, blessing, character, confidence, courage, wisdom,
Form: Vogon


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Categories: africa,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member The Expected zzir

I wurzir gldzid thy diiz xanddk zzir so that ccmdgirz has enough passgl reach kklezxxxs before zzir dwaga keep yuwapn zedcordk accurately qfelpnd before signing. Remember zplwifl. 2z2z2z2z2z J 2999z

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Categories: anxiety,
Form: Vogon

Premium Member Eckily 'neath priggledydtes
          'Vogon Poetry'

Of flick-stigger menchiklauts
  Flump burpurates to wryte
They dipjoculate eckily 'neath
  Renticularous priggledydtes

Though swardfusses they vvvring
  Leckchaculitical madartis nnnying!...

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Categories: dark, language, nonsense,
Form: Vogon
Vogon poem
Vogon Love Poem attempt NO. 1

I lay here alpaisd
my ugataala resting on your terangela
held captive
by your radiant pherisloosums
listening to you kyrroud rhythmical snrootum
dmyeluc of loocatagle
if only I had some of the blankets

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Categories: love,
Form: Vogon
Christmas day on planet E
each pine tree
deliciously planted

the sky is tinsillated, stars replaced by screwy bulbs

and to top it all off – mind you, like a cherry on top

a fat man in a red suit is flying through outer space

a  U N I V E R S A L  catastrophe 


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Categories: humor,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member for the world
I wrote alit from the mine
the turkey not a mind
of digging the best out of a hole
to get the liver the heart and the neck
and stuffing you must be out of your mind
thank you did it all thank you my last word
a tralala give me a party only me invited
at your no sense know a full moon...

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Categories: butterfly, cry,
Form: Vogon
48 Awesome street
1,2,3, My name is Mr.G

Would you like my awesome Tea 

Please no Mr.G it smells like pee pee 

And makes me feel silly 

Don’t worry that’s the point 

Now drink it or else. 

Please Mr.G I have a family 

Don’t worry I’m your moms friend from work 

She told me to give this to you 


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Categories: 10th grade, africa, arabic, autumn, baptism, betrayal,
Form: Vogon
Grunttenly I fretted the krakening; Asthe ship dawns the horizon; Burtworthy emplosions grafting; Microrations gobblestone variants; Up holding yon populats; Ole!! thy fellows freddled Vogonian; Banquish thessalonian squall;
4/20/19 written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©...

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Categories: adventure, character, imagery, symbolism,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Revealed
I will not play this for the rest of my days
Their is nothing to gain
All done in vain
You got what you came for
I know who you are
The victory is yours 
We will live with our scar
We will pass through this darkness into the light
and leave you behind...Hopefully......You will do what is right......


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Categories: betrayal, fantasy, freedom,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member WORST DAY
third worst in the universe
spinning out of control
out of control




really bad…i know

Earth date:  12/13/2016

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Categories: earth, planet,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Quite So, My Dear
Ufflevarfle hoofelqu?
I don't really think so, do you?
Varklegnrkle onkynrer?
Yes, certainly, my dear,
Now don't you worry, pet,
I won't allow you to forget,
Just you leave everything to me,
it will all be fine, you'll see.
Fnilliw fnolliw cwgttwl grte!
Yes, precious, that's quite all right.

4 - 3 - 20 - "Inky Dinky" - C. Krutsinger....

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: devotion, encouraging, fantasy, nonsense,
Form: Vogon
what thorns have
what thorns have how many have all have drip drip drip how many drops clubbed from your head down dripping your brow how heavy was the cross you bore how bloody was your back answer me with silence i see through hiding eyes what eyes havent hidden what mind other than mine search me find me worst cutting scorn what thorns have ?

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Categories: art,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Be warned, winkydinks
The winkydinks and pinkylinks I see at your fine rabables
  are contrackasacking me every jaybi, in Aesop's gurnablestainules

But since I'm quite persprengalong, and growing ever neurengabonger
  I wouldn't wristlefarshissel with me at all, my alkaboominsonger

So, to perkaplude this corridle-iddle warning
  Please corrackafacka couple pills, and rubacozinajel me in the morning...

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Categories: nonsense, word play,
Form: Vogon
Volicious vress visitations ver virtuous Virgo visits ver veux venomous visitation velocity voice vorest vert volatile velocities vert Vivid ver variations velocity vorgan voices vair vair veather ver ver violation validity Vesper vipir vrroom
Validation Vesper validity verb vloom vision voice via visitation ver.......

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr  2020...

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Categories: engagement, proposal, space, spoken word,
Form: Vogon
Kreereb, Kerrr, fredden gruntenly Micro-grapple blurriae engaged blugents This world been Vogonized As implore those subsitfews WHILE THOSE spirilintayional debris Collectivism fondling the beworly Gravitational spurts of galaxtic vrooms Kreereb, Kerrr, fredden gruntenly Vanish Vogonians leave this world Those words you speak we don't want to hear
4/14/19 ...

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Categories: analogy, imagery, science fiction,
Form: Vogon
Is the Church Moving
He has been born with the power to control
He sees the things around him are in a row
He observes what those things are meticulously
He thinks of best ways to make use of them technically
He devises various means to reach the aim
He makes mistakes to bring the tame
He gets what he desires
He puts to practice getting the things he admires
He gets the catch:
‘i’m in charge’
He has really come of age
He is the man image

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Categories: devotion, faith,
Form: Vogon
Sophie's Sofa
An elusive pedestal amidst the lights darkens the lounge
And many drink with a glittering eye of scorn
And the snickers only make the room spin faster
And indifferent fingers fashion you forlorn
But you can't help but notice that strange caster

There upon the sofa
That impossible being feeding off her little bird
Flings a silhouette in the brittle blight 
Every sickness is now blurred
It looks upon you before taking flight...

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© Sam Blake  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: addiction, bird, child, confusion, dream, nice, passion,
Form: Vogon
Ode 32 111 102 32 97 32 98 97 108 108 32 111 102 32 115 110 111 116
See, see the splurptious sky
Marvel at its big Mauve depths.
Tell me, dingle, do you
Wonder why the Aardvark ignores you?

Why its foobly stare
makes you feel Crappy.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your crumbobulous facial growth

That looks like
A Rotten fish.
What's more, it knows
Your flarpgurgle potting shed

Smells of a ball of snot.
Everything under the big splurptious sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm aliens?


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Categories: silly,
Form: Vogon
Money is a bad thing
but it could be good
like donating to the poor
so they could have more
But it could be bad.....
like people worshiping money
and being selfish
money could be cruel 
but they who have it
it may not be you 
but listen if you don't have that much money
people will not be wicked
you may get married
just because of the money
but you want someone 
that loves you for who you are
not of what you have....
-Justin Fields...

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Categories: baseball,
Form: Vogon
love is based on love you do not need to bag someone to love you can start by loving your self.                       love,love ,love. the os no meaning of love is  known in all diferent ways love is expresed in diferant forms .                          family is one  of the  important people you may can not live your life without family beeng a part of it .                     no one can teach you how to love you just have to find it your self....

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Categories: first love,
Form: Vogon
""Failure to communicate yo-zzz-zzzzzzz buzz yzz yzz vzzz Brzyyyy is beautiful yzz yor yo-xxxzzz yzzz yzz Comments communication gaps vzzz Yo--zzzzzz yzzz yzzz mention melting contaminants vzzz Verb second predicate predictor vzzz yoney your yony yor Victorious earthen than victims vzzz Voy voy vessel vov vo vzzz yzz yzz visited victim vozz vyyley vzzz V-ZZZZZZ speaks the Voganians"" 3/10/20 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr 2020

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Categories: adventure, children, confusion, hello, i love you,
Form: Vogon