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Short Take A Step Back Poems

Short Take A Step Back Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Take A Step Back by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Take A Step Back by length and keyword.

Take a step back
And think why you took a step foward...

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Categories: take a step back, imagination
Form: Haiku

Take a step back to a simpler place,
Where the world revolved at a slower pace.

Think about Andy, Opie, Barney and Aunt Bee,
Enjoying life in the small town of Mayberry.

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Categories: take a step back, fantasy, imagination, life, nostalgia,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member - Close Your Mouth, Silence Is Golden -

Take a step back
Evil destroys people
Harmonious interactions

Form used traditional Cinquain  2,4,6,8,2 syllables
A-L Andresen :)

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Categories: take a step back, community, conflict,
Form: Cinquain
Words to finally live by
Sometimes in order to step forward
You must first take a step back
Grab another long look all around you
Breathe in a deep breath
See the big picture
Take it in for what it is
And what it could and will be
Then proceed...

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Categories: take a step back, visionary
Form: Free verse
Stress seems like an  ominous thing but it does have one advantage: it helps you mind realize that you can take a step back from the world and see it differently. In a more calm and small and insignificant to you and yourself....

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Categories: take a step back, metaphor,
Form: ABC

By twilight we shall reach Torchwood
to spy on an insane time lord
let's delete him
then send him
straight to Mt. Erebor
then knock out a lowly hobbit,
kidnap him
and toss him in the Tardis
Once he wakes up
we take a step back
to see what happens next!...

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Categories: take a step back, confusion, england, film,
Form: Blank verse
Another Chapter In A Different Book
alone am i 
to stand on my own 
to take the fall 
to risk it all 
to take the chance 
to begin again 
would there be just one more friend 
and then again im on my own 
here i am 
just going on 
to take a step back 
to take another look 
deep inside 
another chapter 
another book 

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© Sarah Hall  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: take a step back, life
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Yesterday and Today
if I could I'd take a step back speak softly sing more songs gently speak truths from my heart enjoy the small things time races the past is clouded I hold close memories tomorrow comes quickly now carnival dreaming For the Shardoma contest Barbara Gorelick 8/14/11

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Categories: take a step back, introspection, life,
Form: Verse
Tempting Death
My heart pounding
The rocks crumbling
I look back over the edge 
The steep slope looming down
As horrifying images of falling pound through my head
I take a step back 
Then another
And then.....
                I slip
But the rope catches me
As I continue 
Tempting death
As I 

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Categories: take a step back, fear,
Form: Blank verse
Lying gown by the brook
Looking up at the stars
Remembering the past, covered in dust
Questioning myself of the fault I’ve done

Through the wound of despair
I hear its voice
Feeling its firm hand
Sweetly taking my heart

Too afraid it’ll hurt me
I take a step back
Later realizing I was my

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© Ice Flames  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: take a step back, for him, love,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Moving On
Moving on without you gets easier each day

my heart feels less pain and the aching's gone away

some nights, the night sounds taunt me

go away I say

I'm moving on without you 

nothing's going to get in my way

throughout the day  even though I may seem so forlorn

I take a step back and realize that I am moving on...

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Categories: take a step back, imagination, introspection, life, loss,
Form: Rhyme
Step back
It often seems

That people have need

To just some how

Take a step back

For the lack

Of looking ahead

They find they are not

Where they wanted to be

Now it is too late

And there isn’t a way

To get back to where

They have the need to be

They have the want

To have a way

To get back to where

They didn’t look ahead...

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Categories: take a step back, poetry,
Form: Free verse
looking inside of me
Walking around in a meadow I see a beautiful flower I pick just for me,raising it up for me to see the beauty this flower has grown to be. I place this flower up in my hair for every one to see, this beauty that flows on and over me, take a step back and look at me and tell me if you can see this beautiness instilled deep in me. This is how it should be when you walk by and look at me....

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Categories: take a step back, natureme, beauty, flower, beauty, flower, me,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Preferential Love

He uttered the words, “I love you”
She felt desirable 
The signs that he really loved her,
Were practically non existent

That prompted her to take a step back,
To walk away, looking back were not an option
Realizing that loving someone starts at home
Every day she loved herself more 
Admitting that love for yourself
Was never a choice, 
It’s a necessity to walk this road… 

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Categories: take a step back, introspection, life, lovelove,
Form: Free verse
I Am
I am not a perfect person,
My hair doesn't stay in place,
I spill things a lot,
I seem pretty clumsy,
I sometimes fight,
Some days nothing seems to go right,
But when I think of you Lord,
And take a step back,
I remember how amazing my LIFE is,
I just start to see that maybe,
I would be better off imperfect,
As how else would I learn...
What you have tought me Lord...

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Copyright 2014...

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Categories: take a step back, faith, forgiveness, home, life, poetry, prayer,
Form: Free verse
The Truth
Let's just take a step back
Rewind this moment in time
Get ourselves back on track
Just wished this train would stop on a dime.
But instead it keeps on rolling
Rolling straight through my heart
You have no idea how much this hate is growing,
It is literally tearing me apart.
But now you'll never know
The feelings that I've hidden
Except for what I choose to show
And if you read this, everything I've just written....

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Categories: take a step back, life,
Form: Rhyme
When at wit's end with seemingly no way out,
every decision is questioned with fear and doubt.

I take a step back and assess who I am,
only to find out that my heart and mind are condemned.

Nobody to blame but myself,
for ignoring the problems when I needed help.

Five years of chronic misery,
denial to accept the end, to scared to see.

I'm on the outside looking in,
while crawling out of my skin.


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Categories: take a step back, angst, confusion, depression, introspection
Form: Rhyme
I wish you would love me more
You say that you love me, 
but when I reach my hand out to you, 
you take a step back. 
How can you expect me to know how you
feel inside, you hold your feelings to yourself until it is too late,
when you say you can find someone else, what do you expect me to say?  
AM I supossed to have a smile on my face or stay calm, while you
end up in someone else's arms, I wish I could know, 
 I wish you would love me more....

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© char p  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: take a step back, confusion, me, love, me,
Form: I do not know?
This is real
Take a step back
Just to catch my breath
Close my eyes
So I wont have to see what's coming next
Holing on tight
And try not to loose my grip
Watch my blood drip
Cuz Im just that pissed
Take my own life
Cuz aint nothing out here for me
Im NEVER gonna be fulfilled
always left empty
Take a step back
and then I trip
No one catches me
Close my eye
and no one bothers to look at me
Hold on tight...
but then I let go

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Categories: take a step back, death, sad, sympathy,
Form: Free verse
Duty Calls
It is another night 
Where the chills run down my spine
I shiver them off but see that I've
Been left in the vast ocean of black
As an abyss that only darkens
Every time I take a step back
But i keep moving down the hall
As the walls become my guide 
Finding at the end I can finally sigh
Ten steps down and five to the right 
Now that i can say I made it through 
All of the way through the gloom
I am finding myself in the restroom


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Categories: take a step back, funny,
Form: I do not know?
Make A Distance
Take a step back, when you meet me,
Let's make a distance between you and me.
You can ask me, "why?"
Who knows, we need some sympathy.
The truth of our soul is not in the right place,
We will never get over without it replace.
If we want to make any excuses 
We need to make a distance for best wishes.
If we want to accuse and blame,
We need a room where we can stay calm.
If we want to stay together,
Let's forget what we used to do with each other....

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Categories: take a step back, allusion, anxiety, conflict, confusion,
Form: Classicism
"It's this strange feeling in my stomach,
like someone is tying a million knots. 
My throat dries, my eyes turn sore,
and when I see you with him, 
I lose my consciousness.
My body becomes numb and cold,
everything begins to spin like a vinyl, 
everything shatters like glass.
I try to reach you, 
but you take a step back towards her.
I hate this feeling.
I hate it.
I thought you were my soul mate,
but I was wrong,
I was wrongly played by my own fate."

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Categories: take a step back, anxiety, desire, destiny, fate, feelings, for her,
Form: I do not know?
My Mountain
My mountain is tall
cant even see the top
I climb and climb
sometimes I slip and fall 
or hit rock bottom
but I keep going
never stopping
every now and then 
I get company
they never stick around
but the times we have
are never to be forgotten
wether they helped me climb higher
take a step back
or stopped me from climbing at all
one day I'll be able to see the top
Ill stand on my mountain
and yell so that every soul
living or dead
can hear me yell the words
I Made It!!!...

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Categories: take a step back, dedication, faith, inspirational, life, uplifting, me, me,
Form: Lyric
limp intentions
limp intentions draged us down take a step back learn to get found silence tried to hide masacara of pride tears smearing blue leathes reflection of you wrinkle skin stretch it out our form of never doubt eyes with flawless vision handling hydes-jekle incision reason found between the lines understanding is under defined brittle wombs collapsing deep shattered teeth begin to seep waitng on content christians only to find limp intentions ?

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Categories: take a step back, art,
Form: Free verse
"Take a Step"
Take a step toward 
Forward, further and farther than before
Take a step back
Backward, behind to behold a new beginning
Now that you are where you started
Take a break
Abandon the arbitrary arguments
Gather the nerves to go for your goals
And think thoroughly about the things that matter
Set your sight upon the scarlet sunset
When the darkness disappears and dawn returns again
You will know you have what it takes
Open your eyes, take a breath
And take a step

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Categories: take a step back, imagination, inspirational, introspection, life, people, philosophy, visionary
Form: I do not know?