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Short Sit Tight Poems

Short Sit Tight Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Sit Tight by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Sit Tight by length and keyword.

we get ready
the family is steady
its bright lights
as we sit tight

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Categories: sit tight, adventure, celebrity,
Form: Light Verse

life is the light
but do it right
don't sit tight
do it day and night
it's pay off too

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Categories: sit tight, addiction, adventure,
Form: Light Verse
Shaq with a human resources degree
This is the year of reinventing yourself
No matter what it takes
The jack of all trades is upon us

When you can no longer 
Dunk with perfect impunity
You have to play the game differently
Grab an organization degree
To top off the all star lunancy
And sit tight with middle aged comeback...

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Categories: sit tight, adventure,
Form: Free verse
Shout out to all you hoes
Unable to make up their mind 
Woulda broken bones but guess now you're the foe 
No where near "one of a kind"
And it's no heartbreak to let you go

Flippin' shit over some question 
Your exit smells of treason 
Just sit tight and watch
I'll show you whats right 
Climbing notch by notch...

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Categories: sit tight, anger, betrayal, change,
Form: Rhyme
how's life
life is great
and the hate is fading
time and time again
there's the past wasting

life is great
hate has no might
if it might kill me
I'd sit tight and keep writing

life is slow
this is low in the fast lane
tasting fame
glowing flame

how is life these days?
a tightrope act
facts attack 
a tightrope act...

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Categories: sit tight, bird,
Form: Free verse

Black and White

Black and White, just sit tight; Start the fight, day and night in your mind - tune to find Sing, sing You - sing song new; Dawn so bright, start your flight With joy and glee; Our mind would flee - to the land of love - where peace lives on white dove's sleeves 07.03.16 Photo 1 : Piano keys

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Categories: sit tight, color, love, song,
Form: Verse
Reach For the Sky
 Reach for the sky
 it goes all the way up
 from way down there
 to the brim of your cup

 Reach for the sky
 see where it goes
 just don't sit still
 move your feet and toes

 Reach for the sky
 hold on and sit tight
 you're on a rollercoaster
 you'll be there before night

 Stretch out feel the fear
 don't ask or question why
 just do it before you die
 reach for the sky


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Categories: sit tight, life, sky,
Form: Rhyme
Naughty Pudding
Order by offer
Ingredients do matter
Stuck in first trouble

Boiling some flavors
Pudding missed in sweet manner
Moulding successfully failed

Yet we feel give up
Deserve for a second chance
Re-mould done! Relieved...

Sit tight in a fridge
Naughty pudding had a plan
Mission to seduce

Tempted by its look
My husband eat for a slice
Mother-in-law scold

Naughty pudding finally win in its mission, well, one pudding unsold :p...

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Categories: sit tight, food, funny,
Form: Haiku
Fear II
A flashback, an illusion, a trick of the eye
A bird overhead in the oppressive sky.
That feeling you are somehow never alone
The empty voice when you pick up  the phone.
The hairs on your skin sit up and begs
Trousers sit tight to sweaty cold legs.
The urge to run and find peace in escape
The need still to stay, heart quickens it’s pace.
Triggered by guilt or emotions or you
Fear is the driver that chases me through

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Categories: sit tight, dark, death, depression, fear,
Form: Rhyme
Come Over
I have some words I would like to say
But I don't know which way
It's hard to put them into play
Becuz I don't know if you'll stay
if only for tonight
or maybe a day or 2 
so I'll try to make it up to you
by you letting me find something for us to do
maybe we could watch Windy the Pooh
or even Jeepers Creepers 2
well what I'm trying to say boo
is that 
i am in love with you
so sit tight 
if only for tonight 
cause i got a treat
and i promise i wont bite 

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Categories: sit tight, funny, imagination, teen,
Form: Bio
Don't worry
Don't Worry 

Don't  worry about your hair being a mess

Don't worry if your clothes have holes

Don't worry if your lipstick is smudged 

Don't  worry if you have no money

Don't worry about what time it is

Don't worry about your purfume

If a man want's to be with you he will

You just have to sit tight and be yourself

The right time will come along

Your heart will know

So until then just sit tight and enjoy what you got right now.
Valerie Rose...

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Categories: sit tight, beautiful, death, heart, kiss,
Form: Free verse
Footle Balls
****** you bet in debt world cup shut up score goal big hole whistle missile fans fight not right refs rule you fool corner warner handball false call false claim not lame bad fan I'd ban play ball don't fall England win land sit tight we might mighty Blighty! ****** *****They think its all over, it is now!*****
2018 World Cup Poetry Contest - Sponsored by Mark Toney 18th June 2018 ...

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Categories: sit tight, football,
Form: Footle