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Short Rispetto Poems

Short Rispetto Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Rispetto poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Rispetto poetry form by poem length and keyword.

Love Is Actually a Mental Illness
Love is actually a mental illness
Bi-polar and life consuming
Breathes taken and eyes crying
until there is no more
Stabbing and gnawing pain in
the blackest darkest depths
until you are no more..
You are reborn

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Categories: love,
Form: Rispetto

Dimension wave carry my charge
Tone to me minutes to wind
Triangle mines protect to roll
Crest'I of me speed of sun
Sphere ago I too flee
Windows too server on encrypti 
Diamond to enlist my work
Almond to eat may to rise...

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Categories: 7th grade,
Form: Rispetto
Before I Call
I am safe in the arms of Jesus
Secure as I can be.
Satan's darts cannot harm me
In Jesus Christ I can flee.

His hands are underneath me
I need not slip or fall.
If He knows every hair of my head,
He knows my needs before I call....

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Categories: religious,
Form: Rispetto
You may find your chances
Better taken with salt
Than making foolish advances
With only yourself to fault

Yet do not run from the unknown
Nothing reaped is begot from nothing sown
Nothing gained from nothing to give
Do not die before you live...

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Categories: wisdom,
Form: Rispetto
His Mistress
The ocean is his mistress
She has gotten under his skin.
He has changed his address
To the Gulf of Mexico. Can you imagine?
He has never wanted anything more
Than to live off shore.
He'll fish all day by radar
And lay out at night underneath the stars....

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Categories: adventure, beauty, courage, education, life, love, mystery,
Form: Rispetto

Give (Rispetto)
Blanket me with your presence
Love me today, my sweet
Let me bask in your essence
Make me feel complete.

I’ll give you all you desire
Starting from our love’s fire.
Drinking of each other’s wine
As I am yours and you are mine.

2 quatrains, abab, ccdd...

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Categories: rispetto, love, passionme, me,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Bliss effervescence
Clinging not to hope or despair,
joyous in life as it appears,
as pure awareness, self-aware,
we’re free from both desires and fears.

Frolicking carefree in the void, 
no longer by ego decoyed,
we are a mist that has no name,
throb of bliss is our claim to fame....

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Categories: joy, spiritual,
Form: Rispetto
Premium Member Receptivity
There’s nothing we do, save receive,
outpouring of God’s grace sublime,
as magnetism does, bliss web weave,
ensuring we heavenward climb.

As we strive, struggle and endure, 
making heart pure, the only cure,
on our part giving love our nod,
leaving all outcomes up to God....

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Categories: spiritual,
Form: Rispetto

A pervasive state of stillness and calm
Respectful silence is maintained
No risk of anyone coming to harm
A sense of relaxation gained

Breathe deeply and it will begin
A quiet state both outside and in
Allows for gentle contemplation
A natural flow of inspiration...

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Categories: peace, silence,
Form: Rispetto
Premium Member Walk the talk
Each monk who saw, asked us to thaw,
feral instinct that’s self-serving,
observing love’s the only law,
of which each soul is deserving.

Such is the path that scriptures teach,
affirming God is within reach,
for which our heart needs to transform,
imbibing bliss magnetism warm....

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Categories: joy, love, spiritual,
Form: Rispetto
Something Between Us
There is something
Between us, 
Can't be explained
You race through my mind, 
The telephone rings...
It's your voice with that
Special hello...
Tipping into my heart, 
Now all aglow.
Right away, I know some prayers
Are answered...
I was longing for you so, 
How did you know?...

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Categories: love, longing,
Form: Rispetto
Premium Member Oblivion
Against the glass it beats its wings
and hungers for the glowing flame.
It clashes, flutters, then it flings
itself again, repeats the same.

The moth will never cease its fight
to reach the blaze of burning light.
It does not know, like any fool,
that fields beyond are still and cool....

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Categories: insect,
Form: Rispetto
Bade Mother Nature At the Dawn
Bade Mother Nature at the dawn
Bring forth the trees, grow tall, grow tall
Beneath them lay a gentle fawn
Being sheltered, waits for night to fall.

They will dutifully face their fate
Anxious, they can only watch and wait
Always finding danger on their way
As the sun rises on a new day....

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Categories: nature,
Form: Rispetto
From Kew Bridge, 1864
A walk foreshortened by the Thames
that once would flow through field and moor –
now stitched and patched with dirty hems,
a city’s outskirts of the poor.

You used to walk here, years ago
when May put on her blossom-show.
But Progress is a subtle sweep
that changes worlds while we’re asleep....

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Categories: nature
Form: Rispetto
Nighttime Prayers
Every thought appears in my head at nighttime.
There’s no dreaming, only thinking.
Because nighttime is my time
To think about if my soul is sinking.

Nighttime is the only time I have to pray.
I pray for my bad thoughts to go away,
And I pray for my mind to stop racing.
The Lord knows what I’m facing....

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Categories: feelings, god, night, prayer, time, truth,
Form: Rispetto
Without Love
As faith and hope and love all bless
The greatest of the three we know
For without love, how can faith express?
What would help hope anchor the soul?

One way to best evince our love
Forgive all others and ask the same from above
And when your love starts wearing thin
Remember it can cover a volume of sin...

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Categories: faith, hope, religion, faith, hope, love,
Form: Rispetto
Love Is Actually a Bond of People
Love where is it now
                            Did it go
               Did it get lost somehow
                   Or did it stay or so
                 Love is actually a vow
               Of two people that grow
                 Or what a family feels
          In when eating together in meals


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Categories: age, appreciation, blessing, dedication, emotions, encouraging, environment,
Form: Rispetto
POETRY ~~~~~~ poetry, compassionate emotion! each word a tiny piece of a poet their soul exposed, their total devotion often best read or seen in a sonnet inspiration gleaned from nature, poets collaborations, poetic duets. if poetry be the food of true love so music is too, the starter thereof

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Categories: poetry,
Form: Rispetto
Fall Splendour
A murky hue invades the breeze while sunshine kisses grass below. And autumn’s brush paints all the trees where birds put on an aerial show.
Then I take out my canvas white to recreate this splendid sight. But my rendition can’t compare with nature’s hand splashed everywhere.

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Categories: autumn, seasons,
Form: Rispetto
Summer Sensations
Ocean waves gently tickle the shattered shells,
Strident seagulls briefly pierce the balmy strand.
Luring summer seems to work its magic spells
Tiny toes explore the gentle grains of sand.


 Excerpt taken from 'summer rispetto contest'  13 July 2018

 Arbitrium Divisa 6 Poetry Contest - sponsored by Gregory Barden...

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Categories: rispetto, beach, happiness, sea, sunshine,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Reclaiming Inner Light
Be it this or that, it does not matter
To our tranquil heart, pulsating with bliss
For we have gone beyond thought form chatter
In time dissolved peace, where nothing’s amiss

We would, if we could, transfer this rapture
But it’s something ego cannot capture
So we invite all to meld with the void
No longer by ego cravings decoyed...

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Categories: joy, spiritual,
Form: Rispetto
Premium Member A Plea For Mercy
The soldier fought inspired, with all his might
He thrust his trusty sword into the foe
As Victory moved clearly into sight --
Just then he fell to unexpected blow

He lay there stunned and hemorrhaging to death
A plea for mercy clinging to his breath
How could cruel Fate take Victory away
  ~ His foe to live and fight another day...

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Categories: death, soldier, war,
Form: Rispetto
The Girl With the Guitar
She sits with her guitar in the corner
Her hands skillful as they strum the steel strings
Her guitar weeps like a soulfull mourner
Saturating her sweet voice as she sings

Awed I was, by this angel with a song
Captured by her voice, making my heart long
Others would feel this way with superstars
But my star is a girl with a guitar...

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Categories: beautiful,
Form: Rispetto
When the Moon Casts Its Silver
When the moon casts its silver on the sea
And the cold waves echo their monotone 
I remember because you walked with me 
Of a time when I didn't walk alone.

I felt the thunder falling from the cliffs
Surround the sand-dunes reaching out to sea.
I will pass through death and then thereafter
Before you walk these paths again with me...

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Categories: sad love,
Form: Rispetto
Poetry For Poets
Spying the open book in the library
Gold leafed cover looking rich and so pristine
Opening the pages my senses went awry
Wished so much that this precious book was all mine

Was like a poets paradise, ink pages of old
Where languages of love within are told
Poetry for poets, poetic words are penned
Licence of happiness where love never ends...

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Categories: uplifting, love,
Form: Rispetto