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Short Participant Poems

Short Participant Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Participant by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Participant by length and keyword.

Premium Member An Unwilling Participant
I am an unwilling participant.
But it is inescapable.
An earthly evil.
Death would be preferable,
but no, it is taxes….

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Categories: participant, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Light Verse

Non Participant
It was a long night
the defeated sleep late
winners race off somewhere
to be seen.
Fortunately we who watch,
learn how to shrug
with greater expression,
walk away.
Vote for silence now.

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Categories: participant, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member 'Thank You'

*dedicated to the volunteers that assisted at our Centre in 2011*

a willing participant in changing children’s lives you displayed love unquestioned just by giving your time
©120120121450 ...

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Categories: participant, caregiving, dedication, love,
Form: Light Verse
Beating Up Bullies
Her, the Miami herald.
Look-see, participant power, please.
Try, try, trying.
Watcha gonna do?
I live here, for sonny Jim.
I live amongst powers, looksee.
The eternal god, protects me.
All the rights, ticker.
Good stuff now....

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Categories: participant, age, analogy, grief,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Capturing poetry contests emotion
The participant

The judger 
But a resonator 

Void in between
May glean

Or may not
Being self taught

If he does
Feeling a buzz

Our good friend
Else fiend

Or are we
Unbound and free

Either which way
In play 


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Categories: participant, poets,
Form: Rhyme


What is a day?
only one day participant
of the flow of time,
always future
never tagged
 as now...
and always instant
past or to come
not a constant minute
always after, or before...
For eternity, just one day
it's nothing, even if it 
 was or not remarkable...!
will always be what it was
  and what will be...
Forever, instant... !

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Categories: participant, adventure, africa, allegory, analogy, day, extended metaphor,
Form: Free verse
break up whine
His evasion of responsibility inexcusable…
though behaviour of this being as per usual
originally from broken where never taught devotion
great pity he grew without learning.
Fidelity and faithfulness insignificant
from the superficial apathetic participant
thus emptiness diverged from initial love of splurge
revolved...evolved am now to be discerning....

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Categories: participant, break up, math, words,
Form: Rhyme
Poverty drags me through the dust as a willing participant 
Money flows through my fingers like water
I dig out slowly from the holes I have created
The rope swinging seductively 
The silence of all my ghosts are deafening 
That little voice of reason whimpers in the dark
All my doors are closed as I slam them with defiance 
And the hungry winds swirl around me once more...

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Categories: participant, poverty,
Form: Free verse
For what you're waiting?
Are you expecting the failure of all your competeters
So that you can win
Or are you in the thought of a miracle that going to happen is the death of all your co-contestants
No victory is real if you won just because you're the only participant
So never expect everyone to leave the show
Fight with them and raise the cup
Be the fire that burns but give lights to all...

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Categories: participant, fire,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Praying Mantis
glad for this mating
to finally take place

I was ready
a willing participant
wanting this gladly

singing my song
I lured him in
to my dark

he was young
I cared not

his first time
we did the deed

I ate his head
according to plan

same oh same oh
next day
luring one in

another young one
gave a little prayer
before the deed.

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Categories: participant, 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Impasse
Ego borne conflict having arisen,
no resolution seems to be in sight,
with one participant spewing poison,
the other unwilling to call day, night.
Hearts divided needing the healing light
but the light too is seen by sight divine,
for those and those only who do align
and so the remedy of no avail,
as both souls languish in pain self assigned,
unable to secure the holy grail.


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Categories: participant, conflict, introspection,
Form: Dizain
Traffic and pedestrians
Perform a do-si-do.
Cityfolk, experienced,
Know just which way to go.

Every last participant,
Of flesh or chrome and steel,
Bows or curtsies to his partner
In this urban reel.

In and out they weave and turn,
Like threads upon a loom.
Out-of-towners watch in awe,
Anticipating doom.

At some point in this promenade
The music stops and then,
The dancers separate until
They’ll do-si-do again.

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Categories: participant, urban,
Form: Rhyme
a woman to mother
What makes a woman a mother?
Is it only because they can gestate?
Or is it the will to nurture,
A being that they did create,

Making a new being,
Is not that difficult,
All animals have done it for millennia.
So why do many humans,
Chose to be only to be a participant?

If taking responsibility,
For a new gift to the world,
Gives a phenomenal asset to the human collective,
Is that the ultimate reward?

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Categories: participant, how i feel,
Form: Light Verse
with me
Just beyond
Obscured by an irrevocable moment
Under an ignorant sky
Remember the broken memories
Now perished
Every feeble effort halted
Your stolen seconds that span your history

Wishing for a continuance
Intent to find sometimes
That final step past the end
How do we conquer the last

Meet me at the finish
Each participant reaches the goal but none will celebrate

For the vicissitudes of life is birth...

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Categories: participant, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mending Fences
Mending Fences Written: by Tom Wright 2011 Sometimes relationships, have needed “fixin” so long, That neither participant, recalls what caused the breach. What often starts as naught, quickly evolves into something. In restoring a relationship, the party taking the first step, Is left with one of two fears, the fear of rejection, Or the fear of where that step might lead.

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© Tom Wright  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: participant, forgiveness, friendship, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Wake Up My heart
It was a short course.
I was a course teacher.
As I was about to leave for the airport
At the end, a participant came up to me.
She: You are a ‘Don Pedro!’
I: How so?
She: You know, Pedro’s girlfriend 
Once drove him along the seashore
To a lonely spot,
Stopped the car and said:
Take whatever you want.
And Pedro took the car.

Oh, wake up, my (lazy) heart!


Winner, 4th place, Poetry contest, sponsored by Julie Rodeheaver, Oct. 22, 2017.

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© Ram R. V.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: participant, poetry, romantic,
Form: Free verse
Yowl part three
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Categories: participant, computer-internet, parody, me, me,
Form: Free verse
On The Sidelines
On the Sidelines by Rick Rucker On the sidelines do you stand, When you should grab Life by the Hand? Are you a participant, Or do you say, "No, I really can't?" If you leave living 'til too late, Will you start at the Pearly Gate? Will St. Peter just say "Tsk'" Because you never took a risk? Did you never take a fall, 'Cause you were afraid to risk it all? I don't think you're really Living, Life gives back but what you're Giving!

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Categories: participant, inspirational
Form: Couplet
Everyone around the world is gathered
at the arena as a sports person,
and an audience;
boxing, swimming, fencing, athletics,
weightlifting, soccer.....all the games
are present for enjoyment,
and for the audience to behold.
Flags of different colors and designs
dance in the wind, as the Olympic
torch burns day and night,
to keep the Spirit of Olympics
Every participant is ready to shine
for his country;
to shine for his name;
to shine for glory!


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Categories: participant, imagery, life, passion, sports, world,
Form: Free verse