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Short Nazm Poems

Short Nazm Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Nazm poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Nazm poetry form by poem length and keyword.

Suno Bacho Kahani
Mera Lund Badshah
Chooot Aik Raaanii.....

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© Hacker Boy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, hindi, nonsense, pashto, sexy, silly, sin,
Form: Nazm

Emotional Stand-In
a body double 
a stand-in
for the emotional 
role was
posted upon the 
no one showed 
no one answered 
the inquire 
no one wanted 
to take up that 
role within this 
maladaptive play...

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Form: Nazm
If You Still Want To Hear From Me
Without you,my life is colorless   Breathing is difficult without your presence
If you still want to want to hear from me  if you're not feared from me
Put a comma after my last sentence and if,you want to stop my breath put a dot...

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Categories: for her, love,
Form: Nazm
Butterfly Killing
A killer garden of love 
expects pollution of sin 
was walking in town 
embraced my chest home
serving the environment 
Butterfly flies 
affect the branches done
disappeared and gone
health in a car exhaustion 
guard our natural wealth 
let's save the wildlife
do not be smug!...

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© Neldy Jolo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, adventure, age, angel, angst, art, baby,
Form: Nazm
Life is a bag of jilly beans
Never in a separate bowl
Fruity, exquisite, spooned by Ian.


Crouching, the tiger 
amalgamated the prism of daL.

Floating, the petal
never arrived.

Dreaming, the tangerine peeled to reveal
a bun.

The fiddler: Dum digga dum.

Diggy diggy diggy dum.
And when the bag 'a' beans is empty,


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Categories: brother, devotion, food, kids, mystery, urdu,
Form: Nazm

Hi dear poetry soupians
I'm one of those peach 
hued Indians
I'll present to you my 
own Indian poetic curries 
and broth
for PoetrySoup, yet I post 
slow as a sloth
I hope you enjoy reading 
and poetrypals we all shall 
Being born abroad, my 
poems have a 
multicultural flavor
Pls do comment on my 
poems, I always return 
the favor.
Hi see yah around...

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Categories: adventureurdu,
Form: Nazm
"Zindagi bhr ka bas itna sa fasana hay,
Aaj nhi to kal hamain bhi chale jaana hay,

Talkh zindagi ke samandar main beh kar,
Hamain akhir main kinare se lag jaana hay,

Ye jo sooraj hay, har roz nai zindagi jeeta hay,
Ise bhi har sham maghrib main dhal jaana hay,

Saansain jitni hay jee lo maze lekar,
Akhir main sab ki saanson ko thum jaana hay,

Sharqi sare mosam tujhe yaaad krte hain,
Teri tarah hume bhi ye jism chor jaana hay....!...

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Categories: death,
Form: Nazm
Each Drop
moment happens
each drop searchs a road
in front obstacles to be too
resist itself
who knows

day happens
each drop fall outs
it is poured into the bowl
I guess there is a leak 
usually the channel does not expire

who knows
what each drop want
you are looking at silence
at that point it is overflow
you'll be amazed to it is the passion

each drop a day
it leaves no trace behind
always live like this
no one is not aware of...

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Categories: allusion,
Form: Nazm
I look up at the stars and marvel at their setting
The darkness of the sky, which is used, as their netting
The vastness of our solar system, as we orbit round the sun
The immenseness of our planets and how each one is spun
The massiveness of earth, holding continents and seas
Its rivers and its lakes, beneath the mountains and the trees
The fascination of humanity, how we adapted and we grew
Ever grateful, among all this beauty, I was still able, to find you
BOEMS by JA 660...

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© Ja Ja  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beauty, love,
Form: Nazm
Birds In Flight Edited
As black as my birdlover poet's 
pen ink hue in hue
A rook and a raven flew flew 
when the wind it breezily blew 
blew blew
and blustery became the view 
view view

An albatross then gracefully 
took to the air
and for hours it seemed to 
linger there
O' birds of flight your secrets 
and if you know which of us
had end up in heaven or hell?
For isn't all is well that ends 
Lets pray there ain't hell's murk 
but Eden's light 
at the end of the tunnel!...

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Categories: bird,
Form: Nazm