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Short Do You Feel Me Poems

Short Do You Feel Me Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Do You Feel Me by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Do You Feel Me by length and keyword.

Do you feel me, the fear? 
Do you hear me, so near?
My breath upon your neck, yesss 
I smell you, it's so true 
Never alone, always by your side. 
Since the moment that I died.
~mp (c) 2016...

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© Manon peel  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: do you feel me, analogy, bereavement, death, emo, emotions, farewell, imagery,
Form: Rhyme

lover, my own heart
"lover?' you ask,
   and my each breath
so now, more so important ...
do you feel me glowing?
   everytime i think of you
and hear you :always within
my mind and soul!YOU!

:: 09-28-2016 ::...

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Categories: do you feel me, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Do You Feel Me...

on that prolific edge of mediocrity 


like some street-ravaged whore in the darkness 


to that abstract formality of “us” 


as you lie, complacent, in your nothingness...

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Categories: do you feel me, confusion, depression, husband, sad, wife,
Form: Free verse
Do you feel me
do you feel me?
do you feel my lips on yours
do you see my open door

do you feel my touch so soft
do you feel my yearning inside
I no longer have to hide

do you feel me?
do you know how I feel
do you know with you my heart has healed

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Categories: do you feel me, caregiving,
Form: Rhyme
Sensual Sentiment
Subtle kisses in the dark 
Can you see me?
Soft and gentle embraces without uttering a single word
Do you feel me?
My presence has left me and stumbled upon you
Anxiousness causes heart throbs of dissonance 
Do you love me? 
Lip biting has become inevitable 

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Categories: do you feel me, angel, anniversary, best friend, lust, marriage,
Form: Free verse

Why do you feel me up these lies
like a corpse with a bunch of flies
so tell me how it is before your next life
or even before i find my wife
I'm sick of these lies all day every day
so tell me what they say
tell me no more lies
there you go again with your cries!...

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Categories: do you feel me, lost love, loveme, me,
Form: Rhyme

H ey man haven't you heard?
A ll you need is love, did you get my point?
P eople die in hatred, didn't you know that?
P lease make a change, can you do that?
I nside we can find happiness, don't you see?
N ow let's start inside our home, shall we?
E veryone will live in peace, do you feel me?
S o let us spread love, live happily.
S pread positive  vibes, shall we start?...

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Categories: do you feel me, happiness,
Form: Acrostic
Do You Hear Me?
do you hear me
when I cry out
in the middle of the night?
do you hear me
when I grieve for
a brilliant light gone out?
do you feel me
when I long for your love
though your heart has gone still?
do you see me
kneeling by your grave
unable to pray?
do you still believe in me
where ever you've gone
and I'm here alone?
do you see me
gasping for breathe
since the moment you left?

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© mary yaws  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: do you feel me, death, father, loss, sad,
Form: Free verse
Beatnik Boardroom -my stanze from collaboration-
Thank You for the Applause.//

Though I think it’s time to pause,
Find space in the mind to reflect,	
Ideas and inspirations floating about to dissect,
Do you feel me yet?
When you know who you are,
Try to manifest each star,
Establish bridges over an ocean,
Before you give yourself the notion,
That poetry isn’t an absorbed emotion,
Just thrive on it,
Feel alive on it,
Get high on it,
And somehow try to rationalize how,
Minds meet at in a smoke ribbon pow wow.


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Categories: do you feel me, friendship, life, on writing and words,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mind of a Serial Killer
I have a thrill and a high profile skill
I must have dominance I will get your full confidence
I crave for lust even though you disgust
I control all things with you as you go on a stroll
I will make you bow down to me this will be your downfall
I am very intelligent as you become very diligent
I will stalk you as you start to feel distraught
I'm just your neighbor, or maybe a co-worker
Do You Feel Me? Do You Want More?

2/3/15  T Reams   copyright  Contest: 5th Place...

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Categories: do you feel me, deep, evil, fear, horror, identity, power, scary,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Lonely Thanksgiving Holiday
brought upon myself.
My' Grass is greener" mentality
Is the reason why I'm sitting here on
Thanksgiving lonely.
I cook, not your typical meal,
Spaghetti with chunks of Veal.

A lone soldier,
are these feelings real?
these emotions hard to conceal..
Do you feel me?

Over time my heart will heal,
can you hear the lyrics my heart is singing.
My depression, so surreal.
On this lonely Thanksgiving holiday....

Jared Pickett

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Categories: do you feel me, depressionheart, thanksgiving, heart,
Form: Free verse