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Short Angeline Poems

Short Angeline Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Angeline by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Angeline by length and keyword.

Not Quite an Echo
By Angeline Star

Victims of paranoia
lacking sound.

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Categories: angeline, psychological, relationship, voice, women,
Form: Free verse

Smooth Convicts
By Angeline Star

behavior of
the push-up 
bra- -

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Categories: angeline, body, clothes, social, woman, women,
Form: Free verse
The Visiting Grandmother
By Angeline Vine

The lady only had one arm left

They found her at the edge of the marsh
both legs gone and her right arm missing

It was an amazing snack...

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Categories: angeline, animal, missing, vacation,
Form: Free verse
One a Day
By Angeline Vine 

In the midst of someone's middle age
it was discovered that one a day
could help 

Except it really depended on what
one accepted as 'middle age'...

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Categories: angeline, age,
Form: Free verse
Once Sun Appears


Topic: Birthday of Angeline Rosas (November 05) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: angeline, birthday,
Form: Acrostic

Coffee Confusion
By Angeline Vine

He went through the morning
Scooping spoons of coffee
One . .
Two  . . .
Three . . 
Four . . 
and one to grow on! 

Suddenly, his keister felt 
a slap...

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Categories: angeline, age, birthday, memory, morning,
Form: Free verse
Statement About Sweetness


Topic: Birthday of Angeline G. Rosas (November 05) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: angeline, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Diner in the News
 By Angeline Vine

The rats were lively
falling from ceiling tiles
running for an open door
some had no tails
and later their photos were 
on the news 

The patrons were eating 
spaghetti and meatballs...

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Categories: angeline, america, confusion, food,
Form: Free verse
Steve or Eve
By Angeline Star

Eve came every night from the base
her green hair and pink shoes a disgrace
No one noticed her lack of mammory glands
and instead saw her round end and full lips
they just thought she liked  big man hands....

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Categories: angeline, confusion, gender,
Form: Limerick
Sing it: Diarrhea and Kotex
By Angeline Vine ©

No one wants to hear
about some
woman's period
and the comfort
(or size)
of her pad

No one wants to hear
phaquers sing about 
diarrhea and indigestion

Especially at dinner time
these commercials play...

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Categories: angeline, life,
Form: Free verse
Life Flashes
2021 © by Angeline Vine

Every once in awhile
there's a stadium of people
up there

roll by like a movie ending
no written credits 
only dates known to me

They quickly vanish

As I focus on stopping
my car
at the red light


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Categories: angeline, life, remember,
Form: Free verse
The Driver of a Narrow Mind
By Angeline Vine

The bus driver only picked her up
if other people were standing
near by

If she was alone 
the driver would quickly
drive right by her

She thought she was no different
than anyone else

Although the bus driver
thought she was 


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Categories: angeline, discrimination,
Form: Free verse
The Parolee
By Angeline Star

The ad stated that
the prospective employee 
should have the ability
to prepare and serve food samples 
using small appliances such as 
microwaves, fryers, skillets, coffee makers 
and knives.

He had a background
with knives....

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Categories: angeline, corruption, urban, violence, woman, women,
Form: Free verse
His Religion
By Angeline Vine

Every night he went 
into Mrs. Foosebah's bathroom
and whizzed all over her seat

He confessed this
to a guy named Sal who
was sitting at the snack bar
at the bowling alley

so he felt as if
he had 
some form of religion
due to his confession

When someone asked . . .
he said he was Catholic


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Categories: angeline, religion,
Form: Free verse