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Work Sestina Poems

These Work Sestina poems are examples of Sestina poems about Work. These are the best examples of Sestina Work poems written by international poets.

Number of Man
Number of Man
(Webster’s Ninth)

Money trail reveals factor
To assemble humans follow layout
Swat down charges with linguistic racket
Sticks more effective than carrot dangle
Arguments sustained by pundits' jangle

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© Luke Hobbs  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: evil, philosophy, political, rights,

Six Views of a Sickening World
Replace the desolate words I speak without intention
With my intended poetry – a burst of fresh light
In a forlorn bedroom filled with buckets of darkness!

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© J. Amorose  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dark, light, world war

The Fool
Try to think of what makes you laugh.
Is it people being hurt or people who work hard?
When you think, consider naughty words and sin.
What is...

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Categories: class, integrity, money, repetition,

Humane Struggle
In the Congolese Jungle three men are training for a mission.
They train to detain and disarm poachers.
They hope this will be the conclusion of their...

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Categories: africa, animal, conflict, environment,

Cross Species Awareness
Cross Species Awareness

Beneath a calm ocean, man watches a shark.
They are same in size, but one has advantage.
Man is wearing a wet suit and long...

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Categories: adventure, animal, environment, fish,

Everyone has to stand
Either side of the belt
In two big lines.
Line managers fill
Reserve boxes full of nuts.
Then comes the chocolate.
A column of chocolate.
We have to...

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Categories: change, class, community, irony,

Count to Ten
To every zephyr comes a bold quest
and every squall can whisper regret.
Those who will take the deeper breath
are those who gain a discerning spirit. 

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Categories: introspection, passion,

Premium Member Something New
A long rainy afternoon and I
have time to work with complicated form
of poetry, I've been too taxed to try.
With flower show successfully completed,
the convention starting...

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Categories: writing,

Premium Member Angelic Callings
Words on a page, sounds, Mother's calling
soft tones rose from leather tomes sweetly,
through rouged lips they tumble with love.
Lullabies call through the coldest of nights

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Categories: child, faith, hope, morning,

Cattiness, it doesn't work
nor do cherry cheese cake or
romantic northern lights,
fairies, unfortunality
anniversaries and the like.
Make it better for me baby

Lioness has surface value
silky sultry claws...

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Categories: animals, baby, me, baby,

Premium Member Premise of Joy
Joy cannot be raised as though it ride the back of a song.
It is a gift and for that we should laud the giver with...

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Categories: upliftinglife, heart, beach, day,

A cyclical life
Here in the heavy depths of insolent woes,
We gesture and talk and waste our time,
Staking claim to each minute of our earthly life,
Running the hours...

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Categories: life, lovewords, metaphor, beauty,

Cemetary Sestina
times I have walked by Arlington Cemetery
and felt my face wilt.
I’ve waded through Washington D.C’s ever-present puddles
to work every day and thought of stopping, reading...

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Categories: sestina, hope

After a hard day's work,
these weary feet drag me home,
with the urge of pulling the cork
from the red wine chilling in the cooler;
and smell steaming...

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Categories: funny, health, imagination, inspirational,

Prices rising:  the reality of this plunging economy,
thriftiness and frugality are greatly demanded
in order to survive, and having less to spend
is a deterrent to...

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Categories: depression, hope, loss, people,

Literary awards honor the prolific writers of any age,
and the ones who make the Best Seller's list: 
large sums of money will precede fame;
congratulations to...

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Categories: thank you

Writing deeply and avidly
is another way of coping,
if seeing that not-so-pleasant reality;
and feeling the presence of truth,
encourages one to reveal oneself
and being true to all...

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Categories: uplifting, workme,

Sestina Style: O Wherefore Thou is Thy Sestina Angelina?

O ,wherefore thou ,is thy Sestina Angelina?
she is not here ., thy love thy dove
thou angel eyes hover...oft high above
Tis thyself, a...

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© MC MC  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, depression, fantasy, hope,

The Passage
A young man’s walk was careful,
As he strode through the passage. 
The walls were dotted with a red
That refused to be washed away with water.

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Categories: adventure, angst, death, devotion,