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Sad Sestina Poems

These Sad Sestina poems are examples of Sestina poems about Sad. These are the best examples of Sestina Sad poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Noseglasses
When my arms weren’t so long
Scruffy hairs on my ears
Puffy bags round my eyes
Saggy skin ‘neath my chin
And things close weren’t as clear
It was time...

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© Mark Elam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, children, love,

The dancer
She stretched her hand out into the sky 
As if she was pulling the sun's rays into her palms. 
Her legs moved with such grace,...

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Categories: 12th grade, africa,

Drunk Encounter
On Friday, we let loose of ourselves.

We all came out from our inner shells.

We fell down from the narrow stairs before

Because we drank way too...

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© Alex Han  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: first love, love, romance,

The Mask of Truth
She played with pride and vanity in the mirror
with crimson rouge she painted a mask.
No tear would fall, for she forsook weeping,
because in her mind...

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Categories: beauty, emotions, girl, mirror,

The Two of Us
We met in the park, one glorious summer day
there was an instant attraction we both felt
The touch of our fingers was very electrical.
I was quite...

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Categories: adventure, anxiety,

An analysis of sadness
The other day I heard my friend was sad.
I met him to ask him about the reason
but, he was upset and his mood was very...

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Categories: sad,

Fly - Revised Edition
Standing on a tower, more than three hundred feet
As she watched a movie of her life
The rain falls, and she smiled a sad smile
She spread...

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© Julie Anne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, depression, feelings, girl,

The Old House
Dim light shines through the widows of the old house
long since empty, where only dust dances in the air
and a lone mouse scurries across its...

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Categories: fear, imagination,

Sestina In The World Of Worm
Contemporary and vast in imagination is the girl lost in her own world.
Concealed between the paragraphs and ink typed pages of the book.
Remain cross-legged, as...

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, books, color,

sad sextet

 Sad Sextet. 

Rainy day 
Wet dog on pavement 
Looking in
Seeing me
Sit by the cosy fireside 
Ignoring its plight. 


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Categories: animals,

Pro Choice Without a voice
My seed, I must admit I never even once wanted
Sitting unreallisticaly, at a doctors office
Waiting for my name to be called and to terminate this...

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Categories: death, life, people, sad,

Tree and me
Sitting under a tree, old and grey
No flowers to bloom, leaves falling down
Birds desert the nests, no one to play around
The clouds are around, they...

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Categories: introspection, life, nature, sad

Premium Member God Keeps His Promise
I  leap with joy, admit no fears,
Since God above is in my life.
I watch the birds up in the sky
And feel I too am...

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Categories: happinessgod, god, me, rainbow,

Time for Joy
The time has come to give some joy  
To this sad and depressed world 
To bring some happiness into hearts  
Alike to young...

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Categories: happinessworld, old, light, joy,

Dear Katrina
The TV showed a tyrant tumbling towards our house.
I was weary and wanted to leave before it hit, but
My mom was too weak and too...

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Categories: natural disasters, mom, old,

Past the grain fields clanks the old train,
and it goes beyond the fertile valley;
then it vanishes amid the swaying hills,
not too far from the massive...

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Categories: music, nature, peace, seasonslife,

Singing a New Song
           Singing a New Song

	Today I heard a country song
	I hadn’t heard for many years

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Categories: lost lovelonely, sad,

Split Temptation
My temptation is great at times in my life.
At other times, it is lost and no to be found.
I know it will always be there...

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Categories: allegory, angst, depression, faith,

I am not sure why it happens, but it does.  
Everything that is sad in this world seems 
to take residency in my head....

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Categories: sad

Noble troubadour making untrue verse,
while traveling from town to town on the dustiest roads,
reciting the lamenting lyrics to yourself,
and the echo is louder than words...

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Categories: peace, people, places, sad,