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Rough And Tumble Poems

Rough And Tumble Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of rough and tumble poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for rough and tumble.

New Poems

The composing creativity of humankind
The BBS has the tracks of how your gestations condescend,
your keyboard is where your fingers time and again stumble.
Numb and dumb, short-winded nib despairs of the scutwork's end;
In regard to your mumpsimus, succumbing to ink inundation, prostrate paper ceases to...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, beauty, muse, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme

18 Whiskeys
18 Whiskeys

Tribute to Dylan Thomas

I raged at 11th and Hudson Streets
Conjuring a White Horse resurrection
Mirage hunter especially in the October Winds
Listening for the raven's cough.
Is the light breaking where no sun shines
Or is the dying light swallowed by darkness.
The prisoner...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Rough and tumble
Playing tricks and having fun
Picking on pig-tailed girls while
Tromping through the snow.

Boys are like that, yes they are,
Full of vinegar and mischief too.
Climbing trees and falling down
On unsuspecting human beings.

Picking green apples all day long
To munch until their...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, brother, childhood, children, family, fun, happy, silly,
Form: Free verse
Election Time, Fun Time
It’s fun time
Election time
Don’t say
I don’t care a dime
If this is so
You’ll miss 
The highs and the lows
Some call it
Dance of Democracy
But you see
It’s no graceful dance
But Shiva's ‘Tandav'
Pulls, pushes and shoves
This is politics'
Rough and tumble
You have to screech, scream
And...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, humor, satire,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Rise Up
        This life, a rough-and-tumble roadblock
       We have no choice but to trudge through
         A razor's edge we all...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, inspirational, life, metaphor, perspective,
Form: Free verse

The ballad of Arthur and Mandy
A tribute to the late, great Victoria Wood x

Arthur and Mandy sat one night
When he gave her a dreadful fright
Ripped off his jumper revealed his string vest
Showing snippets of his hairy chest
He looked at her with eyes ablaze
Held Mandy in...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, funny,
Form: Rhyme
The Fracturing Empire
The top has always been nothing but rough and tumble.
But things really started to get bad when the bottom began to crumble.
Race and gender have always needed to have been handled carefully.
Now it's catching fire because they've been multiplied by...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, america, political,
Form: Prose Poetry
My love my best friend
Not owning you,
Letting you be free,
Be your own person.

Watching you smile,
Hearing you laugh,
Seeing your glow,
I’m lucky to stand beside you,
Holding your hand.

In love with my best friend,
Near or far,
Protecting you and loving you,
I won’t give up on us.

Filling all my...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, beautiful, longing, love, lust, magic,
Form: Verse
Our love is fun and oh, so very intense
Unruly passion so surreal, so immense,
Ah, It’s more than just glitter and sparkle
Like splash of honey on blueberry waffle…
We rough and tumble, a free-for-all tackle!

So here we are engulfed in a dire...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, desire,
Form: Rhyme
Days of Forever
Days of Forever
With every day,
we plant a bit
gather a bit,
use a bit.

Time’s waning irrigation
renders dry many tributaries.

From high in the ethos-sphere
some of purity’s regeneration
meanders down rivulets of calm
while certain regrets clamor endless echoes
from mind’s canyon to canyon.
Some may...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, nature,
Form: Free verse
In The Wrong House
At night I dream of frogs and  princesses.
How I would love to wear pastel bright dresses
Dolls and skipping do me enthral
Soccer does nothing for me at all
That's when I'm called a big girl's blouse
That's when deep inside I feel...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, angst, confusion, desire, feelings, identity, prejudice, sympathy,
Form: Rhyme
Over the Edge
Jack and Sam
were two inseparable souls
Best friends tend to be like that,
especially if both were born on the same day
They were two good looking kids,
who liked to play rough and tumble
Didn't mind scraping their knees on the ground
They had a...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, best friend, death, horror, sad,
Form: Epic
A Friend in Need

A friend in a pinch is seldom a cinch
to be found in a world uncaring.
Some might offer aid, then want to be paid,
with an attitude overbearing.

Friends made from the heart will never depart
though the way may be rough and tumble.
They...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, appreciation, care, encouraging, endurance, friend, friendship, trust,
Form: Verse
Treading life through its rough and tumble
Tossed into its deepest abyss
 Find myself face to face with
Those limpid pools of adoration
Assuaging  my ruffled emotions

All dads make daughters feel special
Mine being no exception
He walks in step with me
Flying down from...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, angel, daughter,
Form: Rhyme
Chew Toys
In the window of a pet shop 
Is a prominent display
Of the type of chew toys dogs would love
For rough and tumble play.

Some are shaped like bones or hot dogs
But to really make pets jump,
There are soft dolls which resemble
Either...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Owl and the Crow
The Owl and the Crow

The hunter captured the owl
He brought her home to his castle
Inside a cell she was put
Away from the rain

The owl, never went hungry
The majestic avian had the greatest of comforts
Perched on a branch in a gilded...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, imagery, philosophy, urdu, wine, wisdom, women,
Form: Free verse
Stops Along An American Dream - Part 2
(Historical train-ride on the first Transcontinental Railroad in 1870 from Omaha to Ogden aboard the Union Pacific Railroad)     © 2009 (Jim Sularz)

Wyoming winds blow like a hurricane,
the flimsy bridge sways to and fro.
Some hold their breath,...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, america, history, travel,
Form: Quatrain
Boys to Men
Fire trucks and building blocks
Puppy poop and muddy shoes
These are the tools of boyhood
Gone too quickly to be of mind

Soon it’s cars and motorcycles
Football, rugby and hockey
Rough and tumble sports
Turn little boys into young men

Moms wonder where their angel went
And...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, change, children, growing up, boy,
Form: Free verse
I am Tim
I am Tim
Tim I am
That Tim-I-am!
That Tim-I-am!

I do not like
that Tim-I-am!
Do you like
green eggs and ham?
I do not like them,
I do not like
green eggs and ham.

CUT CUT CUT.....That's Dr Seuss's Green Eggs and why did I start...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, me,
Form: Free verse
A Fairy Tale (sonnet)

On a forest’s lawn, where elves dance on nocturnal summers,
snow had fallen. Since the little people wears no shoes their
 dainty feet can only bear ductile mould and grass in slumber.
They have moved into their cozy houses...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, fantasy, stars,
Form: Sonnet
Freedom In A Frame
Once I saw a lovely frame
Rough and Tumble was its name
It was a captured moment of freedom
A moment of nature at its peak.

I saw the waves in this frame
It's frenzy, won the dancing game
Beautiful blue waters invading brown earth.
The water...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, nature,
Form: Light Verse
Water for the flower
Somehow I may still love you
for all frustrations find,
though rough and tumble you do,
your kiss is very kind.

You really may still love me
enough that you may spare
results that voids the cruelty
of poignant truths that care.

though each may love the other,
hugs...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, lovelove, may,
Form: Rhyme
Common sense if learnt,season to season
Excels all intellectual reason....Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, life, philosophy,
Form: Epigram
Killing Ants
Ants are known to be industrious,
Bustling about the anthill
In lines and arcs and freeform patterns,
Intent on some important insect mission,
Minding their own business, thank you.

Of course, sometimes ants have to be exterminated
If they’re likely to bite a small child,
Or interrupting...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble, allegory, death, loss, peace,
Form: Free verse
Resting there, beneath the sod,
Lie two young, bosom friends.
They shared the joys and toils of life,
From childhood, down in Texas,
To this grassy knoll where their story ends.
             ...Read More
Categories: rough and tumble,
Form: I do not know?