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Passion Romantic Poems

These Passion Romantic poems are examples of Romantic poems about Passion. These are the best examples of Romantic Passion poems written by international poets.

I Love to Love You
I never saw this coming,
it hit me by surprise;
who could've guessed
that we'd change each other's lives?

You're everything to me
and it just blows my mind
'Cause I...

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Categories: romantic, appreciation, beauty, joy, love,

Fly For Me
Fly for me Love.
Open your wings and soar,
find the mountains,
follow the river’s flow,
watch the sun as it fades,
yet don’t sit still
waiting for the next day.


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Categories: romantic, devotion, encouraging, feelings, love,

Heart of the Knight
A knight in rusting armor trudges through the pelting rains. 
A warming flame, deep in his heart, a fire that heals all pains. 

Through wilderness...

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Categories: romantic, desire, home, i love

Seductress of the Night
Seducing whispers float upon the breeze 
as scents of jasmine waft on the midnight air. 
A soft, elusive presence comes to tease; 
her gentle, tempting...

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Categories: love, night, romantic, romantic

Love is
True Love is Sacrifice 
A life where you don't have Ever to ask twice
Where two rights are never Wrong
& The nights Last so long
But Go...

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Categories: romantic, emotions, fate, i love

Life had just Begun
Within a second of her contact
I lost all feeling of combat
Her enlightened energy entered me
Touching me like a warm bath
Her synergy centered me 
A balance...

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Categories: romantic, beauty, emotions, heart, life,

Premium Member Stars in Our Eyes
Breathless, he whispers warmth through me
Coloring my mind in hues of fancy, brilliant
Like a smile, his hand on mine, so resilient
Almost as strong as the...

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Categories: love, romance, romantic love,

Silence in the sky
and warmth in the air.
Seems like, a storm is going to appear.

Two pairs of lips are silent,
two hearts are so near.
Another storm...

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Categories: romantic, journey, love, lust, passion,

Premium Member A Nightingale Sings of Dawns Glory

The light that thrives inside 
Dances like fireflies 
Underneath a summer moon
Singing, breathing, thinking of you

The morning rises to meet the day
Flickering lively, brilliant rays

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Categories: romantic, bird, inspirational, love, passion,

Premium Member summer love
the midday meadow danced with little things
          a-bounding from the grass-to-grass, and on

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Categories: romantic, imagery, love, metaphor, nature,

Premium Member Fireflies And Twinkling Stars

Lovers on a romantic rendezvous
feel summer's heat morphing into desire.
And adding to the feelings that accrue,
fireflies and twinkling stars stoke summer's fire.

Black-eyed-Susans, daisies, and wild...

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Categories: romantic, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member I Arise With The Paling Moon
In the late August hot~coals afternoon, the gladiolus
stir gently in the humid breeze, as children raucously
walk home,
an augury atmosphere, as hushed songbirds retire
to sheltering foliage,

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Categories: romantic, 11th grade, august, death,

Premium Member The Connection

Breathing laughter across my naked heart
Gentling my wild caress with a kind flow
Whispering light, leaving me all aglow
Loosening my hope, beautiful as art

Clearing my senses...

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Categories: romantic, feelings, love, marriage, passion,

Premium Member fires, unfaithful
heaven ...
is my prison ...
that dreamy, white tangle of
percale where your
limbs and mine weave sweaty magic -
a moon-daubed canvas of
pyretic passion, public ...
no shut-door, drawn-curtain...

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Categories: romantic, betrayal, lust, metaphor, passion,

Premium Member The Way You Look At Me
the taste of your lips    ah, the flavor of ecstasy    your eyes sparkle!

Written April 30, 20210
"The Way...

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Categories: love, passion, romantic love,