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Passion Romantic Poems

These Passion Romantic poems are examples of Romantic poems about Passion. These are the best examples of Romantic Passion poems written by international poets.

Romantic Energy

In life's vast tapestry, a spark ignites,
A flame of passion, where romance alights.
With tender whispers and enchanted dance,
Love's vibrant touch, a wild, electric trance.

Romance, oh...

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Premium Member Blues and Browns
Eyes of sapphire, dazzling blue
Locks my gaze, looks right through 
Mine, honey brown, together blends
Behold your beauty apprehends
Heartbeats sync, pulses one
Desire grows, exponential sum
Squared then...

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Categories: romantic, for her, i love

Premium Member Love Language
Reflection in a pane of glass
Beauty to behold
Screenshots in my mind amass
Stored within untold

Lips that are so kissable
The softness of your skin
The horses of desire

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Categories: romantic, for her, i love

Words that kill
We are like two planes bound to collide
Tinting the sky with hues of blood-red desire
Our embers, a tapestry woven with grace
From threads of doleful devotion


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Categories: romantic, desire, devotion, lost love,

Premium Member You're My Better Half
You are the reason my heart is beating
to this rhythm of joy
It's just a revelation, a inspiration
breathing into the night,
It's spiritual
Such a miracle
You'll remember this...

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Categories: romantic, appreciation, feelings, love, passion,

Premium Member SHINE ON ME
Shine on me 
Showcase me 
Embrace me 
Encase me 
Risk your life to save me
Envelop me 
Face-to-face me
Fix your gaze on me
Examine me 
Taste every...

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Categories: love, passion, romantic, romantic

Premium Member A Love Like This

Beside the river flowing over smooth
Stones, dark and shadowy waters,
Healing me with hues of summertime truths…
Echoing past the whimsical blue, streaming
Alive like the music playing...

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Categories: romantic, appreciation, dream, longing, love,

Premium Member Love Whispers
Whispers of love,
while you gently embrace me.
Our lips lightly touch,
my soul feels elated.
As my heart warmly,
whispers back.

Contest: Bite size contest no 64 poetry contest
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Categories: love, passion, romantic love,

Premium Member Locked In 2
I turned.
My head was locked;
And your smile captured me.
I fought the beast of pure passion
For you.


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Categories: romantic love,

Premium Member MI AMOR EN ROMA

Stop tickling me!
Beloved, you make with howl with
Oh, may we be forever just so in the 
coming hereafter!

You make my head wild… your
kiss on my...

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Categories: passion, romantic,

Premium Member Sometimes
Sometimes there is frustration
For what I cannot do
I'm in the wrong location
I'd rather be with you
Enjoying nights of passion
Living days in love
In every form and...

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Categories: romantic, for her, i love

Premium Member Mountain House
Alone with our love on a quiet retreat
In a mountain lake cabin, no one else there to greet
Reachable only by an airplane on floats
Hidden from...

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Categories: romantic, for her, i love

Premium Member Dark Kiss
A blossom in springtime is what you are
A cool drink of water from a dry land afar
Sir Winter you've passed, good now be gone
It's high...

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Categories: romantic, desire, for her, i

Premium Member Bottoms Up
Desire on fire
It's under control 
But deep down inside me
It's full and it's whole
Thoughts of big snowstorms
Still thrive and abound
While dreams of guitar lessons
Still drift...

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Categories: romantic, desire, for her, i

In your eyes, I see the stars,
A universe of love, so far.
In your touch, I feel the fire,
A passion that will never tire.

Your smile, it...

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