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Passion Romantic Poems

These Passion Romantic poems are examples of Romantic poems about Passion. These are the best examples of Romantic Passion poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Nearer
Nearer our love two hearts a quiver.
Quiver for love's passions true shiver.
Shiver together so love will deliver.
Deliver to us our essence nearer....

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Categories: love, passion, romance, romantic,

Premium Member Romantic Distancing
Polygamy                        ...

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Categories: romantic, motivation, passion,

Premium Member Cuddling Caress
Cuddle close the one that loves you tender.
Hold softly to heart those emotions of this sender.
For they are passions that can never be bought.
And come...

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Categories: romantic, i love you, love,

Premium Member ''Immortal Beloved,'' Rescripted
Immortal Belovéd, why imagine
our love a lover's hell, when heaven's best
and all's right again when Love's religion
rules o'er us and becomes our perfect rest?
We'd do...

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Categories: romantic, desire, heaven, hope, love,

Premium Member Sweet Words
Speak to me sweet words of a romantic kind.
Reach deep within our love to which we bind.
Then gently touch passion with soothing verbs.
Of a type...

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Categories: romantic, desire, devotion, feelings, love,

Premium Member Passionate Touch
I oft lose my composure watching you near
for love as a muse stays our passion infused.

My insides are deliciously alive
within delights your persona designs.

Deep love...

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Categories: romantic, desire, emotions, i love

My Love, My Only Love
There is no Sun as bright as thee, my Laurie!
No moon can imitate thy gentle shining!
As a lotus bud rushes upward toward the Light,
So, my...

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Categories: romantic, appreciation, kiss, longing, love,

Premium Member To Touch the Untouched
She is soothing music,
but an unwritten script.

A silent movie,
but visually, cinematic elegance.

Infatuated lyrics thirst to
compose onto tones of her curves.

Her tongue is a sensual dance,

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: desire, romance, romantic love,

Unspoken Passion
Side by side, we hear the tide,
and not a word is spoken.
Love came in through a door
we didn’t know was open… 

Rithimus Divisa 2 Poetry...

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Categories: feelings, romantic,

Rapid Heart
Rapid Heart

My heart is rapid,
My thoughts are swift,
My heart is a rhapsody of song that is as wild as our love,
My heart beats with yours,

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Categories: romantic, heart, love, nice, passion,

Premium Member Poe Love Verse
O lady of sunbeams so pert 'neath morn's fresh sky,

within your force my heart's realm hath crowned you fair queen.

Amid your sassy satin my dreams...

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Categories: romantic, character, crush, desire, feelings,

Premium Member She That Time And Fate Can Never Erase
She That Time And Fate Can Never Erase

BEHOLD- she that a torn heart can repair,
a Venus that bright stars envy and praise
she that reflects morn's...

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Categories: romantic, appreciation, beauty, inspiration, love,


       A hasty glance and still my heart leaped up

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Categories: appreciation, first love, romantic

Premium Member Free Verse on Love
I’ve never felt this way before.
The joy comes from the depths of my soul.
I don’t know how to explain this feeling.
It’s a feeling that is...

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Categories: romantic, blessing, inspiration, inspirational, love,

Premium Member You make me feel
You make me feel like dreams…
Are being brought to life…
Like the moment that we met…
Ended all my worst strife.

You make me feel like true joy…

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Categories: romantic, blessing, love, passion, romance,

Premium Member Love's Beautiful Lawn
Wild grasses of my springtime heart unmown,
unruly, unrestrained, in silence grew.
Youth’s fierce infatuation madly blew
its untamed gales where tall, green blades had grown.
Fair birds of...

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© John Watt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: green, love, passion, romantic


My heart was racing and pounding like a drum
It was beating like it had never done
The blood was rushing through my veins
My temperature was soaring...

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Categories: romantic, beauty, longing, love, passion,

Premium Member Lovers
Lovers embrace..
Eyes meet as their passion soars..
Of the greatest heights..

Love soars high above the clouds..
Over a colorful rainbow..

Lovers embrace..
Soft lips deliver sweetness..
Sweetness delivers caresses ..

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Categories: inspirational, love, meaningful, romantic,

Premium Member Ah
Creepy, quiet, mellow, velvet night,
The hour that my love shines bright,
As moondrops fall from above;
I'm in the arms of love.

Like leaves that whisper on the...

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Categories: moon, night, passion, romantic

Playing on the radio is a song I wrote for you
I try to not blank out on my lyrics
On your love, I feel oblivious
But I...

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Categories: romantic, beauty, joy, love, music,