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Roll Call Poems

Roll Call Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of roll call poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for roll call.

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Premium Member The Precipice

"The Precipice"

In the Autumn 
she wore a wedding veil
A cold winter would lift it
Kiss her lips passionately to 
speak words of 
on a 
late roll call

“Well, that’s insanity for you” 
some snakes would hiss
others rapture-faced
on bent knees
plastered her walls 
with...Read More
Categories: roll call, god, humanity, science,
Form: Free verse

I am my name
I am my name
If you remember my name, you have my attention
Pronounce it well, you have my trust
I am nothing but my name

My name is a certain point in time
They remember the time, they remember the weather
My name is that...Read More
Categories: roll call, analogy, emotions, eulogy, fairy, family, fate, fear,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Roll Call
When the forests are felled
By our swallowed words
Hungry ears will burn~

For an owl to say   who


Silence Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Silent One
...Read More
Categories: roll call, bird, environment, silence,
Form: Free verse
what is from him is his so she is never to be his
caused us to part
that I had found
you to be less than mine
the part of love where
what is said
goes to being
to make this unkind
those in opposition
of what I want
will give you a script to follow
they'll introduce 
you to men
so you'll be...Read More
Categories: roll call, betrayal, community, corruption, culture, engagement, imagery,
Form: Ballad
a single snap, sparks the lux

crowns us here in the mind
along all moments and pieces of time
they scatter in a constant motion
expanding exquisite for the aftermath  
blazing fusion usher’s nightfall 
superior fragments kindle astral 
answer to the celestial...Read More
Categories: roll call, sky, star, stars, truth, universe,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member It is with Christ's body We ARE HIS HANDS and FEET--
Here in spirit;
Jesus walks...
I am His feet
Before the roll call and thunder;
We shall speak, be the mouth of Christ;

It is with Christ's body;
We are His hands and feet;
It is with Christ's body;
We are His eyes and mouth

So it is...Read More
Categories: roll call, analogy, appreciation, inspirational,
Form: Lyric

tic toc
the ticking 
of the clock

steel blue
thru and thru

roll call
the long walk
down the hall

white coats

i’m done
outa here
gotta run

posted on April, 2019...Read More
Categories: roll call, health, time,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member remberance of our veterans
Of all the best, there’s many at rest
What matters most, they stood their post
They are the brave, they did not waive
To those who serve, such honor they deserve

Charging from the front line, more troops followed behind
Never in the clear, did...Read More
Categories: roll call, military, remembrance day, veterans day,
Form: Free verse
We HAVE Yesterday,Letter To My Bride
My dear Bride,

Much energy and talk go into today's relationships.                              ...Read More
Categories: roll call, feelings, i love you, love, marriage, memory,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member ROLL CALL

Dust the stench of fear from bloodless heroes
laid to rest on muddied mountain path
forgotten in the depth of passing sunsets
remembered in survivors tortured wrath

carrying the numbed and hidden horror
through the guilt of living’s sunlit day
fingers tracing faces on a stone...Read More
Categories: roll call, soldier, war,
Form: Sonnet
......THE CANADIAN...Read More
Categories: roll call, adventure, appreciation, drink, encouraging, food, inspirational, language,
Form: Chant Royal
The Hardships of Honesty - Neither Will I
I often surprise many people in many ways
With the words I say…with the actions I make…
It’s extraordinary how many seek high praise
With the words they say…with the actions they fake…

Neither will I…
Assume the worst in people in general
Will you hear...Read More
Categories: roll call, angst, conflict, emotions, endurance, faith, hope, passion,
Form: Free verse

Hot, heat is the first impression,
this is the one that lasts
three hundred and sixty five days.

From the portal of the freedom bird
a year stretches across the runway,
across the heated shimmering tarmac,
far out in the yet unseen jungle
and...Read More
Categories: roll call, angst, anniversary, bereavement, death, destiny, devotion, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Midnight roll call
International relations clerk on duty enters
In her hand is a list of nations from Africa
One by one she shouts out their surnames

The assembly monitors gives her feedback
confirming presence or absence that day

Nations present she gives a golden ribbon
The ones absent...Read More
Categories: roll call, africa, leadership, satire,
Form: Personification
Roll Call
Who among you is named Clark?
"I am!" said the meadow lark
Who here bares the name of Pearl?
"I do!" said the eastern squirrel
Who's a mean old Visigoth?
"That's me!" said the lazy sloth
Who's the biggest silly nerd?
"Me!" said the bee-eater bird
Whose favorite...Read More
Categories: roll call, animal, bird, kids, humorous, nonsense, silly, word
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Soul Contract - Part 2
"Soul Contract (Part 2)"

If God created us? Who created God? And who created that God’s God?
This is like throwing a pebble in a Pond
the waves perpetuate spreading outward ever on.

Residual image of the Soul
handed free-will 
given DNA skin-suit technology
self procreate...Read More
Categories: roll call, dark, destiny, freedom, god, heaven, light, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Sometimes, counting the sand becomes the only way I could find hope, 
Counting the stars bring joy to my bored heart when all love is gone;
when searching means of arranging these broken words to form a life. 
They told me...Read More
Categories: roll call, abuse, africa, anger, anxiety, art,
Form: Bio
Is your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life
Is your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life?
And do you possess the Golden Key unlocking everlasting life?
Have your sins been washed white as snow by the Blood of the Lamb?
Or have you decided you want to perish in...Read More
Categories: roll call, devotion, jesus, wisdom,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Communication - Fornication - Comm-U-For-Nication
Communication + Fornication = comm-u-for-nication

kettle                                   ...Read More
Categories: roll call, cat, fantasy, humor, math, meaningful, sick, word
Form: Free verse
Aging in a New Place
I can’t speak for other men but as I grow older I have found listening to my wife makes life easier. 

So when she said we should move to a retirement community while we’re still in reasonably good health, I...Read More
Categories: roll call, age,
Form: Prose
Halloween Night

A Hallows Eve of trick or treating, elaborate costumes, candy eating,
       Lantern’s dimming upon nightfall, locked doors marks next year’s meeting.

My recalling of my day and for the next is what to come, 
	I...Read More
Categories: roll call, death, evil, fear, halloween, october, psychological, scary,
Form: Rhyme
Deaths Quota Flying High
The flowers all have scattered,
  borrowed feelings shout aloud

Mock funeral of celebration,
  grief false beneath their shrouds

The mourning congregation,
  to the tavern marched in step

A ruse to the departed,
  with each toast his memory wept

His friends...Read More
Categories: roll call, death,
Form: Rhyme
Poetry 101
Let me see...paper--nothing too glossy:
even the novice
instinctively knows
last thing
a serious
or not so serious poet needs
is wasting time
attempting to adhere
skiddy words
to slick, skating surfaces.

Pencils--yes! Lots of pencils--
with penetrating points;
and clean erasers--
used sparingly of course;
for only blank punctuation
or to smudge a few
doubtful...Read More
Categories: roll call, allegory, inspiration, poems, poetess, poetry, write, writing,
Form: Free verse
As the Foundation Sinks
the pantomiming madman squeals appeals
as tall gray shadows elongate along the wall
like black-hearted judges brewing venom
within their jowls bulging and anticipating
the reaping of tears and tremulous wails

the growl of steel-bars and the verdict of iron-doors
molds monsters masticating pheromones of trepidation
as...Read More
Categories: roll call, dark, deep, evil, imagery, imagination, surreal, visionary,
Form: Free verse
The Gardener
Wet skies
Grey dawn 
Blankets the coast.
Black rocks
Sea foam 
Triggers the most
Atlantic applause,
An encore to those
Just hearty enough
To make a life on The Rock.

And to answer the call,
Between stone cracks,
Moss roots, 
And squalls,
A garden was planted 
Where nothing 
Had grown


Before the...Read More
Categories: roll call, death, garden, memorial day, memory, sad, soldier,
Form: Free verse