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The Moth I Left Behind

I love you Broad-boarded Bee-Moth
I’m delighted by your transparent wings,
‘diaphanous’ some say.

I love your jerky jiggly flight by day
as you flitter from leaf to leaf.
Some say you flutter, but I think not so much.

You fly through riverside woods
and sometimes hover over mountain slopes, 
depending on your mood, and let’s face it
you’re certainly a little moody.

You could not follow me to America,
I recall that sad rainy day when we parted,
tears ran down my ears as I waved goodbye.
You flit lonely now through a faraway sky.

Do you miss me,
my dear Broad-bordered Bee-Moth?
Do you forgive me for that brief affair
I had with that Humming-bird Hawk Moth?
She meant nothing to me.
It has always been you my dinky-winged darling,
only you.

Copyright © Eric Ashford