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Food Quatrain Poems

These Food Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Food. These are the best examples of Quatrain Food poems written by international poets.

Premium Member FOOD MEMORIES
Toasted teacakes,parmesan cheese
Croquetted chicken,fricasees;
Apple dumplings,yogurt creamed
Welsh mutton,in pudding,steamed.

Baked Alaska,Banbury cake
Lyons ices with  Cadbury flake;
Gorganzola buttered roll
Side salad oil drizzled,in a bowl.

Melba meringue,warm mince pies

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Categories: food,

Loathsome Terrorism due to Pessimism
Why takes place terrorism?
Is it due to lack of optimism?
Or do devils do tricky hypnotism?
It surely cripples enthusiasm

Tigers and lions kill for food
Otherwise, no killing...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, bereavement, betrayal,

Premium Member Mailman is Punked by Pups
We will share lunch with you the puppies offered, running in a bunch.
The mailman was offended. You dogs who chase me would eat my lunch?

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Categories: dog, humorous,

Premium Member Reverse Midas Touch
Some called him Bacchus, some Dionysus:
god of the grape-harvest, winemaking, fruit.
Giver of joy, dispenser of sorrow,
famous for orgies, bacchantes recruits…

Enter King Midas, ruler of Phrygia

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Categories: wisdom,

Premium Member Snacking is lacking
One hundred fifty calories
in twenty-seven Cheez-its. 
Unless you chew one at a time,
they go fast; best believe it!...

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Categories: food, how i feel,

Premium Member Finicky
I went to the grocer 
To buy her some food
But she turned her nose up
Seems nothing looked good

I went to the butcher
To buy her some...

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Categories: food, nursery rhyme,

Premium Member Prettiest Gingerbread House
Gingerbread houses have been pretty of course
But this one is amazing, the best I have seen.
The red and white peppermint are lovely as Norse
The striped...

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Categories: christmas, food, winter,

Premium Member Two Empty Chairs at Christmas
Let’s keep their apartment through Christmas someone suggested.
Although their mother was gone, and their dad had been arrested.
He will be back, right? An optimist asked,...

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Categories: goodbye,

Premium Member A Simple Slice of Pie
My granddaughter loves this restaurant and was looking forward to certain foods.

A simple slice of pie will do.
It’s on the menu - see me point.

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Categories: food,

Premium Member Bragging About Their Stuff Again
Yes, we have this and that and this this this
Their mouths never close, their tongues never miss
Their material things are brought out daily to show

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Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade,

Premium Member November and December as Sisters

Behind October comes the gloomy one
arriving as the leaves are turning brown.
Though sometimes she blows in with a bright sun,
she’s often sulking in her fading...

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Categories: holiday,

Premium Member We are the Dogs on the Beach
We are the dogs on the beach, the mighty mighty dogs
We ride in on helicopters, in Volkswagan buses and hawgs.
Some of us are spotted, some...

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Categories: dog,

Premium Member Bumblebee Has a New Name
Picky bumble bee lives in a new pumpkin house
She had to clean it thoroughly after the mouse
He had left partial bits of food all over...

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Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Halloween Lips
Halloween lips are pumpkin's rain
for kissing pulp on smacking brain
And holding love for passion named
in pumpkins born in farmer's lane

When all for one
are fields of...

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Categories: halloween, holiday,

Premium Member A Red Breasted Robin

Spied a red robin, hopping on the grassy mead
Tilting its head this side and that, looking for feed
Knew her young ones were waiting eager to...

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Categories: bird, care, song,