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Sometimes Prose Poems

These Sometimes Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Sometimes. These are the best examples of Prose Sometimes poems written by international poets.

Change your pace to win the race-RSOI
Change your pace to win the race-RSOI

Change your pace to win the race
Are you not succeeding? If you are not succeeding,
There are chance that you...

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Categories: prose, humanity, inspiration, motivation,

Premium Member ONE AND ONLY
A soul is not meant to live alone
And a heart is not meant to be lonely
A dream sometimes has a message
With a hope to believe...

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Categories: prose, beautiful, happiness, inspiration, longing,

Premium Member Slay Queen Empire
Physical glow of a queen with the account of a peasant
maintaining the countenance that will make men arise
against a few disapprovals, she manages the crack

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Categories: prose, addiction, adventure, character, fantasy,

I Am Only Myself
I am Only Myself

I am what I am.
I can make no pretense,
Of being anything else.
You must accept or shun me, as I am.

I am what...

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Categories: prose, angst, celebration, character, poems,

Stars and Angels

How do they differ?

Stars shine and sometimes dim.
Thats when angels come in.
Angels lift the stars back up. 
Their wing span engulfs
All the stray...

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Categories: prose, friendship love,

Premium Member Following a Class Act
Starting my usual job as a school counselor
but in two schools instead of one.
An improbable task. I have done it before, and it is not...

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Categories: prose, jobs, school,

God equals to Happiness
We all want to be Happy
We pray to God for bliss
But where does God truly live
This point we sadly miss

God is not on a distant...

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Categories: god, happiness, inspirational, spiritual,

Premium Member Twelve and Kind-Hearted
He is twelve and kind-hearted. 
I agree to try another video game because I love him.
He keeps giving me glowing reviews.
“You are doing well, grandma!”

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Categories: prose, grandchild, grandmother, grandson,

The Law Part 1
The Law

Science is merely the behavior exhibited from a relationship. Magic the same. Science comes from natural law, magic the supernatural. People have their feet

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Categories: art, christian, poetry,

Canopy Peace
There is a vast canopy encircling the entire earth and capped in skies of blue.          ...

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Categories: prose, blue,

Missionary Thoughts
It's not always that missions are about "the goings" to somewhere else             ...

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Categories: christian,

Premium Member SOUL SEEKERS
Captivated by the flesh
never reaching the buried spirit
captured deep within.
Looking for trust; we are sidetracked by lust.
First, look into the whites of their eyes,
watch their...

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Categories: prose, beauty, blessing, devotion, happiness,

Premium Member Walking While Reading
I was walking while reading
because this had been recommended,...

actually more like required reading
while walking,
rather than too much blindly reading
while passively impassively sitting through
Earth-reflective stalking exercises


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Categories: prose, caregiving, earth, environment, health,

Premium Member I was the school's projectionist
I was the school's projectionist remember those guys that came to your class and showed a film or two and sometimes the tape would break...

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Categories: nostalgia,

Premium Member Back in the day
Back in the day
Women had to sew their own dresses
And also some of their own men's clothing
patch up their britches all day long
it really was...

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Categories: analogy,

brain activities in acceptance
on the eyesight 
brings a knowledge 
apparently; then supplies 
a chain command to our sense 
of acceptance; then our sense makes 
an activities in...

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Categories: introspection,

Wasted Pain
Crops cannot survive without some rain,                   ...

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Categories: prose, health, pain,

Sometimes we must steal and loan kisses
Sometime we must steal and loan kisses

Beautiful lady arrived at the Austin's tavern at twelve trying to escape the Texas Summer heat.
Once she wanted everything...

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Categories: prose, dark, poetry, women,

Since the beginning,
I've been beating here,
telling Papa, "Boys can cook, too..."
In flames, sometimes...
Downright heart broken some nights...
The moonlight...
So many smiling faces after heartbreaks...
Letting go sometimes...

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Categories: prose, feelings, grief, heartbreak, heartbroken,

Origami In Flight
Sometimes when I get a little bored,
my hands will roam...
folding, creasing, creating
life from simple pieces of colored paper
that, I will turn into dragons or birds.


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Categories: animal, appreciation, art, bird,