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Sexy Prose Poems

These Sexy Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Sexy. These are the best examples of Prose Sexy poems written by international poets.

By Phone
I get so damn horny
When I hear her voice
Her the lovely lady
Who's on the phone
Her sultry tones
Hide so much
And betray it all
Oh I do wanna...

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Categories: prose, sensual, sexy, voice,

Shared Experience
Shared Experience
We hike the mountain together
My neighbour and I
We reach the final peak
The view is wonderful

We both feel raptures
And stand close and hold
Kissing and falling...

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Categories: prose, mountains, sexy, true love,

i like your shapely legs
your thighs are awesome
so muscular

your pek pek shorts hug you
as i want to do
me naked

my body reacting to you
i want to...

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Categories: prose, muse, sexy, sin,

A Boy In Heat
Young Boy in Heat

I remember when I was a kid
Maybe twelve or thirteen years old
Just on the edge of pubescence and
Becoming aware of my own...

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Categories: prose, confusion, desire, feelings, sexy,

Premium Member I Saw Your Silhouette in the Starlight
I saw your silhouette in the starlight...

On a steamy summer night.

The allure of your beauty was magnetic...

As I slowly approached your enchantment.

Trustful I would not...

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Categories: prose, love, magic, romantic, sensual,

Premium Member But A Moment - Love Snippets 2

"Hurry, you've gotta see this!"
She yelled at me from a hundred yards down the beach ...
So I ran, barefooted, as fast as I could to...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, love, passion, romance,

Thanks To You All
Thanks to you all
Thanks to those who come to, practise poems, 
write, read and share poems 
and comment on others

Thanks to those who read...

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Categories: prose, how i feel,

Nasty and cold need to stay in
Light the fire let's begin
Slow sensual and so very hot
Time is what we've got
Detached no you can not
Need your...

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Categories: body, girlfriend, happiness, heart,

Premium Member The Whirlwind - Collaboration with Caren Krutsinger
I was completely, utterly, totally completely in love.
We met last Thursday, our eyes melted into each other’s souls before we spoke.
Together we were beyond sensual,...

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Categories: love, romance,

Premium Member One Moment in Time
Sex is generally relatively inexpensive and requires no storage space. But what constitutes a great sexual experience? Does it have to be prolonged? (The average...

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Categories: appreciation, sexy,

Black as the night
 Black as the night

I watched her dance alone to the holy Jazz songs. Simmering words make her body move slow and easy to the...

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Categories: prose, dance, drink, heartbroken, lost

Sunday Morn
An alluring lazy day, 
that sweet intensity
The love between us. 
A force. An energy.
Too strong to be ignored, 
magnetic in its pull
it forges souls together....

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© Alye Lee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, sexy,

Dream Series: Naughty Grandmas XXX
Last night I dreamed Rhonda and I were so desperate for income that we either started or were hired by a grandma sex hotline.

I don't...

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Categories: prose, age, dream, funny, grandmother,

Words as Seduction
It suddenly occurred to me
one can be seduced with words
even when not backed by action
eloquence with language is in fact, sexy

Words are a means of...

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Categories: art, introspection, romantic,

I made love - felt like I hadn't shaved for  24 hours,
went outside, wet, got caught in some snow showers,
white specks on a black...

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Categories: black love, sexy, snow,

It's The Most Sexiest Time of the Year
It's the most playful time of the year. With the kids gone no yelling. She's clean and not smelling. Legs spread with no fear. It's...

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Categories: desire, sexy,

Premium Member WHAT IS POETRY
Poetry Often is an "Open Prayer".
Or; “What came first “The Lyrics or the Song”?
Poetry could be. Hypnotizing and mesmerizing.
A spell cast upon the receiver/reader to...

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Categories: prose, poems, writing,

It was love
Juvenile the age 
We got together;
Nature drew us by means
Of attraction, allurement, touch;
Got closer and closer,
And finally cohered;
Yet far from 'love',
Dreamed together live for life;

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Categories: prose, love, love hurts, lust,

Drops like dew from sky
Drops like dew from sky, 
Fall tip tip slowly, 
Lands on ground;
Tipsy odour of petrichor, 
Stimulates ambiance sexy;
Tiny plants rise above,
The shells cracking open;
Seek fresh...

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Categories: prose, beauty, rain, rainbow, river,

Queer Theory
Old Jane Gallagher, 
she was fine, 
in that sun shining on an every-day-girl sort of way.
as her checkers clacked and she stacked up her...

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Categories: prose, confusion, first love, funny