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Repetition Prose Poems

These Repetition Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Repetition. These are the best examples of Prose Repetition poems written by international poets.

Two Dog Night
Two dog night

A stillness had crept in under a cloak 
of finely sculptured snowflakes, descending 
quietly from an oppressively heavy sky. 
It blanketed deserted streets

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© Fred Clark  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, destiny,

The Fall

The Fall

On the anniversary Adam coaxed Eve,
complaining, distracted, to the clearing
for the invented ritual. 
He had been uneasy since,
repeating actions in certain ways as if,

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Categories: prose, angst, anniversary, faith, forgiveness,

Both Of Us
I opened up, let you in.
And still you walked away.
But it's okay, because I'll love myself enough for the both of us.

If I flew to...

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Categories: prose, farewell, goodbye, heartbroken, lost

Square one never given
Research of an introverts passion and finding a relationship.
Delusion is my work base.
Everyone else forgot to come.
Stuck in my mind the relationship breaks down due...

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Categories: prose, deep, devotion, future, identity,

I say the same things - one day you will too,
'Any snakes? Is she ugly or what?' Just a few,
'aaaiiiooo! Anyone would think you're a...

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Categories: character, humor, imagination,

After and Forever, it's all the same
The particulars aren’t that important, but let me ty to explain
The after is now, and forever hasn’t began

I recently met my twin and I saw...

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Categories: how i feel, nonsense,

Premium Member Silent Goodbye
I forgot myself today
as melancholic melodies 
overwhelm each beat
of my wandering heart.

The sanctimonious sun deceives
as a bitter breeze breathes
against sullen silent surfaces.

Recycled emotions penetrate
with a...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, i miss you,

A Taste of the Noise in a Suicidal Head
You are worthless
even if you do your best.
The world without you
won’t feel any less.

You are worthless.
You are a mess.
In this world you’re just a grain,

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© max ortiz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, death, hate, loneliness, repetition,

My Prose Will Flow
I go to the gym most every day,
  my fountain pen in hand

My curls and dips move line to line,
  I press as...

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Categories: prose, writing,

Let the battle cries begin over and over again
The Devil lurks in the light
in the ever shifting shadows of the world
between here and there
in-between the silhouettes of leafs on the concrete wear 

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Categories: prose, christian, god, imagery, jesus,

contest  Own It

I hear the voices within my head.
the thoughts go back and forth
so much power goes to quieting
this internal fight within
 eyes closed...

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Categories: prose, introspection, repetition,

i swear to god- ryan
am i alive today? in this moment, am i present? sometimes, it feels like I’m a ghost without a real purpose. i feel like darkness...

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Categories: death, grief, jesus, red,

The Chameleon
The chameleon
It is that time of the year
The sweet coated tongues
Of the chameleon begins
Its melodious songs again

The people are waging their tails
Dancing to the rhythm...

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Categories: prose, political,

I won't reach the finish line
I'm not determined to rush forward  since i know i won't reach the finish line
There's a circle around me  going forward means getting...

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Categories: repetition, sorrow,

Second Opinions
By Curtis Johnson

It seemed so clear and plain to me that those urges for repetitive behaviors and tendencies were hard to tame.

It seemed...

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Categories: prose, age, analogy, farewell, future,

A Normal Day
The nurse left work
At five-o-clock
Followed by a midget 
In a floppy eared winter hat
Who looked something like 
A small mixed breed dog
Caught between a Pit...

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© CJ Krieger  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: repetition, sleep, work,

It's always the worst in the mornings. Waking up, not seeing you there. You used to sleep so peacefully. You were protecting me during the...

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Categories: absence, memory, remember, repetition,

Son Light
Feels like 1960, and none of us were formed yet, a spark on the verge of ignition, the movement primed with momentum. Kings, princes, boys,...

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© TS Lewis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, black african american, character,

The Night in Question
She died that night you know.  

Throat swollen, 
mouth open, 
gasping for air she died. 
Head down, 
eyes to ground, 
mouth quieted she died....

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Categories: prose, repetition, spoken word,


Lone tears wrapped themselves around her heart;
blue skies lost their luster---gone dark
like the clothes of those who had to...

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Categories: prose, allegory, analogy, betrayal, horror,