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Religion Prose Poems

These Religion Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Religion. These are the best examples of Prose Religion poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Beauty Instead of Ashes


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Categories: prose, inspirational, religion,

Rhetorics On The Nigerian Church
A billion dollar structure to worship
An invisible God.
Why there are a billion persons 
Who go to bed hungry.
This God in whose image we were all...

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Categories: prose, abuse, allusion, april, art,



I sit

In a coffee-house

As I so often do,


But never

Left alone

Sitting anonymously

In the warming crowd


In a favorite

Stuffed oversized


As if hiding

In a peaceful 

Winter cloud.

I peer




With my


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© Rick Davis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, encouraging, religion,

The Key to Heaven
The Key to Heaven

The key to Heaven has no teeth!
The key to Heaven fits no lock.
The key to Heaven is a living key,
And a sacred...

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Categories: prose, religion,

My rock
No matter how cold the night may seem 
Don't give up the serpent of old is trying to implement his scheme 
He'll put people in...

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Categories: prose, angel, anxiety, best friend,

Who Are You and Why Are You Here
One day when life was full of peace

My mentor said something to tease
Who are you? Why are you here?
What is your life's purpose, my dear?

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Categories: prose, death, i am,

Like those still waters
still running deep:

like the calm before the storm:

like glittering veins of fool's gold,

a mirage beneath the desert sun:

friendship, camaraderie,

only politics-deep,

only religion-deep....

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Categories: prose, angst, friendship, loneliness, society,

Credo Of An Old Soul
I love my family but am not wholeheartedly committed to them.

I am significantly detached from society as a whole itself.

I shall always embrace my inner...

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Categories: character, faith, inspirational, philosophy,

A Poem In Which Nothing Is True
The Messiah you see painted on the ceilings of your churches and on the floors of the convenience stores on the corner are me--I know...

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Categories: prose, 11th grade, analogy, religion,

Bury The Baby
The sky and the ground have given you this body and you have destroyed it! The stars and the moon have sacrificed themselves for you...

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Categories: prose, 11th grade, angst, my

This Mighty Struggle
I feel sad this morning as l ask God for mercy for the sins I committed yesterday. I wanted to make yesterday Holy but my...

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Categories: forgiveness, god, religion, sin,

Premium Member The Lesson

It was a cool…gloomy…
Rainy morning:

“Teacher, where did God come from?”
“Before the beginning; I believe.”
“Where was that?”
“Oh…thanks teacher.”
“Wow…thank you, my child.”

The rain stopped…
The sun came out…

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Categories: prose, 2nd grade, allegory, child,

Religion is
Talking to
Great power!
In the
name of
Power to
Power to
Great cathedrals.
Power to
Control the
Down on
your knees.
Eyes open.
Life to live.
ceasing to exist.
death, oblivion.
Great Fear.
No concern,
life after death.

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© JG Collins  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, art,

I've fooled you Mr Death
He feasts on Death, a daily dose.
Life's to pretty, love, sentiment.
Feeds on hatred, his human host,
He forecloses souls, waives the rent.

He disects hearts like a...

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Categories: prose, religion,

Tommie Toenail
Little Tommie Toenail lived
In a shoe in the woods.
He always cries as he is poor.
He has no clothes, no food, no goods.

Tommie Toenail gave up...

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Categories: prose, religion,

Alone, free
No need to tell lies,

no need to do "what one 

does want not to do";

solitary, but not lost,

rather, found, finally alive

in a nobler dream,

before a...

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Categories: prose, emotions, passion, philosophy, religion,

Who is God, Where is God, What is God
I searched for God in temples
But nowhere was He found 
I looked into the skies and waters 
And everywhere on the ground

To me, God was...

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Categories: prose, butterfly, celebration, color, irony,

Heavenly echoes
bouncing through -

wild, verdant hills,

Imperishable Trees,

all down the Valley,

Motion in Rest....

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Categories: prose, meaningful, nature, peace, philosophy,

they come,
what will
they see?
A world
full of animals.
Dirty messy,
steeped in 
Animals fighting.
Pecking order,
fighting for
power, control.
eons of
war, killing 
on an 
upon millions...

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© JG Collins  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, art,

Creation Herself
Born in suffering, to Wisdom,

She stops, to look back,

Her bad Karma to avoid....

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Categories: prose, philosophy, religion, symbolism,