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Racism Prose Poems

These Racism Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Racism. These are the best examples of Prose Racism poems written by international poets.

Black History Month, 2019
Born a slave in 1818 and escaped from slavery at the age of 20, Fredrick          ...

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Categories: america, christian, race, racism,

Unwashable Handshakes
White Faces
and We the People
go hand in hand.
White hands
white hands
without ever washing
their hands.
In God we trust
rendered on 
God's word
promotes equality
same crime
different times
feels like
slavery after...

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© TS Lewis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, corruption, racism, slavery,

Not Surprised
I am not surprised
by America's
old development
in new developments
This is the reaction
of what happens
when black
reaches the white house
There's no more 
mass exodusse
of neighborhoods
or churches.
There's nowhere
else your...

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Categories: prose, america, racism,

Unadulterated History
Unadulterated History.

In 1931, a white woman accused five Hawaiian men of rape. They were acquitted. The woman's mother showed up and demanded retribution for her...

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Categories: prose, racism,

Black and White Affair
With so many black and white
divisions, how many of us are willing to take a photo with someone of other?
The majority will raise their hands,...

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Categories: black african american, inspirational,

Don't Blame The Flag
When the police came with clubs, dogs, and fire hoses,               ...

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Categories: prose, america, christian, faith, freedom,

Premium Member Of America's Montezuma's Revenge

Executive vulgarity
has become a regularity
and continues to proliferate,
fueling distancing debates;
postponing the decision we must reach;
which is the POTUS we must impeach.
How long must we be...

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Categories: prose, allegory, analogy, betrayal, black

Although we are are not born racists
Racism has always been around
Symptoms are: feelings that you are bound
And you cannot turn around

I may be treated indifferent,...

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Categories: prose, racism,

Shiny Nickels
Mama ate her collard greens with raw onions, pinching a 
morsel of greens with sweet cornbread, as juicy pork 
neckbones lay naked of meat. 


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© Sona Wilae  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, black african american, family,

I Rise
Tell my enemies, that I feel no fear.
Tell them I was forged in oppression, watered in tears.
Molded by the bullets, that embraced my peers.
Tell them,...

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© Zeki Majed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, conflict, identity, language, racism,

Premium Member Scales of Omnipotence
We might discern diverse scales 
for describing omnipotence 
of CreatorGod
in the Bible,
as elsewhere.

Genesis begins with Earth's wind and water,
and is about CreatorGod of Earth as...

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Categories: prose, bible, cancer, christian, earth,

Premium Member Good Journeys
I have heard many moms repeat
"You never stop being a parent."

Sadly, I don't see or hear that quite so much from the dads,
although I know...

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Categories: prose, age, career, happiness, love,

When you have a gun and they don’t 
Takes a certain kind of cowardice
A certain type of racism only prevalent in racist countries

We, as citizens,...

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Categories: america, patriotic, racism, society,

The Holocaust

No doubt we have the ability to change things presently.
We may very well influence what the future shall be.

But I cannot understand how anyone can...

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Categories: color, culture, holocaust, racism,

Premium Member Creative Climates for ThinkingFeeling
We are each a new way of bilateral becoming and thinking
about what a mind with body is,
where these are headed,
and as a part.

Thinking about what...

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Categories: prose, health, math, paradise, political,

Premium Member Reclusive Accountabilities
I am sick of excuses to avoid responsibility
and I am, today, sick with excuses to avoid responsibility
with "I'm just a mortal human. I make mistakes.

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Categories: prose, culture, health, humanity, humor,

Premium Member EcoPolitics of and for Climate Health
EcoPolitics explicitly intends to be culturally normative
and evolve in capacity to become historically descriptive
of cultural-historic nondual mindbodies.

Politics is about the effectiveness of power in relationships.

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Categories: prose, culture, earth, health, humor,

Premium Member TransCultural Racing Lessons
We are each and all Black Lives as small Deaths
inside our historical-cultural DNA emergence
into full-octave multicultural ecopolitics.

In Earth's ecosystem,
there can be no ecological entity perceivable...

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Categories: prose, black african american, culture,

Premium Member Racing with the Sun
Identifying as a Taoist-Christian hybrid,
a polypath feasting on root systems
of East meets West
Right greets Left
Yin embraces Yang
does not make me a good Christian
or a good...

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Categories: prose, dance, health, humor, myth,

Premium Member Empathy as Green Democracy
I don't think it's just me.
I find myself challenged to change LeftBrain cognitive beliefs,
languaged abstractions of personal knowledge,
perhaps because it is not possible to change...

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Categories: prose, education, health, history, integrity,