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Metaphor Prose Poems

These Metaphor Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Metaphor. These are the best examples of Prose Metaphor poems written by international poets.


          Once in lifetime  i stopped a little

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Categories: prose, creation, metaphor, poetry,

      My sweetheart said to me: let's fantasize, let's make sweet love ... Let's escape...

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Categories: prose, creation, funny, humorous, metaphor,

Premium Member MOTHERS

In darkness of wombs
Vines of umbilical grace
Flourish with navel blossoms
Of forever present maternal love:
Mothers are sharecroppers of God.

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Categories: prose, 12th grade, analogy, imagery,

sepia still
sepia still
tattered coffee stained pictures 
hold the everlasting portrait of nevermore

eternal empty stares
dead pupils
jaundice glare

words forever on the verge of being spoken
never being heard 

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Categories: prose, metaphor,

Premium Member A New Spring Webbing

Calendared nature admits
winter has come and gone
and makes no apologies
for lingering chilled moments;

The audacious mendacity of spring
has clamped down a frost-bite 
on the wolfing climatic...

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Categories: prose, allegory, confusion, imagery, metaphor,

Premium Member Resident Refugees
Resident Refugees…

Uprooted, abandoned and displaced;
scattered about in their own homeland—
Irrespective of gender, cultural or race,
the pursuit of happiness seems banned. 

These are the ever-present invisible...

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Categories: prose, america, analogy, discrimination, imagery,

Is Death The Meaning Of Life
It seems appropriate this Easter Sunday [4/21/19] as I write this to ask THE question humans have asked since we developed our unique-- to the...

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Categories: allusion, angst, atheist, faith,

Premium Member Winter Sihouette Skies

In the winter twilight
of the meandering drive,
silhouettes of dark clouds
patchwork the cerulean sky
with weird images of animate
and inanimate things:
animals, buildings, ships,
celestial mountains
rising above a terrestrial...

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Categories: prose, beauty, imagery, joy, memory,

Premium Member To A Beautiful Misry Winter Ensemble

Pine needles ape ice cycles
glowing in the misty rain;
the cold air periodically
sneezes a chilling wind.

What little snow that remains,
clings to the hillsides—except 
where little flowing...

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Categories: prose, color, metaphor, rain, river,

Premium Member A Virginia Spring Morning

As the quiet dew
wet blades of grass grew,
hungry rays of sunlight
slowly consumed 
the last morsels of darkness

Faint echoes of the symphony 
of frogs and crickets

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Categories: prose, animal, bird, imagery, metaphor,

Premium Member A Spring Of Life Celebration

In the consuming time of day
the water of the no longer frozen pond
is again home to a family of ducks
floating quietly in the center, as...

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Categories: prose, animal, beauty, imagery, metaphor,

From Angels jump shrapnel,
The wise men of the time gathers them,
Then they hide them at the top of the plopar,
Or on the root of the...

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Categories: prose, allegory, metaphor, poetry, poets,

Is this all
Is this all?

Life is a country, spread before us at birth, its
Vistas stretching beyond the horizon, full of 
Mystery and anticipation. 

In the distance lie...

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Categories: prose, future, life, love, metaphor,

Balance for better
Balance for better reminds me of a seesaw!
I sit on one side, she sits on the other, I see from here, She sees from there,...

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Categories: prose, family, gender, metaphor, poetry,


Winter seems frozen in time;
Its coldness veiled in stillness.

Nature has dimmed the skylight;
An invisible chilled wall
Challenging winter’s exit,
And spring’s coming.

Today, nature teased us again:
Goosebumps popping...

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Categories: prose, analogy, imagery, metaphor, seasons,

Snakes And Mr Baines
“A snake in the grass”. Such a powerful and direct metaphor of treachery, is it not? We strive to avoid such ones believed to be...

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Categories: boy, childhood,

Water Music
Water’s voice is sweet;
Playing soft whispers across the rocks,
sculpting ground,
trickling, lapping staccato;
a splash crescendo
a symphony begins.
A musical genius
writes notes in the earth;
pulsates to it’s own...

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Categories: appreciation, metaphor, music, song,

Too Many Cooks
They say that,
“too many cooks, spoil the soup”;
indeed, they spoil everything.

Political cooks, halfway cook the meal; 
leaving raw, tough meat and chewy bread; 
they bicker...

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Categories: community, conflict, confusion, introspection,

Premium Member Mortal Prose
The sibilant wind blows 
over frosted shingles of cracked porcelain.
Passed chain link a fissured road 
wends the dry creek of my mind;
downtown the stars are...

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Categories: prose, metaphor, poetry,

Premium Member Aquarian Moon

Towering barked skeletons
stoically bend, bowing
towards the majestic huge moon
reflecting all of the suns glory
as misty clouds try to shade
her celestial beauty.

As if angered by our...

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Categories: prose, beauty, metaphor, moon, nature,