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Mental Illness Prose Poems

These Mental Illness Prose poems are examples of poetry about Mental Illness Prose. These are the best examples of Prose Mental Illness poems written by international poets.

Again They Visit
Christmas is almost here
And just as I feared
Those ghosts came back
Even this year they appeared

Doubt came and sucked the happy from me
Smiled and sucked some...

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Categories: dark, death, emotions, fear,

At Last
Emptiness can hurt 
No one hears the silent screams
Fighting for a way out
A race to the dirt
Surviving the dreams
Destroyed without a doubt
Does the sting ever...

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Categories: cry, depression, lonely, lost,

an apology that's overdue
My mind feels weak
My mind feels heavy
Sometimes, my mind goes fast
Sometimes my mind goes so fast and i can't keep up.

My mind likes to play...

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Categories: prose, anxiety, cry, for teens,

I was hungry and headed to one of the tents that had been set up as a field kitchen and noticed Tim who came over...

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Categories: science fiction,

A sinner
They think oh it couldn't be that bad, Most couldn't handle just dreams I have had, My mind has always been haunted, A regular life...

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© jay moore  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, crazy, dark, evil, mental

In my mind
In my mind they want to go, Oh these people just do not know, Some of my thoughts freely do flow, Crazy and random out...

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© jay moore  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, mental illness,

Dying is the only answer
What's my fault I'm facing the problem like that
It's the fact
What was my mistake god I'm so sad
And you are bad
Unexpected day unexpected memories 

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© Raj Ranjit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, depression, feelings, mental illness,

Counting Seconds-The Rewrite

i sit lonely. 

the crowded restaurant is thick with sound 

i pick away at it 

moving back into the stagnant silence 
of my own comfort


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Categories: mental illness,

Small Town Breakdown
I'll run the red lights tonight. 
Laugh at the service engine light. Blare crowded notes, and scream until the rancor in my chest destroys the...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, car, depression,

Premium Member Now I am a Poet
Letter to a novice poet:

(What modern poetry is for me)

Welcome to the family of budding poets, who pen passion and
meaning or anything life holds for...

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Categories: adventure, courage, inspirational,

Premium Member The Clock Ticks
The Clock Ticks

The clock ticks

Its twelve, twelve
It's one, one 
It's two, two
It's three, three
Its four, four
It's five, five 
It's six, six
It's seven, seven
It's eight, eight...

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Categories: mental illness, peace, wisdom,

Premium Member I Had A Nightmare Last Night
I Had A Nightmare Last Night  #148

I had a nightmare last night
I was so scared 
I reached out for your hand

Won't you please help...

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Categories: mental illness,

This ain't your depiction of forever
Actions confined by my feelings
Far from foreboding, distemper, fear, and double crossing you know all to well
Unsettled questions wielding a...

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Categories: prose, anger, angst, dark, depression,


People talking, chatting, discussing your future around you 
All serious and forlorn 
I can hear the extractor fan in the room, making its dulling sound,...

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Categories: prose, confusion, depression, emotions, faith,

Painted Walls
Painted Walls

Pale yellowish paint peeling, torn and scratched from the hospital walls
Indication of time passing by 
Time telling a thousand stories
If these walls could talk...

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Categories: prose, angst, anxiety, courage, faith,

All I Know
Pain is all I know,
Rest brings no hope because 
I always have to return to the abuse of my choices,
choices driven by mental illness,
and addiction,

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Categories: prose, abuse, addiction, fate, freedom,

Premium Member Good Faith and Bad Seeds
The good faith of a seed
is to live together
before we die apart.

The bad faith of a seed
or an unfertilized egg
or a barren matriarchal womb
or a...

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Categories: prose, fear, gospel, health, integrity,

Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S dies by suicide. Almost 200 people die by suicide each day. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of...

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Categories: anti bullying, bullying, inspirational,

Why would you want to be an artist?
Why would you want to have to create places in your mind because you can't handle real life?

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Categories: art, confusion, depression, humanity,

    I. Paranoia is when you want to escape but you're only able to imagine the knife thrusting violently into the wall—because...

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Categories: anxiety, crazy, dark, depression,