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Joy Prose Poems

These Joy Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Joy. These are the best examples of Prose Joy poems written by international poets.

1095 Days
I was 18 when we met.
I still remember sliding my hand in yours
As we introduced ourselves.

It didn't take me long to want you.
I watched as...

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Categories: prose, cute love, happiness, january,

Premium Member ONE AND ONLY
A soul is not meant to live alone
And a heart is not meant to be lonely
A dream sometimes has a message
With a hope to believe...

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Categories: prose, beautiful, happiness, inspiration, longing,

Premium Member Mystical Lake - version 2
Glitters of the waters of a mountain lake were turquoise blue
Showing activities of various fish swimming through 
Exultant duck families were floating with efficacy that...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, beautiful, imagery, joy,

Premium Member Useful Toolbox of Happiness
A dull-looking scuffed up ebony toolbox full of pure happiness,
Sat in the back of Charley’s old green Chevy pick-up truck,
Waiting for him to drink his...

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Categories: prose, happy, joy,


Lord grant that I might walk softly,
Down quiet, untrodden ways.
That I might explore the hidden recesses
Of the mind, henceforth unsearched.

Let me plum the depths of...

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Categories: adventure, allusion, christian, devotion,



Paris is  this:
A comedian
on the street an...

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Categories: prose, allusion, art, city, creation,

I think of death and wonder,
I think of death and wonder,

I think of death and wonder,
What would it be like
To depart this life?
Perhaps to drown?

Ah yes, to drown
To choke, to...

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Categories: prose, adventure, christian, death, fantasy,




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Categories: prose, allusion, analogy, humorous, metaphor,


                  Standing, thinking without thinking of anything ...

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Categories: prose, allusion, art, dance, joy,

Be Happy in the Now
What’s the use of crying, in a Yesterday that’s gone?
What’s the point of worrying, in a Tomorrow not yet born?
Why not live in bliss and...

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Categories: god, inspirational, philosophy, spiritual,

Premium Member A Fine Fabulous Fun Day at Kalamazoo
It will be a fine, fabulous, fun, day at Kalamazoo. 
Susan will be riding on the back of her golden elephants,
Elise, flying in on her...

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Categories: prose, joy, life, woman,

Premium Member Raja
He came to live with us at the age of 9 weeks in 2003 March 
Besides absolute cuteness and pure innocence,
He also brought immeasurable joy...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, dog, faith, forgiveness,

God equals to Happiness
We all want to be Happy
We pray to God for bliss
But where does God truly live
This point we sadly miss

God is not on a distant...

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Categories: god, happiness, inspirational, spiritual,

The Fourth Quarter
The Fourth Quarter

Here in the fourth quarter
When time seems to 
Press the pedal to the
Floor and years rush by
Like birds migrating south
In a rush to...

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Categories: prose, age, appreciation, children, family,

A tribute to Heather
"A Tribute to Heather "
It all started 38 years ago
December 11 
An angel was sent from heaven 
From the time she came out the womb

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Categories: prose, age, death, death of

the weather is right
walking at night
big city b'way light
in country town
its hiways sound
theyer moving along
 its   not wrong
oh boy
love this

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Categories: prose, adventure, celebration,

The Old Jalopys Miraculous Drive
I remember that ‘69’ Chevrolet
dark green and with the spit
of a combat soldier;
a mean green, power machine.

My Great Uncle bought it new,
his pride and joy...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, car, imagery,

Oh, music
Oh, Music
Oh music, how you know my soul. 
You pulled me from the darkest corners 
of my mind.
Taking me from depression’s grasp,
to a mood that...

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Categories: prose, music,

Premium Member Of Storied Memories

Standing here in the mind of mine
passing through and over time
pulling out thoughts sublime:
sorrow, hate, pain, joy, love, sanity--
all the mould character of my humanity;


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Categories: prose, africa, allegory, america, analogy,

Premium Member An Inadequate Poem For You
To say you are my everything
Does not capture everything

To say you fill my every need
Does not tell all that you exceed

To say you satisfy me...

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Categories: emotions, feelings, love,