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Introspection Prose Poems

These Introspection Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of Prose Introspection poems written by international poets.

Ascending to Zero
And thus I wake from my 30 month slumber
Fuzzy headed and cotton-mouthed
As pristinely damaged as before my rest
When my Reaper drew our curtains closed

Living life...

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© Derek Chos  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, introspection,

Note on a Fuzzy Old Age
As he grows old he just grumbles to everything.

On the other hand he curses his bad luck;

his vision on the affairs of the world is...

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Categories: prose, age, introspection,

moonless beach
holding what the twilight brings
sleepless nights, empty dreams
close my eyes, visions creep
passion ebbed on moonless beach

wander, footsteps in smooth sand
head down on deserted strand
listen to...

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© Jo Bien  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: introspection,

dear God
dear God:

my self-absorption
leaves me

limp as rain.
my thoughts are lonely –

like a bathtub
full of ice

but your love
diminishes introspection

and is more
real than earth.

Your grace
dances into my heart


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© Rick Davis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: religious,

an apology that's overdue
My mind feels weak
My mind feels heavy
Sometimes, my mind goes fast
Sometimes my mind goes so fast and i can't keep up.

My mind likes to play...

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Categories: prose, anxiety, cry, for teens,


Good things always seem to come to a end but when there great they sometimes begin again & my star is shining bright a few...

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Categories: prose, beautiful, beauty, black love,

Consciousness Rising
Vibrations of the universe; 
vibrations of the soul; 
the artist experiences harmonic convergence, 
every day.

Universal mind to soul mind; 
the golden thread is a pipeline;...

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Categories: appreciation, art, inspiration, introspection,

Eating Badly
Eating Badly with diabetes is a Suicide Mission.

I know, because Artur Anczarski, says so.

He is the Prophet, he is the Saint,
And nothing he says, is...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, depression, food, introspection,


It’s not a lack of knowledge.

Ignorance is the act of ignoring.

It is the denial of Truth, the setting aside of practicality, and the excusing oneself...

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Categories: prose, betrayal, depression, fear, integrity,

Premium Member HI LORD
Hi Lord,
It's me again.
As I come before You tonight I am uncertain.
I want so much to be pleasing to You in thought, word and deed;

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© Judy Ball  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: faith, introspection,

Too Many Cooks
They say that,
“too many cooks, spoil the soup”;
indeed, they spoil everything.

Political cooks, halfway cook the meal; 
leaving raw, tough meat and chewy bread; 
they bicker...

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Categories: community, conflict, confusion, introspection,

Premium Member Another Birth of Day

Out of the darkness of night
crept the dawn.
Steaming with thirst, 
the dry mouth sun rose—
inebriating itself with morning
dew—leaving sparkling stars of green
scattered across the quilted...

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Categories: prose, day, imagery, inspirational, introspection,

The bespectacled old man
Adjusted his spectacles and his hearing aids,
Positioned his walking stick
Inched forward as the caravan stuttered
Birthed at Aqua Caliente Station

Unable to make out

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Categories: prose, leadership, political,

Snippets Of The Mind
That's all we have when you come right down to it:
little pieces of life, random moments we dare call--

But what are these fragments, these snippets...

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Categories: prose, allusion, appreciation, introspection, memory,

The Authors book
Metatron’s secretarial skills, translating, recording Akashic; a vigilant worker, indeed!
Every soul is an author; the greatest literary compendium, the book of life, is written by...

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Categories: angel, god, heaven, introspection,

But For Now
It’s surreal,
that in-between where, 
life stares down death.

One minute you’re facing eternity; 
the next the realization that 
you’re not in control.

In that reality,
life seems insignificant,

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Categories: allusion, conflict, death, health,

Its all in the Burning
A candle burns its life away; 
sacrifice to it, is sweet; 
it is a candle’s lot in life.

Candles gift, a light dark cloaked; 
beacon burning...

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Categories: dark, hope, introspection, light,

my alone path
my path is alone
teaches me to read myself
teaches me to write myself
teaches me to understand myself
teaches me to realize myself
teaches me to walk inside to...

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Categories: prose, introspection, self,

awakening self
I'm right 
I'm wrong

if I sleep lazily
right sleeps 
wrong reigns

If I awake inside myself
wrong sleeps 
right reigns

-January 13, 2019 Chattogram...

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Categories: prose, introspection,

awakening self
not world 
but self

not world
but self

be inquisitive
not of world
but of self

make journey
not to world
but to self

not world
but self

not self
but the world

if you can purely...

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Categories: prose, introspection,