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Holocaust Prose Poems

These Holocaust Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Holocaust. These are the best examples of Prose Holocaust poems written by international poets.

Parker's Premise
From 1998, I was born while my existence was pronounced a fluke
Evil twin, though an age gap, I sat myself flat after physical abuse
I salute...

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Categories: prose, analogy, anxiety, confusion, holocaust,

travelling back in time to kill Hitler
Ich binn ein Berliner
I somehow went to Berlin in 1937
it was time travel I can't explain
I saw the date on a newspaper in the Alexanderplatz

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Categories: history, holocaust, science fiction,

You're naked on the table, drinking vodka. The carpet is on fire but you're putting it out with your tears. Am holding my dead body...

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Categories: 10th grade, africa, angst,

CONTEST POEM: 1984 or 2017
1984 or 2017 (For Contest)

I ran as far away as I could
It predicted we'd fail, that all would ...
We humans revolt against "ought" and "should."


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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, allegory, christian, desire, holocaust,

Premium Member Listening for FireStorms
Always respect this combination of fire and wind,
she tentatively said,
after having listened for healthy and pathological winds
regenerating and degenerating,
investing in and divesting of,
yeasty flames of...

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Categories: prose, absence, blessing, happiness, health,

The Holocaust

No doubt we have the ability to change things presently.
We may very well influence what the future shall be.

But I cannot understand how anyone can...

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Categories: color, culture, holocaust, racism,

Conflit Between Me And God
God you created this beautiful world
but it seems it is incomplete
I have never met you but
I believe you exist since stars twinkle
Wind blows, sun rises...

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Categories: prose, god, spiritual,

Night of Broken Glass
dedicated to the Victims of the Holocaust

Dark is the night
I hear your heartbeat
In the room there is no light

Fire in the night
I hear them marching

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Categories: prose, holocaust,

Pure Evil
The darkened chambers pierce the veil of sanity,
cold lifeless air surrounds and crushes like a vice,
eerie silence cannot muffle the wailing voices entombed,
death by evil,...

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© George Aul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: holocaust,

Premium Member Of Daughters And Aborted Liberties
      Of Daughters and Aborted Liberties…
My ravished womb drips
precious blood of incestuous rape;
the ghosts of my daughters scream
from shared graves

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Categories: prose, africa, allegory, analogy, bereavement,

I Survived Janjaweed Part 2
     Hordes of screams sounded out all around and masses of slashed bloody villagers staggered into our village.  Grownups started...

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Categories: prose, bereavement, death, death of

Premium Member A Girl From Darfur
I can show you where the brimstone sun has no remorse,
and where devils on horseback, have burned our homes, have pillaged our farms.
A killing spree,...

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Categories: prose, death, holocaust, horror, sad,

Premium Member Holodomor
Ukraine was a beautiful place, I was told.The rolling fields of green, the flat 
squares of wheat.Small farms clustered along dirt roads where children played.Now...

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Categories: death, holocaust,

Premium Member HOLODOMOR

I am surrounded by death’s
unmerciful stench, 
its sounds,
its unrelenting determination.
I cling to the nothingness
of hope,
feel the emptiness of
bloated belly,
the gnawing bite of hunger
cannibalizing itself.
My children...

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Categories: prose, holocaust,

Cast in stone and written in blood
Are the ideals of a lost nation?
Paving the returned ashes of the ancients
Their patience wore thin by the actions...

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Categories: prose, analogy, bible, conflict, confusion,

A Village Flood
Thunder storms raged forth in grandeur and the rain fell splashing in torrents,
The brook water levels rose and burst their banks flooding walk ways and...

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Categories: prose, holocaust,

Where I'm From
I am from my daddy's drunken heart, beating so fast as though flung from a 
furious circle of women who are welcoming the men back...

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Categories: prose, black african american, family,