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Independence Day Political Verse Poems

These Independence Day Political Verse poems are examples of poetry about Independence Day Political Verse. These are the best examples of Political Verse Independence Day poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Military FireWork
He said the undiplomatic cost
to all of us freedom celebrators,
to firstborn sons and daughters,
to last born future children,
would be far less
than its liberating value.

Value for...

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Categories: bullying, hate, health, independence

Former subjects of the crown
Close on three hundred fifty years ago
American independence
not foregone conclusion,
British soldiers in league with Hessians
witnessed successful campaign battles
admirably groomed unbridled

staunch defenders, viz King of England

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member Lovers Interdependence Day
Tell me less and last
about who and what and why you hate
with militant might.

Speak with me more and first
about who and what and why you...

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Categories: green, health, independence day,

Premium Member Same Old Song ReDanced
When singing a splendid solo
in a public place
becomes a political act,

When dancing a diva duet
in your Mama's political space
becomes a barely tolerable act
for economic and...

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Categories: culture, environment, independence day,

Premium Member Freedom Offenses
In Nebraska,
a conservative barn RedState,
the "corrections" system,
and allies,
stakeholders like extended organic families,
came up with a revolutionary goal
during a FutureSearch
WinWin discernment process
to learn from each other

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Categories: anti bullying, caregiving, health,

Freedom's Tapestry
 Freedom's Tapestry 
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for...

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Categories: america, family, freedom, hero,

Premium Member Thomas Jefferson
It interests me to peer past the drafting
and rewriting shoulder
of Thomas Jefferson,
unhappy slave-owner,
and John Adams,
with domestic slave-owner nuisance issues,
and other principle writing minds 
of original...

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Categories: culture, happiness, health, humor,

Premium Member Historical Matters
It matters,
not just politically and economically,
but also psychologically
and scientifically
and culturally
and ecologically
and educationally,
whether your history of American development
only seldom begins before Columbus Day,
and inevitably ends with...

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Categories: america, destiny, earth, health,

Premium Member Contagious Insomnia
I've not been sleeping well
since early November,
about the time Donald Trump
was not just nominated by Republican Christian
Male Dominant
Evangelical Christians,
in some unholy alliance with
fundamentalist rabid Roman...

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Categories: christian, games, health, humor,

Premium Member Independence Daze
Among PermaCulture Designers,
planners and cooperative schemers,
choreographers and mappers,
therapeutic lyricists and historical poets,
and probably comedians,
there is a saying,
a principle of experiential truth:
For every healthy function
we discover...

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Categories: culture, earth, health, history,

What Happened
Question frequently asked by
those who did not join the liberation struggle

Nothing. When we realized you weren't with us in exile
We invented a rainbow nation but...

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Categories: africa, allegory, allusion, angst,

Moments, Not Monuments: Remembering the Freedom Struggle
Statues and some faded pictures
repatriation and reburial of bones
cold war Soviet tanks and the AK-47
all that remains of the Freedom Struggle giants
who drove the colonizers...

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Categories: africa, allusion, angst, betrayal,