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Slam Poetry Poems

These Slam Poetry poems are examples of Poetry poems about Slam. These are the best examples of Poetry Slam poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Poetry Slam
Does my posture hint who I am
At open mic poetry slam
I prefer to hide behind lime winged words
On my pc or tablet or pen paper...

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Categories: appreciation, poetry,

Hicky Ticky
Hicky tricky

De do DA uoo
Honds  mee ear all nit  looon
Ther  noo pce o tha  Minn
Hicky tricky mee ll  tha ...

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Categories: poetry, 10th grade, abuse, angst,

Some Temples
In the far Far East,
a few strange Hindu temples are intricately carved,
& are most pornographically exuberant,
everywhere there are wrathful-playful-sexual-
vengeful-gesturing-carousing-beckon  -ing -
ascending-descending-riding-weeping  - flying...

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Categories: poetry,

Minor Distractions
mind unspooling
easing my way into the garden
to prune the over eager
feeling well
in a loosely-strung way

excitable dog
threads my legs

I am centered

dog now barking
chasing squirrels
dog kicking up...

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Categories: poetry,

The Tale of the Door
I am a door; I open and close.
I go hither, I depart to enter.
One world is an umbrella for another.
I slam, I click quietly, secretly,

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Categories: poetry,

Premium Member Everybody Wants Good Words
Everybody wants a good word/A pass for fine/Next to leave it alone/ Yet she was mine/ Good intentions/ We had some/ You played to fair/...

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Categories: poetry, angst, humanity, love hurts,

Life Is Like Waves
Life is like waves or problem 
Coming together with issues;
Difficult to predict or slam;

Hard to enjoy the sound of  the drum
When the captain of the...

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Categories: poetry, boat, care, class, horror,

Poems For Poets X

US Verse, after Auden
by Michael R. Burch

“Let the living creature lie,
Mortal, guilty, but to me
The entirely beautiful.”

Verse has small value in our...

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Categories: poems, poetry, poets, rose,

Poems For Poets Iv


These are poems about professor poets and other wanna-be “intellectuals” who miss the main point of real poetry, which is to...

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Categories: poems, poetry, poets, political,

Premium Member Triple Helix From the Hip
"Triple Helix from the Hip"

Triple helix
strung together

like pearls 
wisdom worn 
and swallowed

like a pill
sweet and 

they evolve
those others
from their bad dreams

like poetry 

cradling their...

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Categories: muse, poetry, psychological,

Premium Member Clerihew Cunningham
James Vincent Cunningham
was never one for a poetry slam
For he loved his poetry so concise
with latinstyle epigramsat oh so nice...

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Categories: people, poetry,

Artists All
He had long hair once.
She wrote alone in her knickers'
drinking German wines.
He painted dark clouds
that never rained.
Savvy punk word-painters
slam down their ill-tempers
with blunt ballpoints of...

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Categories: poetry,

Not Going To Cleveland
I take off my jacket, it’s been a warm day
and the heat has followed me into the house.
I should be already on my way to...

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Categories: poetry,

Premium Member Footle the Form L
lets go
words flow

NOTE:A footle is a two line ,2 syllable verse with an integral title-Light Poetic verse form,witty,pertinent,topical etc (technically a trochaic monometer and...

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Categories: poetry,

Premium Member The Poems I Never Wrote
The poems I have never written
Though they sprung to life in my head
Will never be read, silent or aloud,
Now, or long after I’m dead.
Once, with...

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Categories: poems, poetry, writing,