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Identity Personification Poems

These Identity Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Identity. These are the best examples of Personification Identity poems written by international poets.

Old Barn
There’s an old barn down the road from our house. It’s bent and bowed and one windy day away from completely succumbing to its aged...

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Categories: anxiety, deep, feelings, identity,

Premium Member I Belong To No One Else
I steal into people’s subconscious,
leaving my ideas, 
encouraging them
to think they are their own ideas.

Silliness on their part.
They are not that clever.
Only children possibly?
Thinking they...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

The Hike
High mountains fell with the crumples, 
Back from The rumble 
That dark cave: 
before the lad had journeyed 
To the hill, mountains high
From hanging on...

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Categories: identity, imagination, journey,

Premium Member My friendly lie
You have really got no idea, 
No idea at all,
No idea about my life, 
From up there on the wall,

When, in the morning, you blankly...

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Categories: heart, identity, introspection, meaningful,

I praise God that you are my owner, trainer, friend...
who lives out your faith and practices the Bible verse
"A righteous man regardeth the life of...

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Categories: appreciation, cheer up, dog,

Said my poetic intent
Said my intent.
I do not discriminate
by race, 
by sex 
by religion.
I merely write historic insightful facts,
depict of the human minds' moral 
and ethical behaviors.
Should I...

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© Al Juman  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: 12th grade, abuse, anger,

Good Friend

Born and raised by a woman of great integrity 
This humble beginnings formed his identity 
With the willingness to work hard and remain focus
Adding this...

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Categories: art, beauty, brother, care,

They Dirtified My Name
The Dirtified My Name

With words full of mud
their feet are all over my name
I have become a useless carpet
who is to be thrown away
or burnt...

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Categories: pain,

Pretty Sentences

I got an ugly duckling pen
that’s always
trying to write pretty sentences
My plain consonant smiles
don’t have a poetic glow beautiful
I have a missing vowel or two,

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Categories: identity, imagery, poets, ,

Artwork - what am I
Scratching their heads 
They look at me
Am I a tree stump
Am I a grotesque face
Inside I am  laughing
I know what I am.

Am a freak...

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Categories: identity,

Adorning filth
In destructive tandem
You were meant to beautify
Sadly you are unnoticeably wasted
A pearl in the sand
What is thy worth
Unless washed and washed till
It's fit to...

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Categories: abuse, identity, image, imagery,

Premium Member In The Corner
Here I stand in this godforsaken corner
under a forgotten, sun scorched land
beneath an expansive, desert sky.

I squint in the melting sun at high noon
my proud,...

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Categories: angst, humanity, identity,

Premium Member Here I Am
That's how I am and I should not be surprised. 
It's how I really look. 
I am not astonished at what I am. 
I'm flesh...

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Categories: body, creation, growth, i

The Altered Puzzle
Seven billion people in seven distant lands,
Scattered as products of desolate brands.
We are the puzzle pieces, distinct from each,
As leaves give beauty to an evergreen...

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Categories: allusion, life, poems, poetry,

As We Grow We Become
As We Grow...We Become...

Carrying on  through the everyday
In Our thoughts and the words we say 
Conforming to the society's way
An inertial pattern would ...

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Categories: angst, creation, faith, freedom,

Reflective Consciousness
When looking in the mirror may we remember how many mirrors the world holds....

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Categories: humanity, identity, introspection, judgement,

When I'm Gone
Life I got, but the chance wasn't fair.
It took all in me to numb the pain.
One day I will sublime to thin air,
And flow as...

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Categories: anxiety, death, deep, family,

Poetically Inclined Delusions
She's the closer in her
   own intangible talent,
came upon an absurd
   assumption she
might be a poet, merely
 discernible as conveyed

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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allusion, conflict, confusion, fire,

Drifting Away From Myself
Drifting away from myself
Is like breaking of the chord
Division inside me
Disconnection of inner me from reality
Loosing my identity
Don't care whose watching
But heart sobbing silently
Arms crossed...

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Categories: depression, emotions, feelings,

The Multi-tasker
"The Multi-tasker"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

I am easily described by dynasties, empires, cultures and art
Though I am, at times, hard to see like Beauty in...

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Categories: art, character, education, identity,