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Health Personification Poems

These Health Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Health. These are the best examples of Personification Health poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Micro Menace
I reek havoc on my unsuspecting hosts
hitch a ride on the good cells, then fight 
start all sorts of insufferable symptoms 
watch them cough and...

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Categories: health, sick,

Surrender Into Obliviousness level deux
on path to autonomy, she matured of late,
exhibiting autism during childhood
compliments of intervention, mastered
vanquished every trace to acclimate
self reliance no matter said spate
of developmental delay,

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Categories: absence, allegory, angst, atheist,

Endo warrior
Your always there no matter what i do
It feels like i can never escape you
Your like a thorn in my side a sharp stabbing pain

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Categories: anger, anxiety, courage, deep,

Congested Without Psychological Rheum
No antihistamine can 
unblock the lifetime
accumulation of stoppered emotional gunk
zapping, undermining, and polluting spunk
mine early life in retrospective avast flunk
stripped mined wasteland qua sinkhole,

where eternal...

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Categories: abuse, analogy, anti bullying,

Premium Member Nature
She’s apple pie, cheesecake, she’s homemade whipped cream, 
With a dash of a fine cabernet,
She’s the start and the finish and all in between, 

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Categories: beauty, flower, freedom, nature,

You Are What You Eat
Okay, in many cases people use this term or expression to distinguish a likeliness to becoming what you eat… The truth, really, is that you...

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Categories: care, creation, culture, devotion,

Even If
Even if you loose all your wealth 
Start having issues that will jeopardize your health
Even  if every time You sleep You’re an inch closer...

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Categories: blessing, blue, books, boyfriend,

Premium Member She gorges every day
Superfluous, abundant, saturated with fat, 
Filled to the max on each floor,
She gorges herself with all that we earn, 
Then, defiantly, still demands more,

More of...

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Categories: metaphor, people, society,

Premium Member Massage our soul
Silent and still the air doesn’t move, 
Time itself has taken a break,
As our minds float around filling the void, 
We’re not sure if we’re...

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Categories: fire, love, magic, silence,

Premium Member Trust Me, I'm a Stethoscope
Trust me, I’m a stethoscope -
I listen well, I offer hope,
For, resting on your skin, I know
the mysteries that lie below.
I hear your oxygen go...

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Categories: fun, health, heart, trust,


Longevity dreamers don’t wanna
deal with me
I’m short straw bad for good health
Liquidators that are paid handsomely
to handle the hazard,
don’t quite make it home safely
after coming...

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Categories: cancer, dark, death, science,

Let Me Forget My Misery
I will forget my misery
When I remember my joy
All my sorrows I will bury
Happiness I will now enjoy
I will ceaselessly smile
And walk a joyous mile.


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Categories: happiness, health,

Premium Member Sweet
Insidiously smooth, I fox your world, 
Your home, your work, your car,
As I infiltrate all you will become, 
Becoming everything you think you are,

And there’s...

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Categories: beauty, food, friend, health,

Amazing Angels
Angels of God has graced
Our lives here on earth
Not related by birth
In our life God has placed

There are very few like you
Golden hearts and faces...

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Categories: angel, care, heart, inspiration,

Roy Mokoena

Who will I be without number twelve, 
Time for gatherings and restoration of relations,
A lot of festivities but my birthday...

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Categories: angel, art, birth, birthday,

An Almost Letter
I first met you at Suncoast,
A mental health facility where most like me
Went as well.
You once worked for Florida's, D.C.F.
Your small light cinnamon colored hands...

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Categories: art, poetry,

Olive Tree
The olive tree withstands,
History tells her story,
Age portrays it,
Thousands years of growth,
No matter what comes,
She stands the test of time,
Wars, disasters, blood, 
Tears and peace,

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Categories: poems,

Premium Member Good Riddance Unwelcome Visitor
A sudden knock on her door and
          she wondered 

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Categories: anxiety, bible, fear, power,

The Mother Of Hundred Billion

I am the mother of hundred billion,
Now dumb and ears shut,
Orphaned by my own children,
For whom I bequeathed myself,
I am the Goddess of creation,
The creator...

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Categories: earth,

Premium Member Elephant Bond, Els Bond
My name is Bond, Els Bond, and I live in Africa where I was born and belong.
On my continent, I do not work solo –...

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Categories: fantasy, humorous,